Unleash the Genius Within | 3 FREE Courses to Finish during another week of Lockdown | Read on to learn What’s New @ NASSCOM FutureSkills: May 2020


Hi, Did you know that Isaac Newton conceived most of his ground-breaking ideas when he was confined to home during the great plague of 1665? According to biographer Philip Steele, Newton’s “genius was unleashed”. As we enter into the 65th Day of the Lockdown, learning and upgrading ourselves need not be put on hold. Utilising the additional time to develop a new skill or to pursue advanced training on something you already have the basics, will help us all be ready to face the future, when this is all behind us. Lifelong learning is the key to staying competitive and relevant. Read on for more insights & updates in this edition of What’s New @ NASSCOM FutureSkills! IN THE SPOTLIGHT   Just Launched PG Diploma in Data Science aligned to National Occupation Standards (NOS) by UpGrad This ...