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Pursue your dreams with Startup India as we did!!

Montaigne smart business solutions started off as “A startup that incubates startups, and other emerging companies, to help them simplify and strategize their marketing model with an ultimate goal of effective lead generation and brand awareness. During our incubation drill, we used an average of four tools which were not so reliable and filtering the humongous data was quite a task. So, we came up with the idea of building our smart marketing software, Lead Mirror.

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of Lead Mirror as, “an Indian solution to the global problem of digital marketing.” LeadMirror is an application that accurately shows the reflection of your marketing strategies and assists you in converting visitors to customers. LeadMirror with its integrated A2I assistant identifies the metrics (data points) of commercial interest, follows your customer response and helps you analyze them with ease. The best part? You get smart marketing software that will feel lighter on your pocket.

Once again, we thank startup India for this fantastic opportunity, and we hope this piece-of-art of ours would find its place in every startup’s web-browsers

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