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by Jibu Elias

5G Mobile phones have been tested on the 5G network in South Korea, and are reported to have speeds of 2.7 Gbps. In comparison, 4G has a laboratory max speed of 300 Mbps, real world speeds of 60 Mbps, and in India it can be down to 10 Mbps (note: 1 Gbps  = 1000 Mbps)

Scientists have reversed time in a quantum computer, by sending 3 qubits back to their state a second ago, with a 50% success rate. However, real life applications are still far away, since that will involve sending an infinite number of particles backwards with 100% success rate.

Gene editing technology CRISPR can be used to make superbugs that can overpower the disease causing bugs, ultimately killing them both, and leaving the host body free of fatal diseases

In 2018, 80 million cars were sold worldwide out of which 2 million were electric, and that is 2.5%. By 2025, approximately 16.5% cars sold globally will be electric.

China is set to overtake the US in publishing more of the most cited research papers on AI, clearly showing their rising prominence in AI research.

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