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Executive Overview

We talk about many things when it comes to smart cities.  The Internet of Things, smart sensors, the cloud, and a host of other new technologies from artificial intelligence (AI) to advanced operator visualization techniques have opened huge new opportunities for cities to improve the lives of citizens, increase safety and energy efficiency, and reduce operational expenditures.  Smart city cybersecurity, however, is rarely discussed. 

Major cybersecurity incidents continue to grab headlines.  Many of these incidents affect the IT infrastructure of cities, such as the recent ransomware attack on the City of Atlanta.  Many more, however, are affecting the operational technology layer of smart cities and their associated infrastructure, such as the 2015 cyber-attack on the Ukrainian power grid system.  This does not mean that IT-related attacks don’t affect operational technologies.  The ransomware attack on Atlanta crippled government desktop computers and resulted in the shutdown or at least disruption of essential city services from law enforcement to utilities. 

Today’s smart cities are really patchworks of old and new systems, each with their own cybersecurity concerns.  Older systems like ICS (industrial control systems) and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems for things like power, gas, and water distribution systems exist alongside new, IoT-based systems for smart lighting, transportation management, access control, and more. 

The number of vendors and products in the rapidly emerging smart cities space is staggering, and the relative levels of inherent cybersecurity in these products and systems vary widely.  Most smart cities fail to adequately address the role of cybersecurity in these new products and systems.  Relevant standards and product registrations/certifications for cybersecurity in the smart city sector are only now beginning to emerge. 

From an organizational standpoint, many cities seem ill prepared to respond to major cyberattacks.  City and municipal governments tend to focus on the information technology (IT) world and have less experience managing the increasingly digital world of operational-related technologies. The utilities, which have become major investors in smart cities in the past couple of years, are more adept at the operational technology (OT) side of the equation.  Both groups have their own challenges when it comes to managing the convergence of the IT and OT realms.

Smart City Cybersecurity Not Unsolvable

Cybersecurity for smart cities is not an unsolvable problem.  Many cities and municipalities can take incremental steps to improve their cybersecurity organization, bridge the gap between IT and OT domains, and implement selection criteria to ensure better cybersecurity.  Vendors and service providers are also greatly expanding their offerings, making it possible for cities to outsource certain aspects of the cybersecurity plan that cannot be performed in-house. 

Table of Contents

  • Executive Overview
  • Smart Cities Have a Cybersecurity Problem
  • Future of Cyber-attacks on Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure
  • Relevant Certifications and Standards
  • Recommendations

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 About ARC Advisory Group ( Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is a Boston based leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure.

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About the Author:


Larry O'Brien

Vice President, Research

Larry is responsible for providing oversight in ARC's research into process automation markets, including process automation systems, process safety systems, plant asset management systems, intelligent device management strategies, and field networks.


About ARC Advisory Group (  Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is a Boston based leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure.

Transportation and mobility are emerging as potential drivers of innovation and economic growth of the 21stcentury. Rapidly evolving technologies and business models have dramatic potential to transform the global transportation sector.


NITI Aayog has launched Move Hack, a global mobility hackathon to crowdsource solutions aimed at the future of mobility in India.


It is envisaged o be one of the largest hackathons globally, Move Hack is focused on 10 themes and structured over three legs: online, followed by Singapore leg, and the finals in New Delhi.


The hackathon is organized in partnership with Government of Singapore and is powered by Hacker Earth. PwC is the Knowledge Partner and NASSCOM is the Strategic Partner.


The Campaign


(a) “Just Code It”: aimed at solutions through innovations in technology / product / software and data analysis, and (b) “Just Solve It”: innovative business ideas or sustainable solutions to transform mobility infrastructure through technology.

Move Hack is open to individuals from all nationalities, making it a truly global hackathon.


Registrations are open at

  • It’s a great opportunity for NASSCOM members to apply.
  • The underlying theme is most powerful – Code for India, Code for Mobility.


Esteemed Jury

  • Ms. Debjani Ghosh (President, NASSCOM).
  • Ms. Nivruti Rai (Country Head, Intel India)
  • Mr. Dennis Ong (Distinguished Architect and Head of Architecture & Systems Engineering, Verizon)
  • Mr. P. Anandan (CEO, Wadhwani AI)

For the details about MoveHack, please visit

Total prizes of more than Rs. 2 crores, top 30 solutions to be mentored in Singapore.  


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In an increasing digital world, experts say that the future will mark a milestone in the processes of digital transformation and the development of new systems that will bring about an important change in the life of the next generation of relating to the next technology.



Here are some technological factors that could change the way how the next generation will be benefited with the use of mobile apps:



The technology that supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has long since transcended this functionality and for many experts 2018 is the year of its definitive takeoff. Blockchain or chain of blocks is a system that ensures the confidentiality and integrity of data and this fact makes it one of the most important technology trends of the next years.


The security offered by the blockchain is going to be indispensable for all types of economic transactions by banks or large companies that are already using it and developing for their businesses or to shield their customers' data. Do you know which are the first large operations? What has been done in the USA with Blockchain?


But as we have indicated, Blockchain goes far beyond the economy and will be essential in such interesting subjects as digital contracts, the management, and recognition of title deeds, the treatment of medical records or donations or even the starting point for electoral processes via telematics.


Artificial Intelligence

Even if you do not know it, every day we use more Artificial Intelligence systems in everyday actions such as Google searches, our recommendations on social networks such as Facebook or Spotify or on the predictive keyboards of our mobile phones or in communication with customer services. to the client.


The bases are already in place and, from here, Artificial Intelligence will be one of the great technological trends in the near future that will directly affect our relationship with the Internet in aspects such as:


  • The processes of personnel selection and curriculum filtering by the human resources departments of companies that are already generalizing Artificial Intelligence systems for job search.
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems to face the new threats against computer security and that will be indispensable for the protection of the personal data of companies and users.
  • A new learning model that will rely on the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Education and that will be closely linked to the development of Machine Learning.
  • To these, we must unite the development of the chatbots of which you have surely heard in 2017 and which will continue adding functionalities to be more and more human.


Big Data

Very linked to the development of Machine Learning another of the major technological trends in 2018 has to do with the coming of age of Big Data systems and their application in the business world. We do not talk so much about the tools for adding data, but those that, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, will be able to predict consumer behaviors and trends.


Giving intelligence to the data will not only open up new scenarios and business expectations for companies, but it will also mean a revolution from the point of Administration that, like companies, will be able to know in real time the opinions and trends of consumers and citizens and in this way it make decisions immediately.


Internet of Things

Up to now, the possibilities of the Internet of Things have been very limited due to the lack of development of specific telecommunications networks for connected objects. The forecasts of the experts indicate that in the year 2020 there will be 20,000 million connected objects in the whole world and that it will be one of the main technological trends of future.


In the field of Internet of Things, and its role in the development and processing of data, it remains to be seen whether one of the future technological trends.


Virtual Reality and immersive experience

much has been talked about Virtual Reality in previous years and, in many cases, has been confused with Augmented Reality systems that can already be enjoyed in areas such as education. However, experts say that it will be one of the major upcoming trends and that it will have a direct effect on trade or in sectors such as Tourism.


The new forecasts for Virtual Reality extend the focus beyond entertainment (videogames or cinema) and take it to a true immersive experience in which users can interact directly with real or virtual objects which opens a whole range of new possibilities in our relationship with the virtual world and especially with our smartphones that, as a priority, will be the way of entry for this new experience.

Not only the new technologies but the way they will be brought into reality will be an interesting factor which shall raise the quality and 
cost of app development.

Apple has this amazing strategy that brings new alterations after every few months to keep the users on the toe! The un-ending updates keep the apps fresh and contemporary to the competition. These are the few trends that matter in developing an iOS app in 2018.

The mobile app industry has become an essential part of our system and has been reshaping the business for years now. Every organization must integrate the mobile App technology into the business domain. The mobile app integration can garner maximum growth and increase the audience reach of your business/ organization.


A recent study shows that there are around 2 million applications available for the users in the App store. This means that there are a lot of options for the users to choose from and it also means that if you’re an app developer you need to keep up with the trends to outrun the competition. Your app needs to be loaded with the latest tech support to attract the majority of smartphone users.


These are the latest trends in iOS app development that matter the most in 2018 –


The Apple HomeKit –


The Apple’s HomeKit is a sensation as it offers exceptional range of benefits for the users. The HomeKit allows users to communicate as well as control all the connected devices and accessories with the help of an app. It makes everything much easier and of course, the Siri voice command has a major role in the HomeKit. It is voice command activated and a group can be created in order to record and keep tab of the voices of everyone in the house making it easy to use. This innovation has opened up a lot of scope for iOS app developers and the apps that can be integrated with the HomeKit will be trending in 2018.


Time of IoT Focused Apps has come –


Internet of things is almost a familiar term with majority. For all the app developers worldwide, internet of things has become more prominent than ever. The main reason for all the buzz that it created is that it also facilitates connection. For all we know, there are already a lot of iOS developers working on integrating internet of things to help connect the internet- enabled devices. The buzz around it is for real! And it has already helped developers create better connection facilities in the apps. There is going to be a prominent future for internet of things.


For the iOS app developers, internet of things can be an element of value-addition with the proper assistance to make it a lot easier for the end users. For instance, it can be integrated even in pharmaceuticals to help the professionals in developing temperature monitoring apps that detect the temperature and make sure it does not exceed beyond the permitted limits.


Apple Pay to Become More User-Friendly


“USER-FRIENDLY” is the word every developer should be looking for, not only the iOS app developers but Android app developers as well. It is a major concern that inspires the developers to innovate new features that come in handy for the users, thus making the app popular across the globe. The apple pay is all ready to become much more user-friendly this year.


So what is the exact definition of user-friendliness in a mobile app?


Let’s take a closer look into this. User friendly apps are the apps that a user can access easily and the app gets the work done efficiently without any problems. Apple pay is a revolutionary app created by apple that makes financial transactions easy for the users. Making the payments easy refers to more secured transactions and more trustworthy source of payment for the users. The apple pay has recorded over 500% jump in transactions by the users worldwide. The fact that it makes it easy for the users and allows them to forget their wallets and still being able to pay through their mobile is the icing on the cake! Near field communication embedded in the iPhones makes all this possible.

Augment Reality and The ARKIt


Augment reality is the next big thing! It is important to all the developers out there to incorporate AR in the new age of mobile apps. But, for iOS the focus has shifted towards ARKit. The release of iOS 11 has made it possible. The ARKit is here to help the developers to create 3D mobile applications as well as virtual- based mobile applications for the users.

Thanks to Amazon, it has joined hands with Apple and taken ARKit innovation to the next level to give an experience never felt before for the users. The help from Amazon ensures that the ARKit becomes more prominent to the users. This could be an invitation for the business to indulge in AR and VR. The client servicing requirements can be built using ARKit to give a better perspective for the clients as well as users. Apple is integrating the ARKit in its app development technique to create a virtual ecosystem that can be perceived by clients in their businesses.


High-Performance Hardware


Just like the ARKit, Apple is working on a high performance hardware update. Apple is working towards increasing the hardware support by integrating better and efficient processors into the device. It has the capacity to enhance many components like Lighting estimations, visual inertial odometer and virtual simulation etc.

The role of mobile app developers increases prominently as the high performance hardware is incorporated. In order to reach and utilize the full capacity of the new hardware, the app developers need to focus on building apps that cater to the new hardware and it can be a huge task and is going to keep the iOS app developers busy for the coming few years.



The iOS app industry is transforming like never before! The current era of the mobile apps is a milestone for iOS developers to follow further. The growing technology is keeping the mobile app developers on the run. You can say that the developers are innovating just to keep up with the vastly growing technology. Apple has this amazing strategy that brings new alterations after every few months to keep the users on the toe! The un-ending updates keep the apps fresh and contemporary to the competition. These are the few trends that matter in developing an iOS app in 2018.

secure messaging is the sole insurance against data thefts.  Trusted channels of communication are essential if connected society is vital for businesses.

To live in a connected world and transact business through internet calls for a protective net to prevent data theft and leakage. Encryption provides the required safety-net for an uninhibited and secure messaging and exchange of data.

Most of us have online Avatars. We dump hell lot of loads of our personal information in cloud servers and transmit it through the net. Encryption is like a wall between you and the external world on the porous medium of the internet. It helps in preventing third parties from viewing and accessing your personal data.

Encryption is a process to shield data by scrambling it with a secret code and which can be unscrambled by only those having its key. It ensures secure chat and your messages reach only to the intended and not to unscrupulous elements prowling on the net.

Communication is the lifeline for businesses. In the present-day scenario, a vast amount of business data and personal information are managed online and stored on cloud servers. Encrypted communication becomes imperative to protect information and data that you send and receive from third parties and service providers. Sensitive and business-affecting information needs to be exchanged on secure chat platforms to achieve the objective of secrecy and security.

Essentially there are two types of encryptions in vogue – three-party encryption known as “Client-Server Encryption” and two-party encryption otherwise popularly known as “End-to-End Encryption”.

In the Client-Server encryption protocol, the sender, receiver as well as the service provider are privy to the exchanged information. The problem with giving service providers access to your data is that they may not act in your best interest always.

On the other hand, end-to-end encryption ensures that even the service provider cannot peep into your messages and communiques.

Why Encryption?

Every technological innovation carries a price tag in the form of associated risks. Corporates end up paying up with their privacy if convenience and speed are their only consideration while choosing a unified communication platform. Statistics turned out by research on data privacy leaks tell us astonishing stories. The absence of encrypted messaging will leave corporates and business entities in the hands of hackers and phishers.

A recently concluded research guesstimated that 2.8 billion customer data records were “compromised” and are out in the public domain as at the end of 2017. What is more horrifying is that it is expected to triple within five years, amounting to $8 trillion’ worth of financial losses. Against this background of rising digital risks, secure messaging becomes vital for the safety of everyone involved.

End-to-end encryption of all communications and streaming data is a proven strategy against data breach. Yet, of the many products on the market, most fail to adequately address the problem because they encrypt only selectively and at certain stages of data transmission from source to destination. Business messenger like Troop Messenger (TM) provides fully secured and safe end-to-end encryption of all data for businesses to breathe easy. The audio and video capabilities in Troop Messenger are fully quarantined from potential eavesdropping.

Encrypted messaging is the sole insurance against data thefts. Trusted channels of communication are essential if connected society is vital for businesses. It is as simple as that and as necessary as that. We rest our case, Your Honour!

We Will appreciate if you can take out 5min from your busy schedule to participate in the below survey on Cyber Security which is created by team Netrika.
This survey is to analyze and address the major concerns related to a cyber-secure environment at any organization in today's digital world. It also helps you to measure your organization’s readiness in preventing or in responding to a cyber-attack. Your responses help the business community prepare better for the unforeseen cyber threats.
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Cyber Security Preparedness Survey


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Security is one of the most serious issues if we talk about eCommerce. Cases like identity theft and payment fraud are apparently increasing day by day in eCommerce segment. It is of utmost importance for store owners to give their customers safe and secure shopping environment.


In 9 years, I have seen a lot of cases in which most of the store owners have experienced too serious issues like payment fraud and hack due to security consequences. Whenever I or my team offers a consultation with the client, we embark the importance of secure eCommerce website that to mainly concerning payment security.


In this article, I will be sharing the most important payment security measures to deal eCommerce security threats. My research and experience always advocate me to share the importance of the security audits in ensuring the protection of store from all security threats.

1. Partner with a processor who knows online payments

Choosing the right payment processor is a prior step for accepting online payments from the customers through credit card. Selection of payment processing partner should be done with utmost care as its experience can help the client to comply with the payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS).

All you need is an experienced partner who can give you all-time support and maintains the PCI compliance for you by implementing various approaches like a training program, Vulnerability Assessment and full-time customer support. Some processors even reimburse the money for monetary loss in case of fraud event that occurs through a data breach.

Thus it is extremely important to have a partner who had experience and can even understand everything about the payment security and precautions.

2. Monitored suspicious purchasing activity

As an owner of the eCommerce store, you should be aware of the various types of suspicious activities that could be the reason for fraud.

One of my client name Max from Germany who was having a fashion eCommerce store has faced the security consequences due to this problem.

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Once a person who logged in to his website and made huge order from the same IP address but used different credit cards. Max was completely unaware of the issue and thus failed to understand the behavior and pattern of the customer indicated that single person is using multiple stolen credit cards to make purchases which lead to serious repercussion.

Large order raises too many doubts and especially the one which was requested for next day Shipping. But this activity alone is not enough to identify a transaction as fraud.

3. Address verification system for all transaction

It is extremely important for store owners to predict and analyze that the person making the purchase is truly a cardholder. Various techniques can be utilized to prevent this fraud. Implementing the address verification system in the eCommerce store is the best way to analyze and verify the fraud.

The system will check if the billing address is correct by verifying it with cardholder’s data from the issuing bank. As a result person with a stolen card or card number doesn’t have the access to the wrong billing address.

Incorrect billing address may not necessarily mean that the transaction is fraudulent hence it is advisable to take additional security measures to identify the customer.

4. The Encryption Approach

Encryption is a method of converting the original message into encrypted text, which should be too complex to understand and even difficult for a hacker to decode. The main idea of encryption is to ensure security and safety of the data and its transmission.

Encryption can be done through various techniques but the choice totally depends on the context and the requirements. Some of the famous techniques in eCommerce are:-

  • Public key encryption
  • Symmetric key encryption

5. Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Secure socket layer is the most consistent security model used and developed for eCommerce business, secured through its payment channel.

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Through the SSL, transmission of data is encrypted, client and server information is authenticated and message integrity for TCP/IP connections. The protocol is design to prevent tampering of information and forgery while transmitting data over the internet between interacting applications.

6. Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (S-HTTP)

S-HTTP is an advanced version of normal HTTP internet protocol with enhanced security which ensures secure authentication, public key encryption and digital signatures.

Secure HTTP enabled website makes the transaction more secure by negotiating encryptions schemes used between a server and the clients. It can seamlessly integrate with the HTTP and ensure an optimal end-user security with different defence mechanisms.

7. Secure Electronic Transaction (SET)

SET is a joint collaboration by MasterCard and VISA which ensures that safety of all parties involved in electronic payments of an eCommerce transaction. It is designed to handle complex and critical functions like:

  • Authenticating the cardholders and merchants
  • Confidentiality of information and payment data
  • Define protocols & electronic security service, providers

8. Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

The payment card industry security standard council was formed in the year 2006. It ensures that the companies who deal with the accepting, processing, storing and transmitting credit card information have to maintain a secure environment.

PCI DSS is not a law in itself but a standard made by a collaboration of various branded card company like Visa, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX and Discover. If your company is not PCI compliant has to face some serious consequences like fines, card replacement cost, costly forensic audits and off-course lost to brand image.

Image Source: cybersecon

As it is said Wise man must always be proactive than reactive because little upfront effort and cost is required to reduce your risk from serious consequences.

9. Safe Login Screen

Development of Secure eCommerce website straight away starts from the Login Page. You are half way done if login access to the website is secure. Otherwise, it will be easy for the hackers to infiltrate and get access to sensitive data.

Implementing this safety protocol is moderately easy, but it can efficiently ward off many security threats.

10. Digital Signature

A digital signature means giving a unique identity to your message. Actually, it is a process of encrypting the message with the private specifically used for verification purpose.

The linkage between data and the signature doesn’t allow any alteration and if anyhow data is altered signature is automatically invalidated.

Thus digital signature helps to maintain the authority and confidentiality of the data.


I think after snooping through this article you may surely be able to relate your security problems if any with the absence of any one of this security measures. These 10 measures are like bits and piece of the eCommerce payment security that needs to be taken care of while developing a website.

The payment system is the most critical part of any eCommerce website. It’s the place where the money of both the entities is at stake if proper security is not ensured.

If you had been already through any of the security attacks or need any kind of assistance to develop a secure eCommerce website which can give a boost to your business feel free to write me in the comment section or can even contact me for the free consultation at Magneto IT Solutions

We are coming up with a edutech report soon. If you are an edutech company, here is a chance to get featured in the report. Download the attached form, fill it up and send it to ASHISH GUPTA  at If you have any queries, let us know in the comments below. 

Today's world has mostly become dependent on technology, and the application of technology can be found in most places. From business enterprises to educational institutes, hotels, hospitals and every place that you can think of, different kinds of software are being used to simplify the management and ease out the operations. If you have been considering increasing the productivity of your business, an efficient management software will be the ideal thing to invest in.


Software developers make use of the most advanced tools to develop the best kind of software that fits well with your requirements. With constant evolution and technological advancements, new tools have been coming to the fore that have made it simpler for professionals to develop better software.

Take a look at few tools that are trending and are going to rule the field of software development in 2018-

1.    Bootstrap:

This is a highly responsive framework that assists in the event of software on HTML, CSS, and JS. A developer will get the benefit of using ready- made code blocks and choosing from an extensive list of elements. This tool can be customized to suit the requirements of the software.

2.    NetBeans:

This is an open-source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which assists in the development of web, mobile, and desktop applications. One will be able to write bug-free codes and edit codes faster. The tool offers rapid user interface development and is the best for developers on the PHP and C/C++ platform.

3.    HTML5 Builder:

This is an effective tool to build web and mobile apps using CSS3, HTML5, PHP codebase and JavaScript. This is one of the fastest tools that help in the development of cross-platform Apps. This provides a Collaborative Workflow to Developers and Designers. This tool allows the integration of geolocation components to aid in the creation of location-based browsers.

4.    Enterprise Architect:

You can integrate this tool with other tools to build robust systems and offer complete traceability. This tool will also enable you to manage complex data efficiently. You will get everything from code execution to visual diagrams from this tool.

5.    SendBird:

This is a messaging and Chat API for Websites and Mobile Applications. Developers can integrate bots in the software to enable features like customer support and product recommendations. The software will also get features like push notifications, callbacks, read receipt, delivery status and chat rooms to offer customer engagement with the software.

6.    Visual Online:

This is a collection of services that enables the tracking and management of ideas on scrum boards with agile tools. This allows the improvement of the quality of the code generated. With the help of this tool, developers will be able to manage and share the components of the software that is being developed. One also gets the tools for automated testing to make sure that the software developed is accurate.

7.    Atom:

This is an open-sourced text-editor which can be easily customized for any purpose without having to modify the configuration file. This tool allows developers to write code faster and find or replace text in a particular file or entire project.

The developers at Swadesh Softwares are adept at the use of these tools and create the most efficient software for the clients. We always make sure that we offer the best to our clients and this is the sole reason that we keep ourselves technologically updated.

Since the day I saw Terminator Genisys and iRobot, I dreamed of nothing else but capitalizing on AI to solve my real-life problems. Thanks to Google Duplex, I can proudly venture to say that I have come closer to realizing that aspiration. Now the smart Google AI can book my appointments at a hair salon and even reserve a table for 4 at a restaurant. Yes, Google Duplex is literally shouldering my burdens.

Google had been toiling at this technology for quite some time. The goal was to make the human-computer interaction as natural and seamless as possible. Google cracked the code with its recent Google voice search WaveNet. But the problem was that people still had an inkling that they were conversing with a machine, not a human. With Google Duplex, the human assumption element is no more. The product launch by Sundar Pichai in Google IO 2018 revealed how Google Duplex can help you complete your daily cores without stressing you out.

Google Duplex Demo from Google IO 2018 - YouTube 

Google Duplex is a modern-day technology which helps you achieve natural conversations in the real world over the phone. The technology is directed towards completing everyday trivial tasks which do nothing more than while away your time. For instance, be it scheduling a meeting with someone, re-scheduling appointments, or even updating the status of some urgent meeting, Google Duplex will help you sound human while communicating with others.

To operate, you need to trigger the Google Assistant with a command. For instance say, “Reserve a table for three at New York Pizza & Pasta at 6 pm tomorrow,” and the rest will be taken care of by Duplex. The AI feature in Google will ring New York Pizza & Pasta and reserve a place for two. And the best part, they won’t even know that a robot is talking to them. After the call, a confirmation SMS will be sent to you.

Google Duplex – The great & the wicked

Google Duplex is interesting because of the tone of conversation it uses to communicate. Apart from the natural conversation, it also intersperses speech disfluencies & natural pauses such as “umm” and “hmm” in between, which gives people an impression that they’re talking to a real person. The good part is that Google Assistant doesn’t sound like a droning machine at all.

Google Assistant also comprehends the context of the conversation. Even when the caller is not a native speaker, the AI still understands the tone and gets the job done.

Google Duplex is a total lifesaver for travelers who have difficulty in communicating in a local language.

For More Read Full Article: Solving your real-life problems with Google Duplex

Launching an online multivendor store brings in a lot of research. From knowing how to plan the whole business to a platform that can help you make a good start, every step is critical. You need a platform where admin and vendors can manage the number of things like products handling, sales management, product catalog, payment etc. without any hassle. Speaking of choosing the right multivendor platforms, here’s a comparison between two leading platforms you can choose from: YoKart and CS Cart.



YoKart is the only dedicated multivendor ecommerce platform in the market. It’s one of the few systems that have pulled in huge attention so quickly due to lucrative features. There are more of such things like its award winning status and budget friendly plans that claim to meet the interests of small and medium scale startups.



CS-Cart is an ecommerce platform that delivers great flexibility and offers good scope for business specific customization. It’s scalable in design and offers reliable solution for SMBs.





In terms of features, both the platforms are head to head. Both platforms offer multiple payment gateways, responsive mobile design website, SEO friendly, and a good set of other required features. What sets YoKart apart from CS-Cart is that you get the same set of features across all packages. Whereas CS-Cart “Built in Editor” feature sets it apart from the YoKart.



This is where YoKart leads in the chart. With YoKart you can start your full fledge multivendor store at just $250. It is a one-time fee and the license is yours for the lifetime. You can customize the platform as per your needs. Coming to CS Cart, it offers a free version but the features are limited especially NO to multivendor functionality. To convert your store into multivendor, you have to pay $1450 in CS Cart. It is a one-time fee. Both the platforms offer 30 day money back guarantee.


Customer Support

This is where; YoKart leads in a good way. YoKart comes along with one-year free technical support, free installation and also offer free hosting. YoKart offers 24 hours customer support and has highly experienced technical team. Whereas in CS Cart, customer support is not free, you’ll have to continually pay to have your questions answered and your issues resolved.

Nasscom President Debjani Ghosh meeting with Ravishankar Parsad minister .


Discussion held for future developments in Indian IT infrastructures. 8% grow in 2018 is expected to $167billion offering 3.97 million direct jobs.

What is WannaCry?

A worldwide cyber-attack has been happening since Friday, affecting more than 200,000+ organizations in 150+ countries. The WANNACRY RANSOMWARE ATTACK has rapidly become the nastiest digital disaster to strike the internet, crippling transportation and hospitals globally. But, it progressively appears that it is not the work of hacker brains. Instead, cyber-security detectives see the recent breakdown of cyber-criminal scheme, which reveals amateur mistakes made at every steps.damage caused by ransomware attacks

How does Ransomware Work?

Ransomware is a kind of cyber-attack, in which, hackers take control of a computer system and block access to it until a ransom is paid. The cyber criminals need to download a type of malicious software onto a system within the network to gain access to the system. This is often done by making the victim click on a link or download it by mistake. Once the software gets into the victim’s computer, the hackers can launch an attack that will lock all the files it finds within the network. It tends to be a gradual process with files being encrypted one after the other.

Though the infection stage is somewhat different for each Ransomware version, the key stages are as follows:

Ransomware cyber-attack

  • Initially, the victim gets an email that includes a malicious link or a malware attachment. Alternatively, the contagion can originate from a malicious website that delivers a security exploit to create a backdoor on the victim’s PC by using a susceptible software from the system.
  • If the victim clicks on the link or downloads and opens the attachment, a downloader (payload) will be placed on the affected PC.
  • The downloader uses a list of domains or C&C servers to download the Ransomware program on the system.
  • The contacted C&C server responds by sending back the requested data.
  • The malware then encrypts the entire hard disk content, personal files, and sensitive information. Everything, including data stored in cloud accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox) synced on the PC is encrypted by the malware. It can also encrypt data on other computers connected to the local network.
  • Then a warning pops up on the screen with instructions on how to pay for the decryption key.

protection from cyber attck ransomware

Taking Ransomware Protection to Next Level

One should take the threat of Ransomware seriously and do something about it before it smashes the data.

Here are few precautions to

Local PC:

Step 1: Do not store important data only on your PC. Take 2 backups of data: on an external hard drive and in the cloud – Dropbox/Google Drive/etc.

Step 2: The Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive/ applications should not be turned on by default.

Step 3: Turn off macros in the Microsoft Office suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

In the browser:

  • Block and set the plugins to ask for permissions for the following plugins from the browser: Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Java and Silverlight and activate the plugins when needed.
  • Adjust the browsers’ security and privacy settings for increased protection.
  • Update all outdated plugins and add-ons from my browsers.
  • Use an ad-blocker to avoid the threat of potentially malicious ads.

Online Behaviour:

  • Never open spam emails or emails from unknown senders.
  • Never download attachments from spam emails or suspicious emails.
  • Never click links in spam emails or suspicious emails.
  • Use Anti-ransomware security tools such as Norton, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Trend Micro Internet Security, Zemana Anti-malware.
  • Use a reliable, paid antivirus product that includes an automatic update module and a real-time scanner.

“Should I pay the ransom or not?”

The answer is a big NO.

Paying the ransom does not give guarantee that the online criminals at the other end of the Bitcoin transfer will give the decryption key. And even if they do, there will be further greedy attacks, which will become a never-ending malicious cycle of cyber-crime.

Putting things into perspective, 1 out of every 4 cyber-crime victim who paid the ransom didn’t get their data back. They lost both the information and their money.

How to get the data back without paying the ransom?

There are many versions and types of Ransomware, but cyber security researchers are working round the clock to break the encryption that at least some of them use. There are many other cryptoware strains that are well coded and only specialists are able to crack.


Not sure if your system in secure? Don’t Worry!!

Our Security Testing experts will guide You

To recover the data without funding Ransomware creators, we have put together a significant list of Ransomware decryption tools which can be used.


  • OpenToYou
  • Globe3 decryption tool
  • Dharma Decryptor
  • CryptON
  • Alcatraz
  • HiddenTear
  • NoobCrypt
  • CryptoMix/CryptoShield decryptor
  • Damage ransomware
  • .777 ransomware
  • 7even-HONE$T
  • .8lock8 ransomware decrypting tool
  • 7ev3n decrypting tool
  • Agent.iih
  • Alma decrypting tool
  • Al-Namrood
  • Alpha
  • AlphaLocker
  • Apocalypse
  • ApocalypseVM
  • Aura
  • AutoIt
  • Autolocky
  • Badblock
  • Bart decrypting tool
  • BitCryptor
  • BitStak
  • Chimera
  • CoinVault
  • Cryaki
  • Crybola
  • CrypBoss
  • Crypren
  • Crypt38
  • Crypt888
  • CryptInfinite
  • CryptoDefense
  • CryptoHost
  • Cryptokluchen
  • CryptoTorLocker
  • CryptXXX
  • CrySIS decrypting tool
  • CTB-Locker Web
  • CuteRansomware
  • DeCrypt Protect
  • Democry decrypting tool
  • DMA Locker decrypting tool + DMA2 Locker decoding tool
  • Fabiansomware
  • FenixLocker
  • Fury decrypting tool
  • GhostCrypt decrypting tool
  • Globe / Purge
  • Gomasom
  • Harasom
  • HydraCrypt
  • Jigsaw/CryptoHit
  • KeRanger
  • KeyBTC
  • KimcilWare
  • Lamer decrypting tool
  • LeChiffre
  • Legion
  • Linux.Encoder
  • Lock Screen ransomware
  • Locker
  • Lortok
  • MarsJoke
  • Manamecrypt
  • Mircop decrypting tool + alternative
  • Merry Christmas / MRCR decryptor
  • Nanolocker
  • Nemucod
  • NMoreira ransomware
  • Operation Global III Ransomware
  • Ozozalocker ranomware decryptor
  • PClock
  • Petya
  • Philadelphia
  • PizzaCrypts
  • Pletor
  • Pompous
  • PowerWare / PoshCoder
  • Radamant
  • Rakhni
  • Rannoh
  • Rector
  • Rotor
  • Scraper
  • Shade / Troldesh
  • SNSLocker
  • Stampado
  • SZFlocker
  • TeleCrypt
  • TeslaCrypt
  • TorrentLocker
  • Umbrecrypt

Please read about how these tools work before using it as a solution.

Do keep in mind that decryptors could become outdated due to constant updates and new versions released by cyber criminals. This is a never-ending battle, which is why we should focus on prevention and having multiple backups for your data.

Utility apps are essential for smart users and they actually make your iPhone useable anywhere, anytime, which makes it one of the favorite categories for mobile app developers to create an app. These apps are quick access apps that help users in getting the information or tasks that need to be done immediately. Some of the examples for utility apps are apps featuring weather reports, stock prices, cricket scores etc.


Below is the list of utility apps for iPhone



The web browser that come to every iPhone is Safari. Tabs in Safari lets users to keep multiple pages open at the same time so that they can switch between them or refer them back whenever they want, unlike an intentional glitch in Google Chrome that would reload the webpages if the corresponding tabs are left open for some time.


Dark Sky:

Dark Sky is an excellent weather app. It uses iPhone’s GPS to get users exact location and based on this information, it provides precise weather alerts. It offers hyper-local weather forecasts that will help users in knowing the pinpoint accuracy about when it is going to rain or snow.



Google app helps in searching anything quickly. You can search your keyword by speaking OK Google, which is actually a voice command that triggers Google’s voice search. One of the best features of this app is Google Now. It sends you over weather, news, and traffic details before you can start your day. Moreover, you can get updates on sports, events, and movies. Google Now can provide assistance, for example based on the current traffic conditions it will let you know when to reach your next appointment on time.



An app that remembers all your passwords and other valuable data. Apart from passwords, it also helps you secure addresses, credit/debit card numbers, one-time passwords and many more. 1Password’s new mobile version syncs with the desktop app to keep users accounts safer by creating and storing a different secure password for all the services you use and user just have to remember is one password.


IFTTT (If This Then That):

This app acts as reminder app. What makes this app stand out is that it makes carries out tasks in the background that would usually take a chunk out of your day, thereby saving a whole lot of time and effort, which is why the app slogan is “Put the internet to work for you”. IFTTT helps your apps and devices work together in new ways.


Google Authenticator:

It works with 2-step verification for your Google account to provide efficient security when signing in. With this 2-step verification, signing into your Google account requires both your password and verification code that can be generated via an OTP code on your phone, with this app. User will receive verification code even if your smartphone is not connected to data or Wi-Fi network, as it sends the OTP over mobile network.


Find my iPhone:

It is the first iPhone locating app that enables to track the location of your device in real-time. Not only it provides a detailed map with the device’s last location marked but also triggers you an alarm for extra help in finding it as well as remotely taking away the device if those tools fail.



This is acts as a virtual notebook that lets you write notes, checklists and research anywhere and at any time. One can make notes directly in the app, save images and articles from the web, upload pages from physical notebooks, and track tasks. Evernote can even handle audio files. This app is also compatible with Apple Watch and can be synced between other devices.


These utility apps make your life instantly easier in searching the things, getting the health tips, and saving the documents. If you are thinking about developing an iPhone app, you can get it done from UAE's best iPhone apps development company FuGenX Technologies. FuGenX has 9 years of proven experience in developing world-class iPhone applications for global customers.  

As we enter a new era in #database technology with the introduction of Oracle’s Autonomous Database Cloud, it is time for organizations to get up to speed in terms of what it enables for the business, and for DBAs, as well, to prepare for the changes to their roles. Recently, during a DBTA webcast, Maria Colgan, Oracle's master product manager, reflected on the next generation of cloud technology, the autonomous database architecture, and what DBAs can do today to prepare for a successful transition to a cloud-driven business environment.

While it may seem revolutionary, Oracle has actually been on the journey to the autonomous database for the past 20 years since the introduction of Oracle 9i with the introduction of features such as Automatic Undo Management and Automatic Query Rewrite. And, over the years, the use of automation has steadily increased.


Highlights of the #Oracle Autonomous Database are that it is self-driving because it automates database and infrastructure management, monitoring, and tuning; self-securing, in that it protects from both external attacks and malicious internal users; and self-repairing because it protects from all downtime including planned maintenance, according to Colgan.

Key benefits of the Oracle Autonomous Database include freeing #DBAS from generic, operational tasks, and allowing them to work on projects that deliver higher value to their organizations; reducing labor as well as human error and cost; and providing more security and reliability than a manually managed database, said Colgan.

The autonomous database covers the full mission-critical database lifecycle—spanning activities including provisioning, migration, security, protection of data from failure or regional outages, patches and upgrades, optimization, and enabling elastic scalability.

Colgan covered what the autonomous database offers specifically, how it makes those capabilities possible, and also touched on what it will mean for the DBA role.

According to Colgan, today, DBAs spend far more time on maintenance than innovation with the bulk of their hours devoted to generic tasks such as integration, and tuning of systems, network, and storage; database provisioning and patching; database backups, H/A, and disaster recovery; and database optimization.

With the advent of the autonomous database, DBAs will be able to devote more time to activities that deliver more value to the business and also help improve the end user experience, said Colgan.

However, she stressed, the onus is on DBAs to prepare now so they can help guide the business to what it needs and also work with developers on the features and functionality that should be used to improve end user experience. The business will look to DBAs to determine what database cloud service should be used, and DBAs will be in control of the end to end service. And, DBAs will need to know what each database cloud service offers in terms of availability, security, performance, and scalability in order to pick the best database cloud service, she added.

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