India, by Design: Perspectives, Trends and Practices- 2019

NASSCOM Design4India today launched its first report on Design titled India, by Design: Perspectives, Trends & Practices 2019. The report has been developed extensively by incorporating inputs from over 20+ global leaders in the domain of design and business and an online survey conducted with over 100 respondents actively engaged in the practice of design and design-led business thinking and operations.

The importance of good design is not lost on today’s leaders, be it for understanding what the customer needs or what is vital for the success of their business. In the past, the practice of design focused mainly on the aspect of creating desirability, however, in current times, good design exists at the intersection of customer delight, business viability, and technical feasibility. Design today is no longer just the aesthetics behind a product or a service; it is the totality of experience of the consumer.

This report covers key trends and themes shaping the current state of design in India, from the perspective of what’s changing, why it is becoming important for businesses today, how organizations need to equip themselves for a future by design and the significance of design in India in the global context. It captures practices adopted by leading organizations to drive design as a culture and delivering value by creating human-centered experiences.

The report covers in detail the following key themes traversing the journey of design in India:

  1. Change, by Design- Not just aesthetics, design is the totality of experience for a consumer.
  2. Business, by Design: Best UX with a sustainable business model
  3. Local, by Design: Designing for local , Scaling for global
  4. Future, by Design: Designing for tomorrow, designing for the ‘new tech native’

To maximize the full potential of design and to position India as a top design destination in the world the report makes some practical recommendations and best practices that can be emulated by any organization.

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