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Vibhor Bansal

Content is King

Posted by Vibhor Bansal Mar 31, 2014

Content marketing is becoming an increasingly important area of focus for companies, big and small. There is a great deal of leverage to be had from having relevant, crisp and interesting content on your company website, blog and social media pages. These are, more often than not, the first stop that any interested person makes, when looking to learn more about a company. Advertising is an expensive exercise, telemarketing has limited scope; but the power of the web has changed buying behavior. The online space is the best way to market your company and products. As American author, entrepreneur and marketing evangelist Seth Godin puts it, "Content marketing is the only marketing left."

Content does not however, just mean writing - that is just one, albeit significant, aspect of content marketing. As important as well written and presented content is, the strategy, focus and consistency with which the content is handled, and the various channels that are employed to propagate that content, are what can really push your company forward.

Know who you're writing for

Know your audience and write for them, rather than around keywords or search engines. Never write for the search engine results, but for your intended visitors.

Start with your most powerful data/information and "hook" your readers. This will ensure they take the time to read or at least skim the entire content, rather than close your page in mere seconds.

Know what to say, and how to say it
For the most part, have textual content that is not time-constrained because that will get stale quickly. Focus on content that has longevity, so that it will retain reader interest in the long run. Ideally, your textual content shouldn't be time-based or news-related. Evergreen content - information that will still be relevant one, two or even five years from now - produces the best long-term results.

Also important: try to keep your content original and don't just regurgitate or reuse others' content. You will lose readers and credibility with such behavior.
Visual-ize your content

Visual content attracts attention and is more memorable - look to infographics, comics, pictures, videos and other pictorial content to supplement and complement the write ups you are doing on your blogs and website. Most people absorb information much better when it is presented to them in a visual manner. A professionally designed infographic, for example, will attract and educate your readers.

Plan and follow through
Before you start your content marketing efforts, you should create a content calendar. It is essential to have a content plan and follow through with it. Of course you will tweak it, but it is important you have a plan and track your progress.

By planning what content you are going to create and when you are going to release it, you will ensure that you'll continually grow and that there is a level of consistency and some correlation to your posts and updates. This will make not just Google and SEO sense, but will also attract and retain readers.

Track your progress
Constantly monitor analytics and adjust your content plan accordingly. It is important that you have a system in place to monitor how your different content strategies are performing.
Once you begin to add content on a frequent basis make sure to maintain consistent updates. The best way to get people to come back and read your content is through emails. Collect people's email addresses and notify them when you have an important update, interesting blog post or new infographic to share.

Spread the word
When you provide your website visitors with informative content they are more likely to share it. Share content across all your company's Social Media profiles, and ensure your settings allow your visitors to do the same.

It is important to note that writing content is only half the battle. The other half is promoting your content. You should spend as much time promoting your content as you do writing it.
And keep in mind that content marketing is not directly correlated to ROI. It can help you increase your sales, but indirectly, and has to go hand in hand with other sales and marketing strategies.

Take the time to plan out your content marketing strategy, create content that gives your readers a reason to come back, and you're sure to see results.

Like many other product companies, Ascent Informatics (India) Pvt. Ltd began its journey as a captive unit, delivering services to a Germany-based Controllers and HMI manufacturing company. The seed for Ascent's product platform was sown when the company worked on a remote monitoring solution for its German customer in the mid-2000s, a time when the term ‘Internet of Things' had not even entered popular parlance.

Business base
The business premise of Ascent's flagship PlantConnect® platform is that "shop floor data captured in real time and topped with analytics can and should be used effectively for business decisions, and will be a valuable asset if leveraged properly", according to Sujata Tilak, Ascent's CEO & CTO. The control room was traditionally isolated, disconnected from the office world and top management and this was the gap that Ascent decided to bridge with its PlantConnect offering. PlantConnect is a generic, web-based platform that allows for real-time, remote monitoring and control of industrial devices. Ascent build the platform first, with the intention of creating specific apps down the line.


From Concept to Reality
A SaaS-based solution, PlantConnect acts as an aggregator platform that allows users to integrate multiple devices and machines. At the time of the product's launch in 2006, communication infrastructure within large industrial units was not very robust, with the result that the business traction remained slow in the initial years. The bigger issue however was getting customers to believe in the product, points out Tilak. Large industrial units were unsure of the new technology platform and had reservations related to data security and the company knew they had to speak to these concerns. "We evangelised about the benefits of convergence of IT and industrial automation. Through pilot installations, we demonstrated robustness, security and data integrity and slowly won trust", says Tilak.


While the company was clear that it needed to get into the apps space, providing solutions alongside technology, it took a while to identify a solution that offered both good market potential and was a fit with the PlantConnect platform. This happened in 2011 in answer to an air quality monitoring requirement. Ascent commenced building their very first app, was PlantConnect AQMS, a pollution monitoring system which has as its end users industrial plants emitting pollutants. To get customers on board, the company employed a partnership model, reaching out to analyser manufacturers and the pollution control board, where PlantConnect AQMS met with immediate acceptance. With regulators backing the product, manufacturers came on board. Ascent is now entering the water quality management space with its WQMS app. The company also has an app, PlantConnect MIS, that monitors the real time reporting from on-going production in the field as well as the newly developed, OEM-focused PlantConnect RAM that provides access to equipment in the field, checks the health of the machines and engages in remote diagnostics.


Getting the word out
The strategy, says Tilak, has been to work with large companies who take the turnkey contract and use Ascent's solution to provide the monitoring facility, thereby "increasing market reach exponentially, since by ourselves we would not able to gain such traction. We will be continuing our partnerships with capital goods manufacturers and analyser manufacturers, and are developing partner channels with system integrators. The roadmap is to build more specific apps based on requirements." The company is now developing partner channels with system integrators and large companies, as well as looking into private branding the product.


From just one client in 2006, Ascent today has over 40 clients in various domains and four apps in the market. The company has already spread its wings abroad. PlantConnect is now deployed in Europe for plastic domain and in the Middle East for air quality.


In many cases, Ascent has enjoyed first mover advantage. Scalability also comes from the fact that the environment monitoring space has global scope. To leverage that advantage, Ascent has chalked up plans to further expand overseas to markets through partnerships in the UK and Middle East.


The company also participated in the 1st edition of the NASSCOM product enclave held in Pune earlier this month, and was one of the five companies chosen by the jury for the company showcase, for its PlantConnect platform. Speaking about the experience, Tilak says they were unsure how the product would be received, since it has a very different end user base - "ours is a more brick and mortar product aimed at the shop floor, whereas these days it's mostly virtual products that are coming in".


It has been a long road, but Tilak believes that Ascent is now set to live up to its name. "What we had envisaged in 2005-2006 is actually happening now and it's an exciting time for us," she points out. Certainly, the company's patience and perseverance has paid off.

Innovation, cost optimization, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and differentiation are terms on the top of every company's list these days, industry and vertical notwithstanding. And increasingly, companies are turning to mobile technology to get an edge in these areas.


The price factor of devices, higher device capability and processing power as network ubiquity has developed, have come together to create an environment that is conducive for the adoption of enterprise mobility solutions. 


A market backgrounder


To track and analyze the trajectories of the many companies operating in this space, NASSCOM and Frost and Sullivan have jointly created a Product Excellence Matrix (PEM) that tracks Indian product companies in the Enterprise Mobility area. The PEM provides a clear picture of the growth drivers and opportunities in the market for enterprise mobility, which globally stands at over $200 million (including BYOD enabling applications).


The PEM indicates that companies in the space are very young, with 80% having launched their solutions after 2010. It is also a highly fragmented market with numerous companies focused on niche markets, typically with revenues south of INR 5 Crore.


60% of the enterprise mobility products developed in India focus on vertical specific/ business function specific applications. This reflects a reality where the mobility game has gone beyond just connectivity for employees and enterprises, and is now a factor in organizations' strategic goal making and implementation. "Mobile devices are becoming the primary screen for most people, and everyone today knows their way around a cell phone" says Nikhil Nath, Founder and CEO of Knowcross, one of the firms cited as an exemplar (displaying a compelling value proposition aligned to the market, well-defined growth strategy and successful execution) in the report.


What do the vendors cater to?


While catering to a broad range of industries and business functions, enterprise mobility players tend to focus on creating platform agnostic, network agnostic, and back-end agnostic solutions so as to expand capabilities for fetching data from multiple systems. Mohammed Rijas of Attinad, a Thiruvananthapuram based company that features in the PEM as another exemplar, points to their platform being "agnostic at the back end - it can talk to both home grown and specific solutions", thereby making it useable with any SAP or CRM system. "Our middleware works on removing the last mile disconnects between field user and back end" says Rijas. Such transferability is key for success.


The Power of a Mobile Workforce


Mobile workforce centric applications are a key focus area for enterprise mobility players, the PEM points out. Knowcross' Nath, whose TRITON platform is deployed in hotels worldwide, feels that mobile networks are ubiquitous and when coupled with the fact that one can buy a smart phone for under $ 100, this makes the reach of mobile workforce solutions expansive and accessible.


Until recently that was not the reality, which is why Knowcross waited in the wings until device costs went down and Wifi connectivity became ubiquitous. "We chose not to jump in 3-4 years ago, and waited for the market to ripen", states Nath. As a result of general consumer awareness, reduced price points of devices, data connectivity on the floor and less clunky device availability, the solutions are now proliferating. "Productivity gains will make up for the cost of the device, 10 times over," proclaims Nath, what with line staff receiving real time updates and instructions and thus their "productivity increases between 20-40% just because they don't have to run around for the information". Workflow is optimized through the system and work allocation and parcelling takes places in a "hyper efficient way", he adds. One client in the UK, the largest player in outsourced hotel cleaning, has deployed Knowcross's solution to increase productivity, and reaps significant benefits, as it charges for each room cleaned while paying employees by the hour. Knowcross now has over 200 clients and 20,000 users, with significantly higher revenues than the average for the PEM companies in the report.


"We approached everything from a mobile first perspective and by harnessing the best of mobile, with its GIS capabilities" says FieldEZ Founder & CEO, Balasubramanyam Mohan, whose product enables business processes to be on-boarded and taken mobile. Software firms in the space also know that building rich, domain specific applications is the way forward, and are thus going into verticals to incorporate industry specific functionalities, processes and best practices. One such case in point is Attinad, which offers a Mobility Consulting Framework. "We become "true partners to the organization, talking to IT directors, CIOs and helping them roll out their mobility framework. We have a mobile ROI calculator, and once you have the framework in place, it lays down the roadmap and you know what your three year plan is" explains Rijas. The company has a focus on the oil and gas, telecom and healthcare verticals, and plans to expand the same. 


The way forward
There will be accelerated mobility adoption as the ecosystem continues to transform. We will see collaborative ecosystems and the maturing of apps, with a managed enterprise mobility environment. Vertical spread and domain relevance will continue to gain in importance, as will geo spatial functionalities. Incorporating ‘Do It Yourself' capabilities will also become de rigueur so that there is easy out of the box usability, and "the power is with the end user, who has configurability options", states Rijas, something Attinad's middleware already incorporates. Easy integrations with disparate back end systems, something all three exemplars have as part of their solutions, will also gain ubiquity. As Mohan puts it: "our product offers complete service and sales force automation - we always tell our customers: "re-imagine what you can do." The product allows any business to on-board its business process and takes it mobile, augmenting and not necessarily replacing the existing CRM.


Even in such a highly fragmented space with multiple players, the PEM indicates that there is room for everyone to grow; such is the potential and need for applications in an increasingly mobile hungry work force. Specialized services that cater to business verticals will help expand the market further. Niche services and providing the right fit solutions, with mobile capabilities that refine the way businesses operate, will lead the way forward and as the young companies mature, so will their offerings.

  Everyone knows that building a software product business  is different from building a software services business. It takes a different kind of entrepreneur and a different kind of team to build successful product software, what I like to call the product software DNA. In recent a series of 4 posts on our company blog, I had shared my personal take on four key traits that I think are essential for building a successful product software company.

#1 - A Junoon   

‘Junoon' is a beautiful Urdu word that most aptly defines the kind of passion one needs to have to be start and build a product software company.

Building a software product starts with an idea that quickly grips the founder, it becomes a passion that borders on the fanatical. If you can be persuaded to do something different, you are not yet smitten!

The passion of the founder selling the vision of product idea is really what the first set of customers and the first investors buy. It's what attracts other to give up the comfort of secure jobs and careers and join the start-up team. 

99% of product software business fail to realise their founder's dreams. If you know this and yet you set down this path, you can be sure of one thing - times will be tough and there will be more bad days than good ones. Each such day, it is this all consuming passion that keeps you going. It's what keeps you trying yet again. It's what will bring you back to work each morning. Read the full post here.


  #2 - Imagination

Building a product software business is more like driving while looking far ahead ahead (almost beyond the visible road) rather than always checking in the rear view mirror.

Not only do these entrepreneurs see a different picture, they are convinced that's what it's going to be and they just know that it's waiting for them to make it happen. Almost anyone can describe today, but some can predict what tomorrow will be like. The latter is what the world calls visionaries. Founders who make tomorrow happen are sometimes visionaries but more often they are the ones who know how today will transform to tomorrow.

Contrary to popular belief, you believe that customer's don't know what they want. Henry Ford once said, "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said, faster horses". 

Read the full post here


  #3 Focus

A successful business, one which earns a surplus and generates cash, does not really require doing any one thing alone or at least not always. As long as you can identify opportunities as they present themselves and capitalise on them you will get there. But that is just the kind of outlook that will not help you build a successful product software business. 

Building a software product is a journey where you must know where you are going and at each turn and fork in the road, you will need to choose the road will get you there. More often than not, you will not know the right road but you will be able to see which one is not going to get you there.

As a product software business founder you will go out and meet prospective customers often with needs your product does not meet. You will need to decide whether these will add value to your product as you had envisaged or are you talking to someone for whom your product was not meant in the first place.

At EmployWise, we have a very active customer community from whom we now source most of our new feature ideas. And yet we often say no to suggestions that, for example, will defeat the philosophy of employee self-service which is at the core of EmployWise.

The same razor sharp focus on what you want your product to be is really how you create simple products that intended customers love to use. Keeping products simple and easy to use doesn't happen till you have the ability to focus and stay focussed and say no when you must.

In our own experience and from conversations with many others I have heard countless arguments and justifications on why in the short term it "makes sense" to do things that have nothing to do with building the product with "we need to do this to pay the bills" being the most common. Yet the reality is that it takes you and your team away from what you set out to do in the first place.

On the long hard journey that building a product software business is, there are many diversions and distractions that you just have to say no to and keep to your path. Do you have courage to say no and stick to your vision?

Read the full post here.

#4 Don't Chase the Money

I can think of none among those who built successful software products who got into the business with the sole objective of making loads of money. It is ironical that the very guys who didn't care so much about making money made gazillions of the stuff.

Just to set the record straight, I am not saying these people don't enjoy the having and spending the money they made. But the point I make is that making that kind of money is not why they did what they did in the first place. In fact almost none of them would have ever imagined they would make so much money.

Try and figure the way entrepreneurs who built successful product software companies lived and how much they spent on themselves while they were building their companies. My guess is that you will find that they needed very little to get by and I suspect the key reason for that is that they spent most of their time building their products and their companies.

  The harsh financial reality of the product software business model is that entrepreneurs who thought that will be cash positive in X months/years very soon realise that it's a shifting goal post. The earn-burn equation keeps changing but stays negative far longer than planned. Even with initial success and fancy VC valuations there is really very little cash for the founders to take home and spend on themselves because a fast growing business sucks in all the cash there is.

So if you are thinking of building a software product business mostly because you want to be the next guy who company gets bought for billions of dollars, I hope you will pause and think again.

Read the full post here.

Look forward to hearing what you think and what other traits you think I missed out.

Mobile as a device evolves as a powerful hand held device in today’s life. Consumers are increasingly using such devices to connect with all shapes and size of businesses. In this scenario, mobile marketing could be the potential of goldmine for your business. Whether you sell a service or product, if your customers can’t find your business through a mobile search, you will be left behind. As a business owner you can use mobile marketing to capture the attention of potential customers “On the Go”.


Marketers are always in search of high-impact, cost-effective methods of increasing customer base, revenue and transaction per customer. Mobile Marketing is one such stage that works with every marketer’s needs in formulating effective marketing strategies.
When cost of other advertising channels is high, Mobile is the best alternative for enterprises to communicate with their prospects and engage them actively.


mobile marketing solutions


Personalized and usage based targeting is the most useful benefit of mobile marketing when message is being communicated appropriately. In 2013, 1.9 Billion Smartphone was sold and tends to increase year on year, so there is a huge opportunity for marketers where they can formulate suitable mobile marketing strategies and bank on.
Today, Mobile is been synonymous to life not only for youth but across all age groups. Marketing managers have this amazing chance to reach out masses and express their brand message strongly.
Unlike other marketing channel; Mobile marketing channel had proved to be the most cost effective and innovative way achieving unprecedented response levels.


Mobile content can be easily shared among users and groups hence mobile marketing is one of the effective strategies for viral marketing. It helps companies to get lot more exposure with much less cost by creating and communicating effective mobile content, where user shares them invariably.


Phenomenal growth in mobile phone technology around the globe has created a connected network providing many opportunities for usage by consumers and businesses, where mobile marketing channel can be cost effective and promising medium to convey brand message for marketers.


Mobile marketing today is just not limited to internet capable devices. There are different types of mobile marketing channels which one can consider exploring, depending on target audience preferences. Mobile marketing can be done through SMS marketing, Mobile applications, mobile friendly websites, and mobile web banner.


To conclude, Mobile marketing is a promotional activity designed to enhance the experience of cell phone users. For businesses, it can be used to build brand awareness, develop a customer database, drive attendance of events, improve customer loyalty and even increase revenue through creating applications that users are willing to pay for. It is actually a key for a successful business marketing when it comes to personalized and cost effective technology solution.


Scalatica Solutions


Posted by Mar 20, 2014

Dear All,

Welcome to NASSCOM's CoE-XD group.

We can use this group to communicate, share ideas and discuss key points.

Look forward to making the CoE for XD a great success!

Best regards,


Vibhor Bansal

Funding Program

Posted by Vibhor Bansal Mar 20, 2014

Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA) has invited proposals from Indian Industry for funding support for technology driven innovative projects. The Details of the programme are attached below.This has been released in the Monday, 24 February 2014 edition of the following newspapers - (1) Times of India (2) Economic Times (3) The Hindu (4) Business Line  (5) The Telegraph.


Indian Industry and partnering Organisations are eligible to receive funding up to 50% of total eligible Indian cost in form of Soft Loan/Grant with a limit of Rs 1.5 Crores, as per the terms of country specific programme.


This is an excellent opportunity for Indian companies who would like to apply for funding support for their Industrial R&D projects.
We hope you will avail of this attractive funding programme for your Industrial R&D project.


For further details & to apply for funding, please logon to


For any further information, please contact Mr Vimal Kumar,, Phone - (011) 4577 2043 and/or Mr Samrat Ghatak,, Phone - (011) 4577 2027.


About GITA:
Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA) {} is a Section 25 PPP Company, incorporated jointly by the Technology Development Board (TDB) of the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) with a mandate of Mapping technology gaps, Evaluating technology offers, Connecting among technology developers, providers, commercializers, Funding last phase of technology development that connects the market and Deployment of technology solutions.

Including inside almost any marketplace, your family products enterprise features their discuss involving criminal businesses which were seen to victimize most people. Through denying boasts, misplaced possessions along with positioning your holder's goods regarding "ransom", studies connected with neglect simply by shifting corporations transpire frequently.

A lot of these types of customer violations come about by means of people movers that are running beneath his or her power and therefore are typically definitely not of a significant suv series. These kind of charlatan movers will frequently function within their very own universal "van line" label.

45 trillion persons go each and every year along with the big the greater part usually are finished with customer happiness simply by the two, lorrie outlines in addition to separate movers. These kind of movers additionally have a tendency with all the adverse effect put on all of them and also the sector through the deceitful firms in which make client.

Your significant lead to to the purchaser whom will get captured with one of these simple going frauds frequently sits together with picking the lowest priced charged mover. Economics is obviously simple to comprehend, nevertheless picking the lowest priced selling price generally is a recipke regarding catastrophe. Substantial investigation and also focusing on how your shifting market performs, enjoy critical aspects within determining the right transferring firm to your separation.

Having May perhaps via April currently being the particular busiest moment intended for movers, the actual high transferring time of year may before long possibly be drawing near as well as you will find measures of which buyers might take to enhance their particular probability of receiving a care-free proceed:

• Never seek the services of some sort of relocating specialist
• Make positive the actual transferring business has been doing enterprise with regard to no less than 7-10 decades
• Visit his or her business office to be able to cause them to whom these people declare they're
• Never recognize a "estimate" on the mobile phone
• Make confident their own pickup trucks indicate the proper tattoos because needed beneath government rules
• Check these available while using Bbb (BBB)
• Check their own ICC range resistant to the FMCSA documents
• These usually are just a couple ways in which shoppers might take for you to verify any going firm's standing as well as history specially with regards to keeping ones home items.

Many shifting firms present storage devices amenities in case you have for you to keep your own goods until eventually ones property will be all set for your move-in method. Relocating corporations possessing the particular card holder's stuff inside storage space with regard to "ransom" are already recorded plus the FMCSA is currently enforcing legal guidelines in opposition to these types of sort of movers throughout the Map-21 Behave.

Even though these kinds of sort of happenings carry out come about, it really is generally carried out simply by impartial movers definitely not of a key suv brand. In case you should location ones items within safe-keeping, it is strongly recommended for you to package merely which has a significant lorrie series that's well-known; definitely not with the unbiased transferring corporation or possibly a firm which usually works below its "van lines" label.

Although a lot of independents is usually honest, the main element issue suggestions available for you, the patron, to own reassurance. The highest relief you will get is always to position your own hard drive within a hard drive ability which you have comprehensive command around for instance a mini-storage service.

Through the use of a new self-storage service, a person in support of you can offer the crucial in addition to admittance protection under the law in your things. In case you are worried about any probable "ransom" rip-off by means of movers, this may reduce just about any anxieties associated with this kind of episode transpiring.

By way of exploration as well as analysis along with completely knowing your family things transferring practice, customers can easily steer clear of turning into another unwilling recipient to help relocating scam.

Packers and Movers Delhi
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Including within just virtually any sector, family members things company features the discuss involving charlatan firms which are recognized by victimize people. Through denying promises, misplaced items in addition to having the particular customer's objects intended for "ransom", accounts connected with neglect simply by relocating businesses take place more often than not.

A lot of these types of buyer violations come about through those people movers that are working beneath his or her expert and so are typically not necessarily of a key lorrie series. These types of charlatan movers will usually function within their very own simple "van line" title.

40 dollars zillion men and women go on a yearly basis as well as the huge bulk tend to be finished with customer care through equally, lorrie outlines in addition to self-sufficient movers. These kind of movers additionally are inclined while using the bad result positioned on these individuals and also the market through the bogus organizations in which leverage the client.

This important result in for that client that obtains grabbed inside one of those shifting ripoffs usually is placed along with picking the most affordable cost mover. Economics is undoubtedly clear, nevertheless using the least expensive cost is a recipke with regard to catastrophe. Comprehensive exploration in addition to focusing on how the actual transferring marketplace functions, enjoy crucial variables within discovering the right transferring corporation to your new house purchase.

Using May possibly via July currently being the actual busiest period regarding movers, the particular top going year may shortly always be getting close to along with you will find methods of which buyers may take to enhance his or her likelihood of getting a care-free go:

• Never retain the services of some sort of relocating dealer
• Make certain this relocating organization has been around small business intended for no less than 7-10 decades
• Visit the business office to be able to get them to exactly who they will claim these are
• Never agree to a "estimate" within the cell phone
• Make positive their particular vehicles display the correct tattoos because essential beneath national legislations
• Check all of them out there using the Bbb (BBB)
• Check his or her ICC amount resistant to the FMCSA data
• These are usually just a couple of methods which buyers might take for you to verify any going firm's standing as well as document specially with regards to stocking the family products.

Nearly all transferring corporations provide storage devices features in case you have in order to retail store your own objects till your current house can be prepared to the move-in course of action. Going corporations possessing the actual card holder's stuff inside safe-keeping regarding "ransom" are actually recorded plus the FMCSA is currently enforcing regulations in opposition to these kinds of sort of movers throughout the Map-21 Work.

Even though these types of sort of occurrences complete happen, it's frequently accomplished simply by separate movers certainly not of a important lorrie brand. Should you need to location the stuff throughout safe-keeping, experts recommend for you to work solely that has a key vehicle collection that may be well-known; not really by having an unbiased shifting firm or perhaps a business which in turn functions within a "van lines" identify.

Although a few independents is usually honest, the important thing aspect suggestions to suit your needs, the customer, to possess reassurance. The most satisfaction you will get would be to position your own storage space in a very safe-keeping service you have comprehensive command above for example a mini-storage service.

By making use of any self-storage capability, anyone in support of you can offer the crucial as well as admittance privileges on your things. For anyone who is worried about the probable "ransom" con through movers, this may ease almost any concerns associated with this kind of occurrence developing.

By means of investigation and also analysis as well as totally comprehending family members products transferring course of action, shoppers may stay clear of turning out to be another unwilling recipient to help shifting sham.

Packers and Movers in Delhi

The corporation involving Packers as well as Going Providers with Delhi provide a remarkable knowledge to everyone their buyers. The explanation for the wonderful solutions supplied by these people is actually which they placed their own basis in to the complete transferring knowledge. These people deal with every single shifting practical knowledge since their very own for that reason they will place more endeavours from the move shift.

These people understand that every one of the family items usually are precious property of an individual as a result these people acquire added proper care controlling all of them. Also, they are knowledgeable in which a lot of the residence merchandise possess 'Zero tolerance' for you to mishandling thus added safe and sound providing products are widely-used to be able to load up the identical. This packers along with movers Companies throughout Bangalore possess a enormous fast regarding automobiles which could move that you virtually any spot.

There is also standby motor vehicles to keep the position regarding transferring unhindered; could your own allotted automobile features many difficulties. This sort of added level of responsiveness given by the corporation guarantees we now have zero delays within the separation as well as the merchandise can certainly attain their own allotted getaway in time. The particular community regarding motor vehicles developed by this business is really robust that men and women use them for his or her effectiveness.

Your packers as well as movers companies throughout Delhi are classified as the merely firm providing you with insurance policies contrary to the merchandise which have to be carried. They will comprehend that it must be not necessarily in financial terms easy to generate a property, as well as at the rear of every single buy we have a lots of setting up and also working hard engaged. It's because of this them to make sure your packers in addition to movers accomplish correct coping with with the products in the time packing in addition to unloading these individuals to the pickup trucks.

Most of these pros are usually completely designed with devices that may accomplish the task. The folks dealing with the work will not be simply high guys whom are equipped for raising weighty things; they're vulnerable and still have a fantastic idea of this shifting method. That's one of many content customer telephone calls that the particular 'best packers and also movers solutions company'. The lady correlates the woman knowledge stating that will your woman has been afraid just how your lover could bunch the full household one handedly having 3 young children as soon as the woman man had not been right now there to aid the girl.

The lady mentioned the packers along with movers firm's men and women performed the full function in only a pair of nights. Your woman would not are related anything at all as well as the things gotten to the place safely and securely along with promptly. Your woman could subscribe to the woman's partner in just a full week and also the property ended up being completely functional with some more days and nights! That will is just about the main reasons why clients endow a lot religion throughout these kinds of products and services. Given that they understand that they may have confidence in this company associated with packers and also movers solutions Delhi and also implement their particular systems undertaking additional considerations although changing. This is the sort of have confidence in the organization continues to be in a position to construct within their consumers. That may be undoubtedly extensive!

Packers and Movers Delhi

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Packers and Movers Delhi @ Packers and Movers in Delhi.....Transferring household just one spot for a a different may be interesting. After we look at concerning completely new natural environment your brand new house, brand-new spots, for example we all experience joy nevertheless we all matter precisely to be able to transfer in order to completely new spot the item offers people undesired tension. And so, it's rather a incredibly challenging activity to go each of our residence one particular vacation spot to an alternative. It might be really puzzling along with demanding. Going household entails a great deal of functions like house packaging, packing, unloading, unpacking, puting in order, and so on that supply unwelcome anxiety. To create people taking along with shifting simpler specialized packers as well as movers can help you often since they present products and services relating to your entire new house purchase requirements.

Along with guide of the reputable providing along with transferring business you possibly can make your own new house purchase or perhaps household switching less complicated. A trusted company may help you often including inside packaging, within packing, throughout shifting, within packing, inside unloading, throughout unpacking and also off of study course throughout ordering the people for the brand-new desired destination. Providing along with transferring company businesses with Indian supply as well as assortment of personalized providers relevant to the needs you have and also needs. They supply companies including packaging & unpacking, packing & unloading, taking & relocating, transportations, vehicle provider products and services, insurance plan providers, house switching, workplace changing, moving products and services, packages providers, warehousing, and so forth. In line with the have to have as well as need it is possible to pick their own providers and also call up all of them in your pre-decided time frame.

Divorce lawyers atlanta important metropolitan areas involving Indian there are various packaging in addition to transferring supplier firms. There are many respected packers and also movers corporations from the metropolitan areas just like Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, for example. Persons can certainly retain the services of his or her solutions using town. Using the services of an established in addition to most respected supplying in addition to relocating service agency can be quite helpful simply because supply have a very workforce regarding specialist that are skilled into their career. That they carry highest proper care though supplying your current house items. These people work with ideal materials in order to wrap up your current precious things. Even though relocating and also unpacking additionally, they care for ones important residence things in addition to guarantee one to delighted along with secure transferring.

Delhi would be the significant focuses regarding Indian native movers corporations. There are various packers in addition to movers firms inside Delhi which provide supplying along with shifting solutions inside the nation. A number of Delhi Packers Movers corporations in addition provide intercontinental moving solutions. Packers Movers Delhi organizations have become well-known involving his or her buyers because of the excellent in addition to trusted taking in addition to going products and services. Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, in addition to Faridabad Packers Movers businesses can also be popular between the consumers or perhaps shoppers because of the high quality, quick, dependable and also cost-effective companies.

In the event you also are searching for assist of the excellent along with dependable packers along with movers, be sure to inquire testimonials and referrals. Regarding selecting a appropriate providing and also shifting service agency you possibly can question friends and family and also relations. You may also carry on advertising. The one thing far more just before having assistance from experts you need to ask effectively with regards to these people as well as his or her companies and also trustworthiness. Also you can decide on specialist packers movers by way of world wide web. There are lots of web page in addition to net places involving packers and also movers organizations that produce details about providing in addition to transferring corporations in addition to their own providers.

The rapid proliferation of powerful mobile devices is bringing growth in the enterprise mobility market. Enterprises are looking for cost-effective, mobile solutions that can positively impact organizational effectiveness and give real-time access to company's data anytime, anywhere.

In short, organizations are seeing enterprise mobility as a tool for enhancing productivity and efficiency of the organization as a whole as well as of its employees. This has pushed enterprises to look for specialist service providers who can meet this demand, thereby, leading to a plethora of opportunities for product companies in enterprise mobility area.

In continuation to the PEM- Analytics category, NASSCOM, in partnership with Frost & Sullivan, has recently concluded second series of the initiative \"Product Excellence Matrix\" and has benchmarked 20 Indian Enterprise Mobility product companies. The in-depth survey analysis reveals some interesting highlights as outlined below:

  • ~43 products nominated and assessed under the Mobility category
  • ~ 47 per cent of the assessed mobility products featured in the Product Excellence Matrix or Market focus Matrix
  • ~60 per cent of the enterprise mobility products focus on mobile application areas primarily sales force enablement along with vertical specific/ business function specific applications
  • Over 80 per cent of the enterprise mobility products have been launched post 2010, clearly indicating the rapidly growing focus in the space
  • Almost ~65 per cent of companies have less than 100 employees in the business
  • Tier II locations are the emerging regions with approx. ~20 per cent of representation

An exhaustive assessment was undertaken and mobility products were benchmarked on 2 grids - Product excellence vs execution, and Stage of market entry vs market focus. All the products assessed for the PEM have been featured on the Market-focus Grid (highlighting product market focus and stage of entry of the companies) as Established vs Emerging OR Narrow vs Wide Focus.

The software products highlighted in the Market Focus grid brings forth the diversity in software products being developed for global markets. While these products range from plug and play applications to development platforms and security management tools, they also ensure compatibility with a diverse core IT landscape and end user computing devices/ device platforms, some of them include:

  • Enterprise Mobility enabling platforms - E.g., AnB - Preludesys India Ltd; PreAxiom - ACL Mobile Limited
  • Enterprise Mobility applications - E.g., FieldEZ - FieldEZ technologies; IvyRetail - Ivy Mobility Solutions; - Langoor
  • Mobility Security  solution - E.g., SecurDrive - Genesis Futuristic Technologies Ltd; InstaSafe Secure Acces - InstaSafe

Applications designed to support field force functions ensuring seamless integration with enterprise IT are radically transforming the Enterprise Mobility space. Strong in built domain rich functionalities and integration with heterogeneous applications and devices remains the key differentiating factors for the companies featured under Enterprise Mobility Grid

Transforming ecosystem will enable accelerated mobility adoption going forward. As mobile applications multiply and differentiators begin to recede, customer access will be the key to survival for developers. Partnerships with wireless carriers, system integrators and major corporate software vendors will determine the business success. For many of these go-to-market partners, adding mobile enterprise software solutions to their portfolios provides a means of creating much-needed new revenue streams and increasing customer stickiness.

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