NASSCOM Reskilling Series – Genpact’s Journey

India’s digitally skilled employee base accounts for approximately 75% of the global digital talent pool making India a global talent hub. The advent of various technologies like AI, IoT, autonomous vehicles, robotics, quantum computing dictates that Industry take up reskilling and upskilling talent on a priority basis. As we get ready to confront the massive economic and social disruption caused by technological advancement, it has become imperative to invest in people and make our talent pool future ready.

“The net savings: It can cost as much as 6 times more to hire from the outside than to build from within.“

—Josh Bersin, Industry expert

In FY2019, about 74 % organisations upskilled/reskilled more than 20 % of their existing workforce in digital skills, according to NASSCOM’s Future Skilling for the Digital Economy report. In this series, we take a look at how IT majors are driving workforce reskilling in the digitally transforming world.

Genpact: A global professional services firm, Genpact is focused on being a partner to enterprises in their digital transformation.

Problem Statement:The shelf-life of skills has reduced dramatically and sending employees to intensive week-long training sessions is not feasible as work gets affected. So how do you create cost-effective operating models that can make employee learning effective?


Genpact focuses on collectively harnessing the knowledge and skills of its people with the help of its new reskilling framework called Genome. Genome has four key pillars (BITS):

  • ‘B’ECAUSE – (of a skills gap) Skill-Inventory
  • ‘I’MMERSE – (in the e-learning modules) Incisive self-learning
  • ‘T’RANSFORM – (through connection with SMEs) Knowledge-node connect
  • ‘S’OLIDIFY – (through application in real life) Learning through doing

Making Employee Learning More Effective: Without contextualization, adults struggle with concepts that are not connected with their existing knowledge. Genpact focuses on implementing effective learning models that identify the links between existing and new knowledge.

Measuring Learning: 

  • Short term : In the short term Genpact follows the progression of employees’ learning activities with the help of a learning experience platform (Edcast). It captures granular data on how much the person has learnt, what skills they have acquired and what they have learnt about.
  • In the longer run: Gurus guide them and let them know when they are ready to take on the next assignment. (BITS approach)

Genpact’s mantra for enabling its employees’ lifelong growth and learning is its unique collective intelligence based reskilling model allows, which allows for continuous sourcing, crystallization, propagation and absorption of knowledge.

Click the link below to read more about Genpact’s reskilling journey in detail.

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