Tech Shifts Defining 20s

We hardly come across highly acclaimed World reputed Key Note Speakers who are so humble, one such Gentleman I have met in person is non-other than Brian Solis who is a Thought Leader, Digital Analyst, and Author.  He quotes “I’m not a futurist by trade; I’m more of a futurist by practice. It’s not my role to try to predict the future although everybody wants to know what’s happening in five years, 10 years, 15 years. You can do your best to connect the dots between what is today, where it is going and then connect the dots between what is today, and what should be. They’re very different exercises.”

He describes that when he entered the technology industry in the early 1990s, he said that he noticed the emphasis of conversations and innovation around technology. Over the years, he began to take note of how people were changing as a result of technology and started to document and report these things.

Solis realized that as technology continued to involve and as people were changing, a massive gap was developing between how companies operate and how people were evolving. He also noticed how people’s preferences, behaviors, and expectations were changing. That propelled him to begin documenting what he calls “digital Darwinism,” defining this as “the evolution of technology in society.” He has since worked to close this continuously growing gap and has realized that people are not going to move backward with technology and innovation.

Connecting the Dots – Solis mentioned that instead of trying to predict the future, you can do your best to connect the dots between how things are today and where things are going in the future.  He says Organizations needs to be watchful of:

  • Understanding Customer  Journeys
  • The future of CX
  • Changing Centers of Reference

An amazing Futurist with loads of humbleness.



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