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Technologue 2.0 – NASSCOM Community Newsletter : June 2020


01 Community Management – The Art of Building Communities This is a three part blog series on community management. In part 1, we will discuss the art of building communities….[read more] 02 Accept Artificial Intelligence with Natural Love Artificial Intelligence (AI) was initially kept aside for only computer scientists as the other sectors thought that it has nothing to do…[read more] 03 Start-ups to be the New Normal in India Covid-19 crisis is on its peak, where most of the businesses have shut down and industries are not working with their full potentials…[read more] 04 Don’t Get Phished in the Rising Tide of Phishing Phishing is one of the escalating and hard-to-detect threats for all Internet users as it does not seem malicious at first look…[read more]...

Technologue 2.0 – NASSCOM Community Newsletter- May’20


01 Intelligent Operations Management With the increased volatility and uncertainty of staffing and resources due to COVID-19, industries of all sizes are changing future priorities significantly…[read more] 02 Changing Business Landscape with Crisis Management Today, companies have successfully come up with crisis management and response to enable smooth functioning during the pandemic are at ease and can focus on business as usual…..[read more] 03 Doorway to Good Leadership While some ended up losing on good talents, others managed to respond to the situation with a well thought approach, their ability to engage with talent and retain them…[read more] 04 Revised Definition of MSME On 13th May, the Finance Minister made the first set of announcements, on the economic pack...

Technologue 2.0 – Community Newsletter April 2020


      01 Prolonged Shutdown effect on Indian Market The Covid-19 has now fully embedded in the economic system if not the society to a great extent…[read more] 02 Impact on Technology Covid – 19, also known as the CoronaVirus, a serious epidemic, is hitting not just individuals but businesses globally….[read more] 03 Finance Sector is Not Immune As there is a lot of hustle and bustle around the world due to Covid-19 or commonly called as Corona Virus…[read more] 04 Will Hospitality and Aviation Recover? The COVID-19 outbreak that started from China has sadly brought the whole tourism industry to a sudden halt…[read more] 05 Inside Business Impacts and Responses by ACCA Global COVID-19 Global Survey (10,000 responses): Inside Business Impacts and Respo...