Internet surge during Corona-virus

Everybody knew the importance of the Internet but nobody thought that someday it will play the role of a ray of hope. The Internet is being considered as a saviour of 7.8 billion people on this earth. All the people around the world are dependent on the internet and this dependency has inflated Internet traffic by 30 % all over the world. In the face of COVID- 19, the IT sector is experiencing a boom due to the increased demand for communication services all around the world.

COVID which is a respiratory disease began in the Wuhan, Hubei Province China. Today it is not only restricted to china but has spread to over 149 countries and territories. WHO has declared it as a pandemic, and people are advised to take all the precautions mentioned in the guideline provided by WHO.


COVID has effected the world economy to a very large extent. All measures are taken to control this pandemic and one of the main sources which is being used is the Internet. The pattern of internet usage all over the world has changed exceedingly. Amidst this pandemic, Where human touch is being avoided everybody is brainstorming on the idea to use the internet as much as possible for every work irrespective of its nature.

Realizing the importance of the internet – one shocking news that came up is the prediction made by Marco_Acortes in 2013, evident in his tweet- “Coronavirus…its coming.” The tweet has got around 110k likes and has left the whole world with a question.

Every government is trying to boost the internet service for its smooth usage for all the people.

  • For example in India, the Kerala government has asked ISPs(internet service providers) to increase the speed by 30-40 per cent. Due to the step taken by the government- suspension of all the public gathering by closing school colleges, cancellation of all the events, everybody has switched to the internet.
  • Chinese have also introduced a mobile app, where users are required to enter their name and ID number. This app helps in detecting close contact using surveillance data. Users of this app get recommendations to keep themselves safe and also alerts the local health official if any issue is detected.
  • In America FCC (federal communication commission) has launched “Keep Americans connect pledge” for the next 60 days. FCC has announced for providing the internet service to all the Americans whether residential or businessmen, even if they fail to pay the bill. They have also asked to provide their facility of Wifi-hotspot for any American who is in need.

The Internet has also made its path to the recruitment process where the organization planning to Recruit is ready to take a video call interviews. For the Recruitment process, HR’s are using online platforms such as Skype. It isn’t that easy as it seems, for HR to fill in the high position job just by an interview on a video call is not a piece of cake. But seeing these circumstances HR has moulded their recruitment method according to this widespread COVID-19

For colleges and schools, and various institution online teaching is being adopted. Online platforms like is being used. The Internet is being heavily used to provide the right information at the right time. Demand for networking devices like the router is on the boost for online examination purposes as well as taking online classes through e-Portals etc.

The Internet is being used at its best to fight this pandemic and has become a reliable source all around the world. This is the point where the IT sector and web infrastructure has to play the significant role of smoothening the process of communication to mitigate the stress of all.



Kirti Kumar is a budding HR professional currently pursuing PGDM in HR and Marketing at New Delhi Institue of Management. She looks forward to opportunities that can hone her skills. She is agile in her attitude with versatility in actions.

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