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Leader Talk: Interview with Srikanth Velamakanni, Fractal Analytics


NASSCOM staff writer in conversation with Srikanth Velamakanni, Group Chief Executive & Executive Vice- Chairman, Fractal Analytics.     Reminiscing the Fractal journey. Set up in the year 2000, Fractal Analytics was a result of deep foresight, the founders had – a belief that Mathematical Tools could be applied to critical business applications, to improve quality and help businesses make more money. Early days then, India was still a few years away from being fully conversant with the term “Analytics” and its applications. In more ways than one, the company was ahead of its time. Also, having started from India it was common enough to be constrained on resources and the accompanying challenges.  The first client was ICICI. Fractal developed a Statistical Scorecard for them whic...

Leader Talk: Interview with Matt Preschern, HCL


NASSCOM staff writer in conversation with Matt Preschern, Chief Marketing Officer, HCL Technologies.  Please share your journey, having worked in senior leadership positions in Fortune 100 companies like IBM, UPS and now HCL. What has been your learnings from the past 2 decades? You may like to share these nuggets from a geographical perspective as well. Also, Indian MNCs – how they are making a difference globally? Austria-born, Matt’s first language is German, he says it with emphasis and characteristic pride. His exposure to cultural diversity started very early. The seeds of which were sown, even unconsciously in his youth, when he spent 2 years in Taipei where his father was posted. It was in 1991 that he moved to the US and got his Master’s Degree in Business Administration, in Atlan...

Leader Talk: Interview with Madhavan Satagopan, CTO, Altimetrik


Please tell us about your journey at Altimetrik, Mr Satagopan. Four years in business now, Altimetrik started off with an aim to render business transformation through technology, for large Enterprise customers. By focusing on Platforms more than Products or Services, Altimetrik is able to bring about rapid acceleration of business outcomes for its end customers. In an increasingly digitzed world, Altimetrik focuses on the three pillars of digital transformation, viz., assets, experiences and processes. Inasmuch, the two key enablers IoT (enables more data generation) and Analytics (which aids visualization techniques) are considered as closely aligned to the digital revolution. Business transformation in its parlance here, is about delivering Enterprise Capabilities through consumer techn...

Leader Talk: Interview with Vijay Ratnaparkhe, Bosch


NASSCOM staff writer in conversation with Vijay Ratnaparkhe, President & Managing Director, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions.    Please tell us about your journey Mr Ratnaparkhe. How is the business in India organized? We got Mr Vijay Ratnaparkhe (based out of Bangalore) over a conference call to share his journey, a most exciting one we realised. An industry veteran with more than three decades of experience having worked previously with illustrious names like L&T, TCS & Infosys in senior positions, Mr Ratnaparkhe has worn several hats. In Robert Bosch Engineering, he has held three roles, over more than 10 years there. Initially, he joined as the COO, and thereafter spent some time in Germany to integrate with global leadership. Presently, he is the President  ...

Simplifying to Amplify in a Disruptive Economy


Speakers: Dinesh Malkani, Cisco; Rishad Premji, Wipro; Rajiv Bajaj, Bajaj Auto. Moderator: Shereen Bhan, CNBC TV 18. Preamble: Right through 2016, the IT industry had learnt to live with uncertainty. It was constantly having to answer the question, “What do you really stand for?” In turn, internal structures were being re-imagined, dictated by the volatility of the external environment. To stay ahead, one had to necessarily give up on a few things, and the question inevitably was – what exactly would those very “things” be? Better, if we simply called it “The Art of sacrifice?” Rajeev Bajaj He started by saying, the idea of simplification may be at loggerheads with the overarching theme of re-imagination. And, was it really possible to re-imagine without actually re-engineering? He a...

A Q & A for a better understanding


An interaction between Ms Kathlijn Fruithof, First Secretary, Brussels Invest & Export and Femina What got you into the world of Trade and Business? Since I was a teenager, I knew that my life would be a life of traveling and trading. As a 14 years old, I had already planned with my best friend to go to Peru to buy these lama woollen sweaters and sell them on the Belgian market. At 24 I had 3 chocolate shops in Spain….International trade runs in my blood. When you entered the field, what were some of your biggest challenges? What did you do to overcome them? When I started at the Belgian Embassy in Madrid, the biggest challenge was to adapt my entrepreneurial spirit and approach to a civil servant environment. The energy and dynamics are different. I don’t think I fully adapted. I stil...

Creativity, Also Requires the Courage to Act – An interview with Tom Kelley


Tom Kelley, a Partner at Ideo and a Design Guru is one of our esteemed speakers at NILF this year. He agreed to do a call with the NASSCOM team, and share his deep insights on Design Thinking and how it can be made a business imperative. Should it be at all? Most certainly, you will see why, as you read on.  To initiate the conversation, we asked him about his thoughts on the element of design embedded in the DNA of Indian IT, how deep etc.? He was rather candid in his reply. Though he has the highest regard for Indian IT professionals in the Silicon Valley, however, he didn’t necessarily have sufficient data points to comment on the design element specifically, when in conjunction with Indian IT. Creative Confidence It is central to his work and an area which he is most passionate about. ...

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