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Launching an online multivendor store brings in a lot of research. From knowing how to plan the whole business to a platform that can help you make a good start, every step is critical. You need a platform where admin and vendors can manage the number of things like products handling, sales management, product catalog, payment etc. without any hassle. Speaking of choosing the right multivendor platforms, here’s a comparison between two leading platforms you can choose from: YoKart and CS Cart.



YoKart is the only dedicated multivendor ecommerce platform in the market. It’s one of the few systems that have pulled in huge attention so quickly due to lucrative features. There are more of such things like its award winning status and budget friendly plans that claim to meet the interests of small and medium scale startups.



CS-Cart is an ecommerce platform that delivers great flexibility and offers good scope for business specific customization. It’s scalable in design and offers reliable solution for SMBs.





In terms of features, both the platforms are head to head. Both platforms offer multiple payment gateways, responsive mobile design website, SEO friendly, and a good set of other required features. What sets YoKart apart from CS-Cart is that you get the same set of features across all packages. Whereas CS-Cart “Built in Editor” feature sets it apart from the YoKart.



This is where YoKart leads in the chart. With YoKart you can start your full fledge multivendor store at just $250. It is a one-time fee and the license is yours for the lifetime. You can customize the platform as per your needs. Coming to CS Cart, it offers a free version but the features are limited especially NO to multivendor functionality. To convert your store into multivendor, you have to pay $1450 in CS Cart. It is a one-time fee. Both the platforms offer 30 day money back guarantee.


Customer Support

This is where; YoKart leads in a good way. YoKart comes along with one-year free technical support, free installation and also offer free hosting. YoKart offers 24 hours customer support and has highly experienced technical team. Whereas in CS Cart, customer support is not free, you’ll have to continually pay to have your questions answered and your issues resolved.

Nasscom President Debjani Ghosh meeting with Ravishankar Parsad minister .


Discussion held for future developments in Indian IT infrastructures. 8% grow in 2018 is expected to $167billion offering 3.97 million direct jobs.

What is WannaCry?

A worldwide cyber-attack has been happening since Friday, affecting more than 200,000+ organizations in 150+ countries. The WANNACRY RANSOMWARE ATTACK has rapidly become the nastiest digital disaster to strike the internet, crippling transportation and hospitals globally. But, it progressively appears that it is not the work of hacker brains. Instead, cyber-security detectives see the recent breakdown of cyber-criminal scheme, which reveals amateur mistakes made at every steps.damage caused by ransomware attacks

How does Ransomware Work?

Ransomware is a kind of cyber-attack, in which, hackers take control of a computer system and block access to it until a ransom is paid. The cyber criminals need to download a type of malicious software onto a system within the network to gain access to the system. This is often done by making the victim click on a link or download it by mistake. Once the software gets into the victim’s computer, the hackers can launch an attack that will lock all the files it finds within the network. It tends to be a gradual process with files being encrypted one after the other.

Though the infection stage is somewhat different for each Ransomware version, the key stages are as follows:

Ransomware cyber-attack

  • Initially, the victim gets an email that includes a malicious link or a malware attachment. Alternatively, the contagion can originate from a malicious website that delivers a security exploit to create a backdoor on the victim’s PC by using a susceptible software from the system.
  • If the victim clicks on the link or downloads and opens the attachment, a downloader (payload) will be placed on the affected PC.
  • The downloader uses a list of domains or C&C servers to download the Ransomware program on the system.
  • The contacted C&C server responds by sending back the requested data.
  • The malware then encrypts the entire hard disk content, personal files, and sensitive information. Everything, including data stored in cloud accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox) synced on the PC is encrypted by the malware. It can also encrypt data on other computers connected to the local network.
  • Then a warning pops up on the screen with instructions on how to pay for the decryption key.

protection from cyber attck ransomware

Taking Ransomware Protection to Next Level

One should take the threat of Ransomware seriously and do something about it before it smashes the data.

Here are few precautions to

Local PC:

Step 1: Do not store important data only on your PC. Take 2 backups of data: on an external hard drive and in the cloud – Dropbox/Google Drive/etc.

Step 2: The Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive/ applications should not be turned on by default.

Step 3: Turn off macros in the Microsoft Office suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

In the browser:

  • Block and set the plugins to ask for permissions for the following plugins from the browser: Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Java and Silverlight and activate the plugins when needed.
  • Adjust the browsers’ security and privacy settings for increased protection.
  • Update all outdated plugins and add-ons from my browsers.
  • Use an ad-blocker to avoid the threat of potentially malicious ads.

Online Behaviour:

  • Never open spam emails or emails from unknown senders.
  • Never download attachments from spam emails or suspicious emails.
  • Never click links in spam emails or suspicious emails.
  • Use Anti-ransomware security tools such as Norton, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Trend Micro Internet Security, Zemana Anti-malware.
  • Use a reliable, paid antivirus product that includes an automatic update module and a real-time scanner.

“Should I pay the ransom or not?”

The answer is a big NO.

Paying the ransom does not give guarantee that the online criminals at the other end of the Bitcoin transfer will give the decryption key. And even if they do, there will be further greedy attacks, which will become a never-ending malicious cycle of cyber-crime.

Putting things into perspective, 1 out of every 4 cyber-crime victim who paid the ransom didn’t get their data back. They lost both the information and their money.

How to get the data back without paying the ransom?

There are many versions and types of Ransomware, but cyber security researchers are working round the clock to break the encryption that at least some of them use. There are many other cryptoware strains that are well coded and only specialists are able to crack.


Not sure if your system in secure? Don’t Worry!!

Our Security Testing experts will guide You

To recover the data without funding Ransomware creators, we have put together a significant list of Ransomware decryption tools which can be used.


  • OpenToYou
  • Globe3 decryption tool
  • Dharma Decryptor
  • CryptON
  • Alcatraz
  • HiddenTear
  • NoobCrypt
  • CryptoMix/CryptoShield decryptor
  • Damage ransomware
  • .777 ransomware
  • 7even-HONE$T
  • .8lock8 ransomware decrypting tool
  • 7ev3n decrypting tool
  • Agent.iih
  • Alma decrypting tool
  • Al-Namrood
  • Alpha
  • AlphaLocker
  • Apocalypse
  • ApocalypseVM
  • Aura
  • AutoIt
  • Autolocky
  • Badblock
  • Bart decrypting tool
  • BitCryptor
  • BitStak
  • Chimera
  • CoinVault
  • Cryaki
  • Crybola
  • CrypBoss
  • Crypren
  • Crypt38
  • Crypt888
  • CryptInfinite
  • CryptoDefense
  • CryptoHost
  • Cryptokluchen
  • CryptoTorLocker
  • CryptXXX
  • CrySIS decrypting tool
  • CTB-Locker Web
  • CuteRansomware
  • DeCrypt Protect
  • Democry decrypting tool
  • DMA Locker decrypting tool + DMA2 Locker decoding tool
  • Fabiansomware
  • FenixLocker
  • Fury decrypting tool
  • GhostCrypt decrypting tool
  • Globe / Purge
  • Gomasom
  • Harasom
  • HydraCrypt
  • Jigsaw/CryptoHit
  • KeRanger
  • KeyBTC
  • KimcilWare
  • Lamer decrypting tool
  • LeChiffre
  • Legion
  • Linux.Encoder
  • Lock Screen ransomware
  • Locker
  • Lortok
  • MarsJoke
  • Manamecrypt
  • Mircop decrypting tool + alternative
  • Merry Christmas / MRCR decryptor
  • Nanolocker
  • Nemucod
  • NMoreira ransomware
  • Operation Global III Ransomware
  • Ozozalocker ranomware decryptor
  • PClock
  • Petya
  • Philadelphia
  • PizzaCrypts
  • Pletor
  • Pompous
  • PowerWare / PoshCoder
  • Radamant
  • Rakhni
  • Rannoh
  • Rector
  • Rotor
  • Scraper
  • Shade / Troldesh
  • SNSLocker
  • Stampado
  • SZFlocker
  • TeleCrypt
  • TeslaCrypt
  • TorrentLocker
  • Umbrecrypt

Please read about how these tools work before using it as a solution.

Do keep in mind that decryptors could become outdated due to constant updates and new versions released by cyber criminals. This is a never-ending battle, which is why we should focus on prevention and having multiple backups for your data.

Utility apps are essential for smart users and they actually make your iPhone useable anywhere, anytime, which makes it one of the favorite categories for mobile app developers to create an app. These apps are quick access apps that help users in getting the information or tasks that need to be done immediately. Some of the examples for utility apps are apps featuring weather reports, stock prices, cricket scores etc.


Below is the list of utility apps for iPhone



The web browser that come to every iPhone is Safari. Tabs in Safari lets users to keep multiple pages open at the same time so that they can switch between them or refer them back whenever they want, unlike an intentional glitch in Google Chrome that would reload the webpages if the corresponding tabs are left open for some time.


Dark Sky:

Dark Sky is an excellent weather app. It uses iPhone’s GPS to get users exact location and based on this information, it provides precise weather alerts. It offers hyper-local weather forecasts that will help users in knowing the pinpoint accuracy about when it is going to rain or snow.



Google app helps in searching anything quickly. You can search your keyword by speaking OK Google, which is actually a voice command that triggers Google’s voice search. One of the best features of this app is Google Now. It sends you over weather, news, and traffic details before you can start your day. Moreover, you can get updates on sports, events, and movies. Google Now can provide assistance, for example based on the current traffic conditions it will let you know when to reach your next appointment on time.



An app that remembers all your passwords and other valuable data. Apart from passwords, it also helps you secure addresses, credit/debit card numbers, one-time passwords and many more. 1Password’s new mobile version syncs with the desktop app to keep users accounts safer by creating and storing a different secure password for all the services you use and user just have to remember is one password.


IFTTT (If This Then That):

This app acts as reminder app. What makes this app stand out is that it makes carries out tasks in the background that would usually take a chunk out of your day, thereby saving a whole lot of time and effort, which is why the app slogan is “Put the internet to work for you”. IFTTT helps your apps and devices work together in new ways.


Google Authenticator:

It works with 2-step verification for your Google account to provide efficient security when signing in. With this 2-step verification, signing into your Google account requires both your password and verification code that can be generated via an OTP code on your phone, with this app. User will receive verification code even if your smartphone is not connected to data or Wi-Fi network, as it sends the OTP over mobile network.


Find my iPhone:

It is the first iPhone locating app that enables to track the location of your device in real-time. Not only it provides a detailed map with the device’s last location marked but also triggers you an alarm for extra help in finding it as well as remotely taking away the device if those tools fail.



This is acts as a virtual notebook that lets you write notes, checklists and research anywhere and at any time. One can make notes directly in the app, save images and articles from the web, upload pages from physical notebooks, and track tasks. Evernote can even handle audio files. This app is also compatible with Apple Watch and can be synced between other devices.


These utility apps make your life instantly easier in searching the things, getting the health tips, and saving the documents. If you are thinking about developing an iPhone app, you can get it done from UAE's best iPhone apps development company FuGenX Technologies. FuGenX has 9 years of proven experience in developing world-class iPhone applications for global customers.  

As we enter a new era in #database technology with the introduction of Oracle’s Autonomous Database Cloud, it is time for organizations to get up to speed in terms of what it enables for the business, and for DBAs, as well, to prepare for the changes to their roles. Recently, during a DBTA webcast, Maria Colgan, Oracle's master product manager, reflected on the next generation of cloud technology, the autonomous database architecture, and what DBAs can do today to prepare for a successful transition to a cloud-driven business environment.

While it may seem revolutionary, Oracle has actually been on the journey to the autonomous database for the past 20 years since the introduction of Oracle 9i with the introduction of features such as Automatic Undo Management and Automatic Query Rewrite. And, over the years, the use of automation has steadily increased.


Highlights of the #Oracle Autonomous Database are that it is self-driving because it automates database and infrastructure management, monitoring, and tuning; self-securing, in that it protects from both external attacks and malicious internal users; and self-repairing because it protects from all downtime including planned maintenance, according to Colgan.

Key benefits of the Oracle Autonomous Database include freeing #DBAS from generic, operational tasks, and allowing them to work on projects that deliver higher value to their organizations; reducing labor as well as human error and cost; and providing more security and reliability than a manually managed database, said Colgan.

The autonomous database covers the full mission-critical database lifecycle—spanning activities including provisioning, migration, security, protection of data from failure or regional outages, patches and upgrades, optimization, and enabling elastic scalability.

Colgan covered what the autonomous database offers specifically, how it makes those capabilities possible, and also touched on what it will mean for the DBA role.

According to Colgan, today, DBAs spend far more time on maintenance than innovation with the bulk of their hours devoted to generic tasks such as integration, and tuning of systems, network, and storage; database provisioning and patching; database backups, H/A, and disaster recovery; and database optimization.

With the advent of the autonomous database, DBAs will be able to devote more time to activities that deliver more value to the business and also help improve the end user experience, said Colgan.

However, she stressed, the onus is on DBAs to prepare now so they can help guide the business to what it needs and also work with developers on the features and functionality that should be used to improve end user experience. The business will look to DBAs to determine what database cloud service should be used, and DBAs will be in control of the end to end service. And, DBAs will need to know what each database cloud service offers in terms of availability, security, performance, and scalability in order to pick the best database cloud service, she added.

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Creating a Strategic IT-OT (Informational Technology - Operational Technology) investment plan is essential for all manufacturing organizations.  With all the opportunities to fund projects, which ones are the most important can only be understood, if considered as part of an overall corporate investment strategy.  Too often, IT and OT investments are considered separately.  While IT investments may have higher visibility across the enterprise, OT investments can also have a significant impact on the business. 


IT-OT investment plan challenges

As Mike Williams, ARC Associate indicated in his opening remarks for a session on this topic at the recent ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, owner-operators often find themselves in the challenging position relative to IT and OT created by mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.  These business events create several technical and organizational challenges around IT and OT assets.   Mike asked the audience if any of the following issues sound familiar:

  • Incompatible IT infrastructures
  • Custom applications or configurations not well integrated
  • End-of-life issues stress an already challenging budget
  • Dwindling skill resources to support and sustain the installed base


Of course, many in the audience could relate to one or more of those issues within their own organizations.  So, what to do about it?  Mr. Williams’ experience through his prior career with Dow Chemical and assisting many other enterprises show that a strategic, imperative-driven IT-OT investment plan generally is structured for a three to five year period.  Formalizing a strategic plan ensures that executive leadership is fully aligned with the investment needed.  The strength of the strategic plan is through agreements between the business leadership and the IT-OT organizations.


Through dozens of successful plan and execution, Mike found that “gap analysis” is a key component of the plan, since that will reveal the current state versus the future IT-OT vision.  Once the gap analysis reveals the funding requirements and the financial incentives, the plan typically includes:

  • What IT/OT functional capabilities will be delivered against which business objectives.
  • Identifies the timing of delivery and any dependencies
  • Clearly articulates the value proposition of each deliverable
  • Defines any organizational change required

How to start an IT-OT investment planHow to Start a Strategic IT-OT Investment Plan


Corporate IT executives need to understand OT issues too!

Strategic IT-OT investment plans have the best chance of success, if corporate executives are involved in the early stages of the plan development.  IT executives need to know what is happening at the OT level, and OT management need to understand how the business IT structure works and interacts with the OT.  Often a simple step of having IT management visit an operating plant to see how OT impacts the ability to keep the plant operating and producing product can have a significant impact on the resulting strategic plan.

Where operating assets are the result of mergers and acquisitions, it is important to make sure you understand how the acquired facility works before implementing change.  As part of the analysis, understanding the timing of change, as well as the change itself is important to ensure that the it doesn’t disrupt the plant operation.

ARC consultants can help to facilitate the creation of a Strategic IT-OT Investment Plan.  The assistance you need may be as simple as helping you organize your first strategic meetings, or as seemingly complex as assessing your production assets to determine the opportunity value that could be created with the correct changes – both in terms of the “what” to change as well as “when” to change.


“Reprinted with permission, original blog was posted here”. You may also visit here for more such insights on the digital transformation of industry.

 About ARC Advisory Group ( Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is a Boston based leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure.

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 About the Author:

 Dick Hill

VP and GM Manufacturing Advisory Services

Dick's focus areas include Manufacturing Industries Strategies and Best Practices; Supplier Selection Process, Supplier Performance Management, and Operational Excellence Solutions, Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemicals, and other Process Industries; Advanced Software and Systems Technologies such as APC, Optimization, PIMs, and DCS.  Dick is responsible for covering advanced software business on a worldwide basis. In addition, he provides leadership for support of ARC's Manufacturing Advisory Service team and clients.


Dear Reader,


Being an expert of ODOO Since 11+ years, we have been releasing some useful tips and news around Odoo every month. Here we go for April 2018. Please note down the ODOO tips coming out of Media around ODOO especially Twitter and Facebook. Let's thank to them.

Here are the tips.



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Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. is providing various ODOO services in more than 169 countries. Our services includes Training, Support, Migration, Implementation, Development and offshore. We are a team of 82+ full time OpenERP/ODOO experts including 3 techno functional experts who were the part of core OpenERP framework development and having 11+ years of experience in Odoo/OpenERP. We have conducted 88+ local and international functional and technical training on OpenERP with 96% satisfaction ratio.

Look at the events and customer feedback.



Resource : 

This article is a continuation of the FileMaker OAuth 2.0 Authentication. Here we will show you how OAuth works with some sample code and how it can be used to log on to Custom FileMaker application.


Steps Involved-

  • Configure FileMaker Server / Cloud
  • Create Application and configure it on provider’s account
  • Set up Groups or Accounts in FileMaker file


  • Configure FileMaker Server / Cloud

The first step to use OAuth is to enable External Authentication on FileMaker Server/Cloud.


Enabling EA on FileMaker Server: First, you need to login to Admin Console of FileMaker Server and then you can go to Database Server>>Security and in Client Authentication area select FileMaker and External Server Accounts and then enable the OAuth Providers.

Enabling EA on FileMaker Server

Enabling EA on FileMaker Cloud: In this case you need to login to Admin Console of FileMaker Cloud and then you can go to Configuration>> Client Authentication, and from there you can enable OAuth Identity Providers.


Enabling EA on FileMaker Cloud

  1. Create Application and configure it on provider’s account

Now that we have enabled OAuth Authentication next we have to Create OAuth Client ID Credentials on provider’s account.


Creating OAuth credential on Amazon

FileMaker Cloud


Creating OAuth credential on Google




Microsoft Azure

Creating OAuth credential on Microsoft Azure

With Azure, we can also configure to log in with group

  • Create Group in Azure Active Directory
  • Add User to the GroupEnable Group Authentication in Application manifest (set "group membership claims": "SecurityGroup")
rachana racchu

Google Play Instant

Posted by rachana racchu Apr 27, 2018

Google Play - the Android app store – recently launched a Google Play Instant feature for users to try out new games and apps. This allow users to try out a game without downloading it. Users can test the app by tapping on “Try now” available on the Play store page. In this case, users are allowed to access and experience a portion of the full game that help them in deciding whether to download the game or not. One can now check out the game video trailers and list of top games as well as new games using tags like “New” or “Action” to find particular type of game using ‘Arcade’ tab available in the new version of Google Play Game. This section also introduces sections for paid games (“Premium”) and another for upcoming and trending games (“New”). It also features “live operations” banners and cards which alerts users if they have already installed it.


Google Play Instant feature have allowed gamers to play certain games without clearing the storage space to try new games. This feature is still in Beta. Users can try handful of games in the Google Play Store. Here is the list of games supported at the Instant gameplay page.

  •       Clash Royale


  •        Words with Friends 2


  •        Bubble Witch 3 Saga


  •        Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire


  •        Solitaire


  •        Mighty Battles


The experience may vary from game to game. For instance, game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire display a quick video that lasts a few seconds whereas Bubble Witch 3 Saga provides few full levels. Users can install the game or can simply exit after trying it. A small collection of Instant Apps are available now, including those from BuzzFeed, NYTimes (Crossword), Hollar, Skyscanner and others. Google Play Instant will rise up much faster when compared to Instant apps, which take very long time to be available to developers from the time of announcement.  Google Play Instant experiences are available in the Google Play Store, the Google Play Games app or wherever the games links are shared. The Google has also created an ‘Instant Gameplay collection’ where users can check the ‘Google Play Instant’ experience.


Google Instant happens quickly without any major delays. Google have also expanded its Google Maps APIs for developers, who build AR and VR games, and also to promote their games with payable in-game advertisements in the other games that have already been sold at Google Play Store. Instant apps will include a link to download the app at the top of the screen. Users can share the app and they will be able to launch directly into that section of the app if they haven’t installed it previously.


Google Play Instant feature will result in helping users by saving the data costs as they will not download the entire game. This also boosts the quality games and apps as users can easily judge the quality of the experience. FuGenX is a leading company in the area of game development in UAE. FuGenX developed 100+ top-notch mobile games on various genres like sports, racing, adventurous, puzzle, action, board, fighting and shooting.


Rapid growth in IoT, analytics, and Big Data have dramatically changed the operations and asset management strategies of the rail transit industry.  Predictive technologies are now driving process improvement, asset performance, and operations and maintenance services, contributing to better return on investments and increased railway safety. Digitization also brings substantial benefits in operational efficiency, reliability, and enhanced passenger experience.

However, the rail industry still faces challenges.  These include increasing competition from other modes of transport, the massive costs of maintaining railway operations, and cybersecurity challenges related to digitization. Digitization inevitably increases the vulnerability to cyber and malware attacks. With rail networks growing and becoming increasingly automated, it’s imperative that railway cybersecurity technologies keep up with evolving attacks on the digital system.

Cybersecurity In Rail Industry Growing in Importance

Transportation networks have been transitioning towards digitization.  New digital applications include                 information and communication systems, Cybersecurity In Rail Industry Rail%20Cybersecurity.jpgtracking

and monitoring the performance of assets, revenue management systems, traffic optimization, and signaling and control systems.  The growing dependence on connected and online devices increases the risks of any disruption to operations.

Rail’s digital infrastructure comprises several complex and interconnected layers of technology platforms, communication technologies, and decentralized asset management functionality. As the complexity increases exposure to cyber threats, the rail operators and technology managers must take appropriate steps to ensure the security of the assets and passengers.

In addition, moving away from modified standalone systems to open-platform, standardizing equipment built using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components, and increasing use of networked control and automation systems that can be accessed remotely via public and private networks has further increased vulnerability to cyber attacks.


“Reprinted with permission, original blog was posted here”. You may also visit here for more such insights on the digital transformation of industry.

 About ARC Advisory Group ( Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is a Boston based leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure.


ARC Advisory Group clients can view the complete report at ARC Main Client Portal or at ARC Office 365 Client Portal

If you would like to buy this report or obtain information about how to become a client, please Contact Us    

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About the Author:

Pranav Misal



Pranav’s focus areas at ARC include Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Transportation (Railways, Marine, Aviation), Smart Technology, and Asset Performance Management.



Quality Analysis is a term to which every software industry is used to. It plays an integral role in the better delivery of the software product. When it comes to open source platforms, most importantly Odoo / OpenERP, you can get different options for Automated Testing. Even though these tools are doing well in the market, not many people are fully aware about these tools and their performance benefits.                                                                                                                           


ODOO as we all know is one of the most preferred ERP platform nowadays. The user-friendliness and ease of convenience to operate it are some of the best features that makes ODOO the fresh choice for technocrats. Being the most adaptive platform for the eCommerce sites, it makes the working easier while offering hassle-free user-interface. Even it offers some of the most advanced automated testing tools that makes software testing easier. 

With this post,you will get to know about different Automated Testing Tools,its related benefits and additional features.

So let us have a quick look at how ODOO plays an important role with testing, especially Automated testing. So here we go-:

Selenium :-

  • An open source tool that conducts functional testing of both web and desktop application.

  • It has no language barrier and developers/testers can use the language in which they are comfortable with.

  • It is community-based platform independent tool that is available free on the web.

  • It needs third-party framework, language bindings and other features to be fully functional.

  • It requires comprehensive in-depth knowledge from testers.

Sahi Pro :-

  • One of the best testing tools that offers thorough support required for Automation Testing.

  • It has all in-built APIs that are required by majority of the complex tasks.

  • It features multi-browser support for execution of programs.

  • The in-built Sahi Controller runs all the tests and so no need of additional tools to run and execute the tests.

  • Installation process is little complex, but once installed it performs entire tests flawlessly.

Appium :-

  • It is a test automation framework built to test native,hybrid and mobile apps.

  • The apps are designed for iOS, Android and Windows platform for real devices and simulators too.

  • Supports cross-platform apps and so it allows testing different platform-based apps using same API.

  • Allows users to choose language that has Selenium client libraries.

Jmeter :-

  • It is Java-based tool designed for load testing.

  • It tests the behavior of the application and also measures website performance.

  • It tests both Static and Dynamic Resources that includes :

                                > HTTP and HTTPS websites.

                                > Databases, FTP & Mail Servers PHP.

                                > ASP.NET and JAVA language.

                                > SOAP/REST web services.

  • It simulates and mocks load on the server for analyzing overall performance of the application or website that undergoes test. 

We strongly believe in delivering high standard quality analysis to our clients and customers while being updated with the latest tools and technologies. As a result, at ODOOQA, we perform quality analysis and testing using newest technologies and tools.

Are you also looking for Automated Testing for your web or application? You can reach us with your requirements and get your project automated tested.


Web browsers are one of the most important apps on any device. A browser with the right feature and performance can literally change the browsing experience. Browser app is always pre-installed on every android device, but there are many other browsers available on Play Store and you can always try some from the same to experience better browsing experience as each of the browsing app comes with unique set of features. Lately, android app development companies have come quite far in providing advanced utilities and synchronization features which make the top android browsers worth a try.


Here is a list of best android browsers based on the RAM consumption, speed of loading pages and compatibility:


Google Chrome:

It is one of the most popular products of pure android app development. As a default app, you would find Chrome pre-installed on many devices. Google has the team of best mobile app developers which shows in the extraordinary line of features Chrome offers, including desktop syncing, unlimited tabs, HTML5 support, news article display, built-in Google translate, faster and safer browsing experience, Google voice search, incognito mode, etc. Chrome is available for free and four chrome browsers are available i.e. Google Chrome, Chrome beta and Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary. It provides fast and reliable browsing experience along with inbuilt data saving feature. It helps in automatic filling of web forms with your data.


Firefox Quantum:

Mozilla recently updated Firefox across all platforms to include its new Quantum branding and features. Firefox Quantum includes backend performance improvements, new custom tabs, and a revamped interface for the Android version. This new UI is known as Photon UI, which is optimized to help you get things done faster than its predecessor. Firefox Quantum for Android has a large collection of add-ons to customize your experience. Firefox provides the ability to sync your account makes browsing a truly connected experience since it is available on all platforms. It does not depend on what type of device you are working, and hence you will always have access to your bookmarks, saved logins, and browsing history.


UC Browser Mini:

It is one of the popular and powerful android browser with Ad block feature and best android browser for downloading large files. It is technically an Android Go app and is available to many devices. It features a small install size, night mode, incognito mode, gesture control, and some additional features. It's free with no in-app purchases. It allows users to synchronize with cloud makers and tabs between devices you have with the same account Google or Facebook. It allows users to customize browser theme and switch to night mode if you need. The turbo boost resonates with Opera Turbo but does the job well.


Microsoft Edge:

It features a light, but effective sync feature with the desktop version. Some other features include a Hub feature, a QR code reader, a voice search, and a private browsing mode. If you use Microsoft Edge on any other device then you can use this browser to continue using on your phone and you will find all your passwords, favorite sites, and reading list here too.  Hub View makes finding new and favorite content easy, a text-reading mode makes reading easier, and there is even a QR code reader and voice search option. Microsoft Edge has Bing as a default search engine but can be changed to Google. It is Chromium based browser on Android.


Opera Mini:

It features a partial ad blocker that zaps ads from web pages, video compression to save data, a dashboard where you can have news and favorites stored and a redesigned search bar that can scan QR codes. Users can create an Opera account and sync data between this and the desktop version. Opera Mini is a smaller, more lightweight option. It regularly gets new features via free updates. There is a good Incognito mode for when you need to go undercover and there is a built-in data saver to keep you tapping for longer. It supports tabbed browsing, has a password management system, and can auto-complete forms if you choose to.


The wide variety of browsers are available on the Play Store that provides us with great choices. Nowadays, smartphones are adapted with effective websites and also a best browser have to be installed on the Android phone or tablet. If you want to develop and android app for your device, then let us know. FuGenX Technologies, a global Android app development company, develops world-class Android apps for businesses of all sorts and size globally. FuGenX has best android app developers in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, India.

Demand for the mobile apps in the enterprises is increasing day by day. They are changing the way a user would view and interact with the online information. Mobile apps can be a boon for productivity on using the right strategy. There is a huge increase in the employee satisfaction and productivity with the adoption of mobile apps. During the app development, employers should make sure that the app itself is designed to promote work-place productivity.


Here are the key features that help boost productivity.

Alerts and notifications: Alert and notifications act as reminders and will help employees to complete the important tasks first. Notification system creates a centralized command center. They immediately notify all employees about the situation and allow them to take required steps at the earliest. This feature will keep the users in touch with the app and builds interactivity within the app. New content doesn’t need to be refreshed manually, which is another aspect that makes the app perform better.


Data protection and safeguards: Mobile apps will keep users data safe and secure. Security features include app time-outs to automatically log out users after certain period of inactivity, app registration and limited app functionality in case the device is stolen. Implementing device configuration will ensure device settings have not been altered.


Monitoring employers work: Apps must record employers work in order to help them be more efficient. Managers need app to oversee their team, group or department. In this case different app should be developed for employers and managers so that they can focus on every single employee.


To determine how the mobile apps have positive impact on productivity, there are two ways i.e qualitative and quantitative approach. Qualitative approach takes opinion of employees on what they think about the app, how much the app impact their ability to get tasks done and how much they are satisfied with it. In case of quantitative, it examines how many users are accessing the system from their mobile devices and how often. Consider rolling out your mobile app program to select teams or departments, using other non-participating teams to establish your productivity baseline.


Here are some major impacts that mobile technology has on the workplace productivity.

Enhanced portability: Mobile app development empower wireless devices that allows users to operate wirelessly and prevents them from carrying bulky documents. Employees can access data and resources of the company to complete their online tasks and operation from anywhere.


Increased worker availability: This increases productivity since employers are connected all the time, thus increasing worker availability. With the use of mobile applications that can uphold company’s data allows employees working remotely, which again adds up to the productivity.


Global growth: Increase in productivity and ROI is required to expand businesses to other countries and diversify their market. Mobile app development companies can serve this purpose by making client and employee data accessible from an isolated location.


Mobile technology has great impact across all domains of business. Mobile apps have huge impact in the area of finance and leasing for businesses. Successful mobile apps, like any businesses addresses real consumer need. Large retail chain used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for auditing, planning and sales tracking. This app prevented spending lot of time manually entering information into multiple systems. If you want to increase your workplace productivity through mobile apps, then FuGenX Technologies is here for you. FuGenX possesses a team of award-winning mobile app developers who develop apps that catch the eyes of users. FuGenX uses cutting-edge technologies like Swift to develop top-notch apps. FuGenX has best mobile app developers Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Hyderabad.

Tyre industry is today’s one of the leading industries all over the world. However, like all other industries, it is facing a plethora of challenges in the current fierce competition of the ever-growing marketplace. Changing economic conditions and intense business competition coupled with fluctuations in the automotive industry are the major obstacles that need to be overcome by today’s tyre manufacturers. Besides this, highly efficient logistics and real-time inventory management are imperative for cost optimization which is today’s global mantra. Today’s highly advanced Dealer Management System (DMS) serves solutions to all these challenges and help the tyre producers maximize profit and customer satisfaction.


Significant Role of today’s DMS

  • Manages Demand and supply volatility

In the present, highly volatile market, it is imperative to have complete control over the demand and supply of the supply chain elements right from the raw materials to the finished product. The correct estimate that matches closely with actual is the key to success. DMS for tyre industry facilitates accurate demand planning that aids the manufacturers to produce and supply the required quantity.


  • Distribution Network Management

The tyre management system software takes care of complex multi-brand, sales and distribution networks which is one of the most significant obstacles faced today.


  • Real-Time Inventory management

In the present day, time is of the immense essence! It can make or break the business opportunities. Thus, there is an immediate requirement of the data post its generation.  Along with the spare part management software, advancement in Information Technology have provided access to real-time inventory data at the fingertips. This information helps the manufacturers and distributors to optimize stock on hand which prevents out-of-stock scenario. At the same time, it avoids unnecessary cost of inventory by keeping just the right quantity on hand.


  • Cost Effectiveness

The ultimate aim of any business is maximizing the profit. This service business software efficiently manages all the post-manufacturing processes including sales and service with optimized internal costs and efficient logistics, providing high cost-effectiveness and capitalizes the profit.


  • Digitization of DMS

Earlier days, in addition to the traditional DMS, many dealers required a range of software to take care of various aspects of their business. It included a separate CRM system and also software to submit the deals to lenders apart from managing the website and online marketing. Today’s tyre industry solutions operate the entire business of the dealer with a single platform by integrating these versatile but interrelated processes and data into a centralized repository. It results in better management and efficiency clocking more deals.


Summary:The dealership management system facilitates multifold benefits to today’s tyre manufacturers and dealers by aiding them in the complete supply chain cycle. Today, it is undoubtedly a game changer for this industry.


Mobile workforce is on a boom nowadays. Open Source Enterprise Solutions are getting opportunity to offer great flexibility and increased productivity through improved information sharing that any of the company look upon. Be it a service providing company or software solution company, each IT sector look forward to offer its customers instant services and solutions satiating their needs.


In order to meet these demands of IT field, ERP applications like Odoo HRMS App or Odoo Project Management or any Open Source Business Apps need to be connected to more devices, apps as well as data that can enable business productivity. Along with that, company has to manage security and cost for benefit of their company. So how to meet these demands is a most haunted question in one’s mind. The simple and most effective solution to this is ERP Mobility!




Let’s read further, how ERP Mobility helps the industries to meet day-to-day challenges and meet the IT sector demands while adding value to their services.

ERP Mobility at a Glance:

ERP Mobility is a broad term that helps to satiate your business needs through mobile devices. It helps those businesses that have bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. Of course, there are certain trivial challenges managed by specialized compliance and reporting requirements and helps in understanding the flow of data- its storage and delivery. Most of the Open Source solutions are built keeping in mind the mobile users. This is done to reach wide range of audiences securely and effectively without any hassles.

There are number of benefits that one can cherish through ERP Mobility solutions. Let’s have a sneak peek at those benefits:

  • Strong technical support: The IT field has already open its doors to enterprise-ready mobile cross-platform development in a big way. As a result, the software solutions that are developed keeping in mind the ERP Mobility applications must be built in a way that is flexible enough to manage multiple devices and operating systems. Above all, it must be compatible to handle future requirements while eliminating any kind of compl#exities during deployment process.

  • Driving productivity through secured apps: Businesses constantly look for different prospects of driving productivity through mobile. This can be efficiently done by broadening the role of applications widely. Undoubtedly, the market demand for mobile app development is significantly more as compared to other services and so majority of the large and medium sized companies work in favor of ERP mobility

Thus, this is how Enterprise mobility enhances your business prospects and offer you with better business results.

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