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Mobile Tech – Enabling the New Normal post COVID-19


The Scenario Today In today’s era where the field of medical science and technology has made stupendous progress, primarily in the healthcare field, pandemics were indeed rare. However, the extremely extraordinary circumstances due to COVID-19 that we are in today definitely give us a message – loud and clear – that we need to be prepared and the “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”! A retrospective view on how we could have been prepared in a better manner actually brings about some crucial questions we need to ask ourselves including:   Although these questions might seem a little more than obvious now as compared to then, what’s important for us today is to make sure that we address these questions for the future so that we are better prepared. A Ray of Hope in Testin...

White Label Taxi apps and Taxi app solutions

  Digital revolution isn’t unknown anymore, it’s a part of our routine and it acts as a catalyst to make our day to day life smoother. Be it ordering a burger or booking a flat it’s just a matter of a click. Development of such pace has given birth to a remedy that has been making our life easier. Taxi app solutions have helped us in keeping up with the pace of the development. It’s a fast-growing business and it has been catering to millions of lives. It’s like an instant solution to our travel queries and needs. With the help of this taxi booking apps, every destination is just a click away. This business is thriving so good that it’s attracting a host to venture into it. It’s almost becoming a trend and the entrepreneurs who plan to give in to the bandwagon will find some helpful p...

Strategies to Enhance Your App’s User Experience.


  Finding the strategies for the success of mobile app development is a tricky job. If you consider two apps having same features and interface, but the success of each app depends on the ability to get user attention. Now a mobile app developer work is to identify the key point to retain the potential users of the app. Here, the user experience helps an app to improve the ability to engage the users. User experience is a basic designing tool to make navigation of an app easy and user-friendly along with increasing brand awareness. Hence UX become a main factor to get success of a mobile app. Here are some effective strategies to enhance app’s UX and make it powerful. Enhance your app’s sign-up screen: Sign-up screen is the first impression of your app, so an app developer as to devel...

How to Find and Hire the Best Mobile App Developer?


  There are so many businesses which have now understood the importance of internet and having an online presence through their mobile app. Now the world is largely powered by smartphones and the mobile apps and billions of people all over the world are now using them for some purposes. If businesses want to reach these huge number of people then they should build a robust mobile app for their business. Nowadays everyone wants fast result and they also want to build their mobile app quickly. But this process of finding the right Mobile App Developer needs proper research as it requires proficient professionals. The large number of available iOS and Android developers in the market often lead to the confusion for so many businesses which are looking for the perfect app developers. The ...

10 Steps towards a Successful Mobile App Development


Development of mobile applications is increasing by leaps and bounds in the recent times. With the increasing number of Mobile App Development companies, there has been a stiff rise in the competition among the companies as well. Every business or brand is coming up with a Mobile App and even you need to keep up with this trend. Otherwise, you will be losing out on your prospective customers. A successful Mobile App requires to be developed by following a series of steps which are mentioned below: 1.    Behind Every Great App Lies a Great Idea Not just a mobile application, behind every successful innovation, lies the desire to come up with something unique or the most creative idea that you can come up with. You need to have a clear idea about the app that you want for your business. Once...

Drish Infotech exhibits in CII-IT – non IT B2B fair on June 6 2018


  Drish Infotech Ltd. Chandigarh IT Enabled Service Provider Drish Infotech marketing and technical team exhibited in a stall in CII IT & Non IT Meet held on 6th June 2018, at CII Northern Region headquarters , in Chandigarh . We were happy to share our recent additions and projects accomplished in BlockChain, IoT and our customized solutions covering Web Development, Mobile Apps , for IT related problems . We felt overwhelmed with the response and how every field is adapting and taking advantage of these innovations.  

AngularJS Training in Chennai


  AngularJS is a structural framework which is used for a single page HTML for declaring in web apps.  We couple you with real time learning experience in projects in our projects. We enable candidates to start their career in the software field. Learn AngularJS Training in Chennai at FITA the best and the leading academy for IT courses! IT sector is considered to be a major growth in the Education field. Angular is the most demand technology in the IT sector. We focus mainly on practical sessions. We also provide live projects to make candidates work on it. Become an expert in AngularJS Training!  

Beneficial of Mobile Apps in Retail Industry


# Mobile application development has become a technological tool for every industry that helps its users stay updated with the latest trends in the market and growth of their business. Also, nowadays, people are utilizing various features of their smartphone for each and every purpose. The core thing we need to understand in the market is competition, which has forced the retail industry to consider the importance of having their own retail apps. This app can take them closer to the user, thus helping to fulfill the need of their customers and provides more brand recognition for the business. A Smooth and Thrilling Shopping Experience Now customers don’t use for just purchase purpose; they want a user interface that adds up to their shopping experience. Retailers can use their own retail a...

FileMaker OAuth 2.0 Authentication


  In this article, we take a look and understand what is OAuth Authentication in FileMaker? With the release of FileMaker 16, users can login to a FileMaker database using OAuth 2.0. A feature that will ease the lives of FileMaker developers and their client’s lives as well. What is Authentication, External Authentication, and OAuth Authentication? Authentication Authentication is the process of recognizing a user’s identity. In authentication, an incoming request is matched with a set of identifying credentials. In FileMaker, Authentication is done by verifying a pair of Username and Password. External Authentication External Authentication means we are not using FileMaker’s authentication mechanism and using a third party to do the authentication. FileMaker accepts authentication wi...

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