Leaders’ mantra from NTLF2019

The NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum 2019 concluded with some fantastic insights on Friday, 22 February.

And while consistent chatter included:

  1. Servant leadership – customer orientation & research
  2. Investing in failure – dare to dare & take more risks
  3. Technology can’t solve all problems
  4. Collaborate – internally, with other entities too
  5. Break archaic molds
  6. Re-skill talent – make your workforce future-ready
  7. Stay on-course your vision
  8. Regulate blockchain!

There were also a few moments of sheer serendipity:

  1. Then: Business processes drove technological innovation
  2. Now: Technological innovation is redefining business processes
  3. “Data is the new oil.” Regulating and really understanding how to use data is key to transformative organisational and business change.
  4. Cultural change is much bigger and all-encompassing than technological change. Expecting to change the culture of the organisation through technology is a folly. However, technological preparedness and opening the doors for dissent will be the defining steps of openness to innovation in the organisation.
  5. Create an ecosystem for blockchain to work. Technology cannot grow and thrive in isolation. It is important to create an ecosystem of developers, businesses, regulators, integrators, and so on to really embrace future tech. Essentially, understand, build, deploy.
  6. You don’t have to know coding to use tech anymore. Technology is an enabler of faster, agile, simpler, proactive action and processes no matter what the industry sector. Technology is industry agnostic.
  7. Stop using the word failure. If there was no risk-taking, how would people learn from their mistakes and succeed? “Failure” has the connotation of the end of the world. Replace it with terms like “risk-taking”, and “courage”.
  8. Women are bigger risk-takers than men. So offer them safe spaces to voice their opinions and groom them for leadership roles.
  9. Co-create disruptive products. For a media company to contribute meaningfully to client growth, it is important to become their growth partner.
  10. Definition is governed by building the right thing; delivery is guided by building the thing right.
  11. Einstein was right: Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted. Ditch the spreadsheets, bring out the stories!
  12. The India factor – we’ve got deep spirituality on our side to be able to inject a sense of the holistic into building our products that can unite families, educate children, and build communities.

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