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GST For mobile app startups

Blog Post created by www.withdia.com Your Intelligent Assistant on Apr 27, 2017

 In this blog, we look at a query on registration requirement for a start-up. Log in to withdia.com to read more related Q&A on the topic.



A Start-up company, with its registered office in the State of Karnataka, engaged in a business which involves innovation, development, deployment or commercialization of mobile Apps driven by information technology has commenced commercial operations during FY 2016-17. The users who download the APP on their mobile phones are located across India. Will a Start-up company be required to obtain registration in each of the States of India for the reason that the App users are spread all over India?



GST law in India is destination based. However, the administration through registration and consequential compliance are only in the origin State. Since the Start-up company is providing the service wholly from a location within Karnataka, the requirement of obtaining a registration arises only in the State of Karnataka, from which supplies are made.


 Author: P V Srinivasan

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