Do Design and Tech Work Hand In Hand?

Blog Post created by NASSCOM Product Moderator on Mar 27, 2017

Design Thinking brought several layers to the functionality of a startup and at the same time this process in a way has been in a constant duel with technology. An ensuing debate about the importance of technology over design and vice versa is prevalent. However, now gladiators from both the arenas are accepting the fact that both support each other. Hence, the answer to the titular question is ‘Yes, design and tech do work hand in hand’. Gladly, design lately has moved up from component level to competency level.



Let’s shed some more light on design and tech working in unison:

Interestingly, everything starts as a technology, and design is the element which further enhances the edibility of a piece of technology. A technology not jeweled by design would end being obsolete and a design without a technological backing wouldn’t have a product to begin with. For instance, printing, typography, photography, web, HTML etc. were born as technologies but their usability was to be determined by providing solution based product development.



Following statements should point us in the right direction:

  • Technology Team needs to meet deadlines.
  • Design Team is better acquainted with the real life scenarios and user empathy.
  • The coefficient of field study is to be balanced by tech and design both.
  • If Design is the Idea, Tech is the execution.
  • Sync between generating an idea and a plausible execution.

The success of a product is connected to two ideologies:

  • Dollar Value
  • Q (Emotional Quotient)


Design and Tech as two distinct departments might be able to achieve either one of the aforementioned objectives. However, the only way to ensure that both the goals are achieved is by bringing these two worlds together. They would still exist independently but if tech is crucial to make profits then design is critical to sustain the market by providing real solutions to real problems on the ground.


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