Value Creation by Indian IT Industry in the U.S.

India and the United States are natural allies, benefitting from mutually symbiotic ties across governments, businesses and people. The vibrant trade and investment ties; and the overall strategic relationship is expected to grow multi-fold in the coming years. India based technology companies, and global software companies that leverage Indian talent; play a critical role in these relationships and more. These companies provide vital technology services to enterprises across America, helping them innovate, compete, and grow. More than three-quarters of the Fortune 500 companies in the US rely on their services for operational support and to assist in navigating the digital transformation that is occurring worldwide. They develop and implement new technological solutions, create new IP, help clients develop new products and expand markets, maintain and streamline existing IT systems for clients, and much more – in a number of sectors across the American economy. Directly and indirectly they employ hundreds of thousands of people, invest billions, and assist local communities throughout the country.

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