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Be Social, Don’t just do Social

Blog Post created by Nitin Gupta on Aug 26, 2018

Engagement is the Key to Success on Social Media

Social media is no longer used solely for awareness but has also become a critical tool to generate leads. Through the effective use of social media, businesses can get more ROI from their marketing campaigns and activities as compared to traditional tactics such as email campaigns. A ‘sticky’ and memorable social media campaign has the potential to be viral! The best part about viral content on social media is that it is not limited to the platform that the campaign started from. If it has the potential of going viral, it can quickly spread across social media channels.

For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. Plus a social media overreaction.

A good example would be the #ShotoniPhone campaign from Apple that relies on user-generated content to create memories that last! It gives a platform to customers to have their images be featured via billboards across the world. This campaign ensures that it’s solely based on the engagement of users from different backgrounds, with the single point of convergence being an iPhone. Considering Apple is a late adopter of social media and still, does not have a single tweet, still the campaign has been a major success. I checked the trend over the past one week (Aug 18 – Aug 24, 2018) and it had 2 million engagements, close to 50 thousand mentions and 20 thousand unique authors for the hashtag. On Twitter! 


This strategy is not limited to just consumer electronics companies. In fact, Maersk is a great example of using such a strategy in the B2B space. Maersk’s entire Instagram account is based on user-submitted photos. All they did was combine smartphone photography, shipping containers (believe it or not!), and the open sea. With just user submitted photos on their Instagram account, they have around 124k followers. Now that is one helluva strategy for a container shipping company.

Through email marketing, we attempt to create an individual connect with each email - through social media, we can connect with every person who likes, follows or comments for each post published .


Almost all businesses have social media handles. However, a majority of them have a presence just because they "need to be“. Many of them try to use social channels but fail to realize its true potential. The key as we can learn from Apple, is that it’s better to focus your efforts on a limited number of social media platforms. Utilize the rest of your efforts to listen to and engage your audience. Do not try to conquer all social media platforms as managing them all will only dilute your engagement levels. Remember to be social, not just do social.


I will expand on this topic in my next post. Stay tuned!



- Thanks to Sameer Murdeshwar and Sowmya Moni for their contribution to this blog post.