WCIT India 2018 I NASSCOM ILF 2018

WCIT India 2018 I NASSCOM ILF 2018


Re: where will be able to trace the list of registered companies under NASSCOM?

NASSCOM’s member database is not published in the public domain. 

where will be able to trace the list of registered companies under NASSCOM?

Can u help me to get list of registered companies under NASSCOM?

With ARN number you can track your GST registration process.

In case the department finds any flaws within your application or any documents missing, you will be asked to respond and correct your submissions. Once they are satisfied with your application, your Online GST registration will be completed and you will receive your GST registration certificate along with GSTIN. GSTIN stands for Goods and services identification number. It’s your specific unique identification number that you hold as a GST registered individual or entity. GSTIN stands for Goods and Service Tax Identification Number which is generated by the government portal if you have successfully applied for

Re: which RPA tool should i learn being a C# developer?

In my opinion, your choice of RPA tool need not depend upon the programming language you know. Most RPA tools are designed such that they do not expect a RPA developer to know a lot of coding.  Having said that, it does help if you know a programming language like C#, .NET. or VB as the RPA tools allow custom coding to be done to stitch together a process flow. At those times, knowing one of the languages proves to be an advantage. But knowing a programming language is not a pre-requisite and not knowing one is not a constraint to build skills on a RPA tool.  Each RPA tool has it’s place in the market, you may want to build a good high level awareness about the capability differences of the leading ones, and of course go deeper in the ones that you then choose to. 

Re: Can you make available the recordings of all the sessions?

We create an event library which lists all the blogs, presentations and videos available. It will be live soon. You can see the NILF 2017 library here:   

Can you make available the recordings of all the sessions?

Hi, It was a very engaging and informative ILF/WCIT event at Hyderabad. Kudos to NASSCOM and WCIT. It will be most helpful if members can access the recordings from the event. This will enable us in sharing the learnings with our organizations. Regards Shankar

which RPA tool should i learn being a C# developer?

I am a .NET developer who primarily developed web and stand alone apps using C# since beginning of my career. I am now interested to learn RPA so which  RPA tool is best for me to learn where I can … to select RPA tool based on requirements but I’m not looking that far as I haven’t got a chance to work on a RPA project yet. I’m only looking from a .NET perspective. Thanks!

NASSCOM’s MoU with BRI – a Catalytic Approach to Blockchain Adoption in India

The third week of February 2018 may even be conceived as the “Blockchain Week” in India, what with PM Trudeau’s India visit propitiously coinciding with WCIT-NILF 2018, which has occasioned the spotlight being turned on the said technology. Blockchain applications in India are at a stage where major breakthroughs are awaited, but the potential is tremendous and its expanse way beyond financial services alone. Though at present, timely evangelization is required if its power is to be leveraged optimally. It is a common enough challenge that subsidies and DBT don’t reach the intended beneficiaries due to leakages, corrupt practices and duplication. Insofar, blockchain promises to address these issues and bridge gaps in a secured manner.   Right now, the infra is almost non-existent and it is...

Can you please focus closely on the slide as the visual is not cming well

Can you please focus well on the slides they are not showing properly. The visual of slides is not cming out well. Unable to read. The focus on the speaker is good.  Thanks

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