Tactics to get first 100 customers to your On-Demand platform

You had a wonderful on-demand startup idea, and you set into motion by developing it. And finally, you succeeded in building the on-demand platform in both web and mobile applications.

Now, you are waiting for customers to find you and get amazed by your startup idea. But you shouldn’t wait for your customers, instead, invite and chase them.

In this blog, you will find out how to acquire the first 100 customers in your marketplace.


There is online and offline advertising. According to your business model, strategize your marketing plan based on the audience you need to target.

For instance, if your business model is an on-demand plumber service, onboard the plumbers into your on-demand platform and guarantees the benefits and gains they would earn. Once the supply is built, you can start advertising to your customers.

To advertise the customers offline i.e, you can install flyovers, billboards, announcements on radio and local channels, keeping awareness campaigns in malls or in busiest streets corners.

To advertise the customers online, you can participate in Google Ads, social media marketing, brewing new content, and promoting your website or app in all forms of medium.

Exploit untapped resource

When Craiglist first started, the founder created an email newsletter in the intent of passing information from one person to another. Soon, people got aware of it, and he realized the need for a website with more categories. This eventually became a success.

Follow the same pattern for your startup. Start with close-knit communities to bring the first 100 users to your on-demand platform. Through word-of-mouth, the number of users increases and further increases your brand visibility.

Get celebrity or famous people to advertise

You can employ a famous celebrity to recommend your service. Huge followers would look into the brand they are advertising and in the tip of curiosity google about it and share it in their social circle.

This increases the traction to your on-demand platform and is a good start to get your first 100 customers.

Here is a small nugget in increasing your marketplace visibility.

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