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5 Simple Ways to Spam your Way to the Junk Folder or better yet, be permanently blocked

Blog Post created by Ganeshkumar S on Aug 31, 2018

For most people, sharing their email address is as concerning as changing their kids’ diapers every hour - thanks to the Toms, Dicks and Harrys of the world who spam your mailboxes at the drop of a hat. In today’s context of ‘many mails, nothing sails’, seeing even a thousand ‘unreads’ doesn’t matter. For some, unread mails is still a sore sight – they clean their inbox frequently for their own reasons. The point to note here is that – if the mails that you are writing are not effective, they will be eternally left unread, ‘read-and-forgotten’, deleted or better yet, junked. Now imagine the plight of digital marketing experts who use email marketing as a primary tactic to reach their targets!

 Here are the 5 most common email characteristics that Toms, Dicks and Harrys swear by to spam their way to their targets’ inbox or better yet, be permanently blocked.

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Caution: Please do not read the links provided in these pointers – they may make you write better and more effective emails!!!


1. You forgot to knock the door!

  • Unsolicited emails that are not welcome is the first trap for filters. For instance, Tom sent an email about new offers to an acquaintance whom he’s just met once at an event. Of course, the acquaintance won’t think twice to block him now.

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2. Why is Mr. Obama sending me a coupon?

  • Senders’ name and IP matters – this is the first thing that people read. If the recipient sees an unrecognizable or creepy name, that’s a sure shot way to be spammed.

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  • Subject line is the next most important aspect of an email. Write something like ‘Hey Recipient’ or ‘Free Flowers for every purchases’ and your objective of getting spammed will become real.

InfoGraphic: Subject Lines Matter


3. Oh! I’d rather read nursery rhymes a hundred times

  • There are two ways to drive your audience to death! When the recipient opens Dick’s mail but finds boring and non-engaging content, you stand a chance to deliver a good blow. But when you send incorrect and irrelevant content, it’s a sure shot killer.

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4. Excuse me Mr. Trigger Happy sender

  • Too many emails is another guaranteed way of losing your game. On the contrary, with a low frequency, Harry just realized he lost the interest of his customer list. But yes, an imbalanced frequency can help your spam goals.

Balance Parlance


5. You are using me for practicing, are you?

  • Repeating campaign cycles is one of Tom’s favorite way of spamming targets. Tom sends the same set of emails and assets over and over again till his targets spam and block him. It may work for you too.

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  • My reflection of the practices listed here are based on market stats and reports that search engines helplessly and abundantly display.
  • The people referenced are real marketing professionals - of course, their names and gender are changed to Tom, Dick and Harry in this blog.
  • Of late, like many smart marketers, I have succumbed to ‘email marketing best practices’ and have lost the ability to spam and cannot write emails that will be left unread.
  • Sameer Murdeshwar helped fine tune this blog.