Do you have a Powerful Call to Action ?

Call to Action

The term is interesting, but do we know that how and when should we use this. So let’s understand that what is CTA?

A call to action is a reference to an image, text or content deliberately used to evoke users to perform a specific action. It leads the consumer to the next step of marketing/sales funnel. Examples of CTA are –

If growing your email list is the motive, then – “sign up to our newsletter

If sale is the motive, then – “collect your discount voucher”

If you want to promote your content, then – “download our E-Book”

These are the action buttons you all have seen or clicked while surfing on internet but why don’t you click on every CTA – The answer to this is very simple but process is time taking so let us understand it with the example and the process indulged.


Action words

The primary interesting point when forming an infectious source of inspiration is the early on action word you will utilize. The absolute first expression of your source of inspiration ought to be a hard-hitting, activity calling, straightforward action word.

Keep the action word short and to the point, for example, read, call, and snap. Try not to divert potential clients by tossing in things and descriptors that depict them; they realize who you are conversing with.

Depict what you need them to do and do as such with certainty.


Show, Don’t Tell

Simply demand an individual do something. Tell him a way to accomplish whatever you are telling her to do for example, if you are presenting your CTA on a Social media platform, and you’re telling customers, “shop now” if you miss this chance you will regret.. If your call to action is delivered via newspaper just add “Call Now” this is once in a lifetime offer you just have to make them understand that this is his only chance. Customers might feel way more excited about clicking on an something which is creative, oversized something which is eye catching than an ordinary, everyday link.

 Make It Memorable

The attention span of a customer is less than a minute. This means that we have only few seconds to convince and convert our potential client. We must tell them that they are about to miss out on the fabulous opportunity of their lives. Thus, our goal should be to make our content significant. So, we have to come up with a brilliant catchphrase so that it becomes easier to grab attention of our consumer.


If we are planning anything then it needs to be test first rather than delivering. We are not 100% sure that my CTA -1 will be working the best so plan and test it accordingly with your colleagues, friends, and family.

Compare calls to action from your competitors. Competitive scanning is knowing what they are doing and what strategies are they implementing it can give us a better idea of what your target audience will respond to. In campaign execution also we do A/B testing to know which one is working better similarly here we have to see which one is doing good for us.

So, summing this up we can say that CTA demands-

  • Attention Grabbing design
  • Action focused copy
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Make it Catchy
  • Testing


Here are some best CTA examples.





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“This is the lifetime offer”.


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