Nadhi Information Technologies

Nadhi of Chennai is an enterprise software and solutions company developing analytics and decision support solutions for construction supply chains. Its flagship nPulse solution is designed to streamline information flow between stakeholders in a construction project. nPulse integrates silos of information such as schedules, quantities, productivity, drawing and documents and meeting minutes into a central engine on the Cloud. It then sends automated alerts and escalations to stakeholders as and when needed, forewarning them about possible delays in projects. It does this in real time using a wide variety of means such as e-mails, SMSes and handheld apps. No competing product offers the level of integration and innovation that Nadhi does. The solution additionally closes the gap between ex...

2mpower Health Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

2mpower is a preventive health management company that helps increase physical activity of individuals and sustains this through social engagement. It uses technology and digital social media to fuel this programme, offering measurable results. A game changer, the company’s product, GetActive (, facilitates the transition to an active lifestyle with a wearable computing device and by creating an ecosystem and engagement platform.  GetActive can be used by people wishing to improve their fitness and physical activity levels in a fun and simple way.  Apart from individual users, 2mpower’s primary customers are corporates and insurance companies who use the product to monitor the activity levels of their employees/clients. They also use it to create interes...


Formcept is an organisation that makes data analysis accessible to everyone-whether an enterprise, individual or device. Formcept has developed a unified Big Data analysis middleware, called MECBOT (Management and Enhancement of Content BOT). The stack is well-suited for the Internet of Things and supports stream processing, interactive analysis  and batch processing. The product takes care of all data infrastructure issues like data capturing, data management, data storage, data analysis and data delivery with visualisation. It addresses pain points related to data harmonisation, scalable storage and enrichment of data, enabling enterprises and individuals to come up with  intelligent applications and delivering the analysed data to the device of choice. Unlike offerings from  large compa...

B2B marketing channel for Service provider (Big Data & Cloud)

Hi Folks, I am co-founder of Big Data & Cloud solutions venture. I have been working on building marketing presence for our firm which can help us build our brand as well as serve as lead generation source. The primary medium we use is LinkedIn both for reach out to prospects as well as content distribution for engaging with users. I would like to know from other folks out here on what all mediums are being used for B2B marketing and their effectiveness. I have also used Google Adwords for sometime but i don’t think it works for in our case. Also would welcome details on lead generation sources that have been successfully used. Vikas

Gas Management and Distribution Software – An inexpensive solution for CGDs in India.


Ensoft Professionals ( in partnership with US based international software company has developed a software product, GASTAR, for management of natural gas procured and distributed by Utility (CGDs) and Transmission companies in US. We have successfully implemented this product at many Utilities in US. Gas management software for Utilities (CGDs) includes following business processes:Customer Relationship Management: Setting up of customers, contracts, pipeline points and rates.Nominations and Scheduling: Allows customers to nominate and schedule gas.Measurements: Manual and Automated measurement (SCADA) data upload.Accounting: End of month reconciliation of Gas transactions by customers and generation of invoices.Storage Management and Balancing: Supports storage point ba...