India – Enterprise mobility embracing new opportunities

Blog Post created by on Mar 7, 2014

The rapid proliferation of powerful mobile devices is bringing growth in the enterprise mobility market. Enterprises are looking for cost-effective, mobile solutions that can positively impact organizational effectiveness and give real-time access to company's data anytime, anywhere.

In short, organizations are seeing enterprise mobility as a tool for enhancing productivity and efficiency of the organization as a whole as well as of its employees. This has pushed enterprises to look for specialist service providers who can meet this demand, thereby, leading to a plethora of opportunities for product companies in enterprise mobility area.

In continuation to the PEM- Analytics category, NASSCOM, in partnership with Frost & Sullivan, has recently concluded second series of the initiative \"Product Excellence Matrix\" and has benchmarked 20 Indian Enterprise Mobility product companies. The in-depth survey analysis reveals some interesting highlights as outlined below:

  • ~43 products nominated and assessed under the Mobility category
  • ~ 47 per cent of the assessed mobility products featured in the Product Excellence Matrix or Market focus Matrix
  • ~60 per cent of the enterprise mobility products focus on mobile application areas primarily sales force enablement along with vertical specific/ business function specific applications
  • Over 80 per cent of the enterprise mobility products have been launched post 2010, clearly indicating the rapidly growing focus in the space
  • Almost ~65 per cent of companies have less than 100 employees in the business
  • Tier II locations are the emerging regions with approx. ~20 per cent of representation

An exhaustive assessment was undertaken and mobility products were benchmarked on 2 grids - Product excellence vs execution, and Stage of market entry vs market focus. All the products assessed for the PEM have been featured on the Market-focus Grid (highlighting product market focus and stage of entry of the companies) as Established vs Emerging OR Narrow vs Wide Focus.

The software products highlighted in the Market Focus grid brings forth the diversity in software products being developed for global markets. While these products range from plug and play applications to development platforms and security management tools, they also ensure compatibility with a diverse core IT landscape and end user computing devices/ device platforms, some of them include:

  • Enterprise Mobility enabling platforms - E.g., AnB - Preludesys India Ltd; PreAxiom - ACL Mobile Limited
  • Enterprise Mobility applications - E.g., FieldEZ - FieldEZ technologies; IvyRetail - Ivy Mobility Solutions; - Langoor
  • Mobility Security  solution - E.g., SecurDrive - Genesis Futuristic Technologies Ltd; InstaSafe Secure Acces - InstaSafe

Applications designed to support field force functions ensuring seamless integration with enterprise IT are radically transforming the Enterprise Mobility space. Strong in built domain rich functionalities and integration with heterogeneous applications and devices remains the key differentiating factors for the companies featured under Enterprise Mobility Grid

Transforming ecosystem will enable accelerated mobility adoption going forward. As mobile applications multiply and differentiators begin to recede, customer access will be the key to survival for developers. Partnerships with wireless carriers, system integrators and major corporate software vendors will determine the business success. For many of these go-to-market partners, adding mobile enterprise software solutions to their portfolios provides a means of creating much-needed new revenue streams and increasing customer stickiness.