• Canada witnessed a 38% increase in trade with India:NTLF 2020
  • “Adaptive technology should be created for ease of doctors functionality” said Dr Arvind Kasaragod,Cloudnine Care
  • “Quantum computing will be tackling hardest enterprise problems by the end of the decade.” Amit Zaveri , VP of Googlecloud
  • “Digital business is shining a spotlight on all your accidents of history; in both IT architecture and big processes.”. says Senior Analyst of Gartner, Cathy.
  • Can E:MOBILITY become the future ?

The 28th edition of Nasscom Technology and Leadership Forum 2020, concluded on 14th of February, 2020, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Mumbai.

This year, the theme, the topics of discussion and important updates were all displayed on the digital screens of the venue and even on the events app.

Canada was the country partner for NTLF 2020, on DAY1, that witnessed a 38% increase in trade with India.


The event witnessed the panel discussion with regard to HEALTHTECH where Pramod Bhasin , founder of ClixCapital talked about how technology converges with healthcare to transform lives. Amandeep Gill, who leads the International Digital Health and AI Research Collaborative, talked about the regulations in healthtech that can only be brought up by collaboration. Forum also welcomed Dr Anoop Amarnath , Chairman , Geriatric Medicine who believes that coalition of digitization and medical will be able to combat epidemics . Mr Bhargav Shri Prakash, Founder and CEO of Friendslearn gave insights about how Disruptive Technology in Healthcare can be used as preventive methodologies.

“Adaptive technology should be created for ease of doctor’s functionality” said Dr Arvind Kasaragod, Group Medical Director, Cloudnine Care in the Second Panel Discussion on HealthTech.


“Quantum computing will be tackling hardest enterprise problems by the end of the decade.” Quoted Amit Zaveri , VP and Head of Platform Googlecloud . He inspired the spectators about how Quantum Supremacy will bring transformation in the coming decade. Frank Gens,SVP and Chief Analyst of IDC threw light on the importance of Cloud Computing , wherein he focused on development of Cloud Infrastructure,Cloud Native and Connecting on Cloud .

“We will continue to see the trend of selective applications moving to cloud, majorly because of ROI of the process for the company.” Says Vinay Prabhakar , Delloite while sharing his view during panel discussion on The New Enterprise Playbook. In the same panel, Munish Mittal, CIO, HDFC Bank asserted that Cloud technology is unavoidable to support the volume of transactions happening in the country.


This decade is all about unprecedented technological advances and the faster it is growing, the more it is becoming problematic for the different industries, as not just the industry but people also have to move forward accordingly. According to Cathy Tombohm, Senior Analyst of Gartner “Digital business is shining a spotlight on all your accidents of history; in both IT architecture and big processes.”. She   motivated all the bidding entrepreneurs addressing hyper automation priorities for business.

It was amazing to get enlightened by Dr Sushmita Mohanty, Space entrepreneur who said “There isn’t much difference between inter-continental and inter-planetary travel. It’s just a matter of distance and technology.”


The Forum also witnessed discussion on Future of Transportation – Leading the Wave of Sustainable Mobility Revolution. where Naveen Munjal, MD of Hero Electric shared his view point that primary focus of e-mobility shall be on the two wheeler category. On the other hand, Hiroyuki Wakabayashi,Executive VP Denso Corporation stated that “ “Hybrid vehicles are going to be the future in India as they address ever-growing environmental pollution.”

Technology gives us the power to change the world. Question is, as an industry, how do we use it for good? How do we want to shape the use of technology in India?” says Debjani Ghosh, President of NASSCOM.


The inaugural opening of this major event was spectacular where many prominent industry leaders tried to embeds knowledge as to how to transform and shape the use of technology and how can innovation be made more people oriented, inclusive and sustainable!

There is a futuristic landscape that has to be followed in the upcoming future so that the technology can be driven by right people, by right method and by right industry!

As  Debjani Ghosh says, “Technology is not the magic. People using tech to create a better world, are!”




Palak Bhatnagar is a student , pursuing PGDM in Finance and Business Analytics . She is a finance enthusiast , a versatile person who likes to explore . 
She is a keen learner with an objective to learn and grow.

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