Edtech: It’s not just limited to start-ups

Edtech: It’s not only limited to start-ups


Digital platforms are transforming the way education and learning are visualized and presented today. Start-up have already done a lot to take this sector to next level but Government, educational institutes along with technology providers, are gradually transforming the whole education sector, converting it from blackboard to a digital board.

The government has been actively increasing digital intensity in education by promoting different Edtech platforms and by providing incubation support to startups through its Digital India campaign.


Some of the Platforms initiated by the government of India include:

  • EPathshala

The platform is jointly initiated by the Government of India and NCERT for educational learning for teachers, students, parents, educators and parents.

It is supported by a web portal and mobile apps available on Android, Apple and Windows environments and is available in multiple languages including English, Hindi and Urdu

Key Features

  • Access to digital textbooks for all grades
  • Access graded learning materials
  • Opportunity to participate in exhibitions, contests and workshops
  • Provides access audio, video, interactives, images, maps, question bank, etc


  • Swayam

This Government of India initiated programme is designed to achieve three critical principles of education: access, equity and quality.

The programme aims to take the best teaching resources to all sections of the society by bridging the digital divide among students free of cost. It further facilitates all the courses taught in classrooms starting from 9th class till post-graduation and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere at any time.

Key Features

  • Specially prepared reading material that can be downloaded and printed
  • Online discussion forum for clearing doubts
  • Self-assessment through tests and quizzes
  • Video Lectures


  • EBasta

This project is created in line with the government’s digital India initiative to make school books accessible in digital form as e-books on tablets and laptops. The primary thought behind this initiative is to bring multiple publishers and schools under one platform to create a back-end framework to facilitate easy management of resources.

The framework is implemented as a portal and brings together three categories of stakeholders namely the publisher, the school and the student. The eBasta App is freely downloadable from the portal and also runs on any android/windows device.

Key Features

  • Students identify bastas of interest and downloads the information
  • School/ Teachers browse content, pick what suits, organize into bastas
  • Publishers upload & manage content in the portal



It is a government of India initiative to equip teachers across the nation with advanced digital technology. Many teachers are creating and using innovative tech-based solutions in their classrooms with some state governments initiating training programs to support and train their teachers digitally. The portal will accelerate and enable teachers to learn and train themselves with self assessment modules. It will help teachers to create training content, create their own profile and connect with teacher community across the country.


Key Features

  • Teacher profile and registry
  • Teacher profession development
  • Teaching and learning content
  • Content creation by teachers
  • School leadership development
  • Assessments innovation


Digital platforms are not only encouraging learning in a real world context but are also helping to bridge the gap between after school and home learning environment. Further the increasing surge in mobile usage is encouraging students across the country to use mobile learning modules to access, gather and process information outside the classroom from anywhere, anytime. For a country like India which is completely depend on the development of its educational sector, this surge in technology-driven education will propel and lead the way towards empowering rural India.







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