NPC 2019

Back to Basics: A great learning for Entrepreneurs


One of the sessions that really captivated me at the Nasscom Product Conclave 2019 in Bengaluru was the experience sharing panel discussion titled “How I scaled my Business” As an entrepreneur, in the daily humdrum of running after businesses and potential customers, trying to do one’s very best in everything, I rarely pause to take stock of what all is happening around me, even within the context of my little startup. The mindset of ever moving forward, rapidly, with minimum disruption, is the foremost on my mind. This session helped me to pause and reflect on the learning experience of many successful entrepreneurs. For instance, if there is a part of my business that is not adding any value, and even worse, if it is a loss making activity, it is a no brainer to get rid...

Fantastic insights on Drones and the future


In the Nasscom Product Conclave at Bengaluru 2019,  there was a panel discussion on drones and their future. This had piqued my curiosity. Having been continuously plagued by the obnoxious “t” word in Bengaluru, I was wondering what relief, if any, could drones bring in the future. As a hard core Bengalurian, I make it a point to not mention the “t” word in its entirety as it is a rule among some of us not to talk about it 🙂 I was wondering, if one day, we would have a similar situation in the skies above Bengaluru. Today, at lunchtime, in most tech parks in Bengaluru, you would see a huge gang of employees geared up and collecting deliveries from online portals. At breakfast time, even on weekends, with most idli/dosa vendors, you would see a queue of not customers...

A nice start to Nasscom Conclave 2019


As I stepped into the Nasscom venue, the first stall that caught my attention was the one from Sabre. They had a quiz ongoing so I thought I’d test out my knowledge of the travel industry there. Surprisingly, memory served me well and I was able to crack their puzzles with a 100% success rate and was suitably rewarded 🙂 Jokes apart, it was interesting to note their offers for the corporate world with their corporate self booking tools which seemed to be an interesting proposition for corporations. With that introduction, the 1st day at the Nasscom Conclave in Bengaluru turned out to be quite an interesting one, with a wide range of topics. The ones that interested me particularly were the interactive panel discussions where successful entrepreneurs openly and candidly shared their le...