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Recent Activity

Sudhanshu Mittal
Industry 4.0 co-creation program continues to gather steam and attract interest from manufacturing companies of various sizes. We have also been visiting manufacturing companies to see their shop floor operations and understand their perspective on adoption of technology, including providing suggestions whenever relevant. In some cases,… (Show more)
Arjun Alva
Manufacturing has now reached a stage where it’s no more a question of if Industry 4.0 is going to come, it has arrived. Manufacturing and technology organizations need to prepare themselves to maximize the potential that Industry 4.0 possesses. Industry 4.0 is something that everyone needs to be a part of, and ‘Welcome to Industry 4.0’ is a… (Show more)
NASSCOM Community Admin
Imagine a manufacturing unit without any human presence with robotic arms performing mechanical actions, connected digital machines calibrating and diagnosing themselves, forecasting their sickness and calling the correct “specialist” for preventive maintenance!!! That is the fourth industrial revolution, the factory of the future, the Industry4.0… (Show more)