The Many Splendid Varieties of Marketing Technologists in 2020: Martech Roles and Archetypes

At the intersection of marketing and technology, there’s a growing discipline of hybrid “martech” professionals known as “marketing technologists.” But there are many variations within this field. I recently mapped the different archetypes of marketing technologist roles with this 2×2 model.

The model classifies marketing technologist activities along two axes:

X Axis: Internal Orientation to External Orientation
Y Axis: Process Orientation to Technology Orientation

“Internal Orientation” is about serving stakeholders inside the organization, while “External Orientation” is about engagements with customers. “Process Orientation” is about workflows and customer journeys, while “Technology Orientation” is more about engineering with data and code.

I chose the word “orientation” very carefully, so as to not imply an exclusive focus. Nearly every marketing technologist connects across all of these dimensions to some degree. But different roles lean towards different ends of the spectrum.

The resulting 2×2 gives us four marketing technologist archetypes or roles:

* Brand/Demand Builder — MARKETERS who are fluent with the use of martech in their work, focused on applying it in campaigns and programs to attract, engage, and retain customers. Typical titles: Marketing Manager, Growth Marketer

* Operations Orchestrator — MAESTROS who design and manage the workflows, rules, reports, and tech stacks that run the marketing department. Typical titles: Marketing Operations, CRM/MAP Admin

* Analytics Architect — MODELLERS who dive deeper into the structure (and infrastructure) of data that marketing collects and uses for business/customer intelligence. Typical titles: Marketing Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Engineer

* Marketing Maker — MAKERS who build custom apps and digital experiences with code (and, increasingly, with no-code tools). Typical titles: Web/App Developer, Marketing Engineer.

Of course, real life is more complex than any model. An individual marketing technologist can have skills and experience across multiple quadrants. Specific jobs within a department may combine these roles or sit in the middle between them. But the characteristics of work within each of these quadrants are different and can benefit from specialization.

Marketing technologists are, indeed, a diversely-skilled profession.


Scott Brinker, Editor, and VP Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot


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