• What will it take to transform our Indian Judiciary system?

    You can now file a case against an online seller in your own city. Online consumer courts could be setup soon to handle such cases...   Read more: Consumer is king | mydigitalfc    Looking for mo...
    Rakesh Kumar
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  • Hypersign | The SingleSignOn Solution on Blockchain

    Looking for a team to bounce ideas off and to help us evolve our authentication product.
    Irfan Khan
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  • W2RT – Much More Than a High Mathematical Probability

    It is time that women claimed their rightful place as technology wizards in equal measure as men do and matched aplomb. With the intent to evangelize this idea, Women Wizards Rule Tech (W2RT) is a unique program desig...
    NASSCOM Community
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  • System Integration Tenders

    TENDER DETAILS DEADLINE & VALUE T247 ID : 18483901 27-08-2018 Selection Of Systems Integrator Si To Refresh Existing It Infrastructure Along With Data And Application Migration And Operation And Maintenance Of ...
    Vibhu Jhanb
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  • Design & Development Tenders

    TENDER DETAILS DEADLINE & VALUE T247 ID : 10926845 26-07-2018 Corrigendum : Development of Mobile Application for the Consumers of Jodhpur Discom Jodhpur Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited 40 Lacs Jodhpur, Rajasthan...
    Vibhu Jhanb
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  • e-Governance & Smart City Tenders

    TENDER DETAILS DEADLINE & VALUE T247 ID : 18496413 06-08-2018 Selection of Consultant for preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) and Request for Proposal (RFP) for System Integration and End to End Comput...
    Vibhu Jhanb
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  • Been contemplating to use a team collaboration chat app for my entity. Can any one suggest the best app?

    Team collaboration chat apps 
    Sai Baba Andavolu
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  • Robotic process automation and intelligent character recognition: Smart data capture

    In this era of technology disruption, enterprises are under immense pressure to digitise operations, and they are gearing up for a future where human work can be augmented by software robots. Digitisation and automati...
    Dion Dsouza
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  • Validity and Reliability:  Significant Features of Psychometric Tests

    Validity and reliability are two important features of all tests including Psychometric tests. Validity is at the core of testing as it legitimizes content of tests which implies that information gathered from test re...
    Jitender Sharma
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  • India has the advantage of leaping forward in the field of Design - Up Close with Patrick Newbery

    Open video

    Nehal Pandya
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  • UX is an integral part of any business strategy - Up close with Nitin Sethi

    Open video

    Nehal Pandya
    created by Nehal Pandya
  • Is it possible to record macros for use with PowerPivot?

     Hi, I'm attempting to computerize some essential capacities in PowerPivot (Such as making a relationship) for use in a more extensive RPA venture. I have been attempting to record macros of these and utilize t...
    luveshan g
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  • Transitioning from services company to product company?

    As Indian Product footprint grows, many services companies are working to transition to a product company.   I personally have known a friend (running a services company) struggling with this transition (to...
    Rajan Chandi
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  • How can we combine the campaigns of Lead generation and sales prospecting

    A few weeks ago, I got an email from a savvy sales rep and client of ours who is in the middle of a lead nurturing campaign and prospecting for clients. He was reading Jeb Blount’s new book, Fanatical Prosp...
    Naresh Konda
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  • Artificial Intelligence – a Harbinger of Great Change and Re-skilling Opportunities

    Going by the rapid progress that is being made in the field of Artificial Intelligence, soon, and yet arguably, it is likely that there will be very little left to justify the sobriquet, “artificial.” We w...
    Soumitra Dasgupta
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  • GDPR: What it means for Indian businesses

    By: Sivarama Krishnan, Leader, Cyber Security, PwC India   The size of the IT industry in the top two EU member states—that is, Germany and France—is estimated to be around 155–220 billion USD....
    Dion Dsouza
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  • GDRP query

    Hi, How can GDPR be implemented in Indian without any entity in EU
    Divya Lakshmi
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  • Interview with Onalytica as Digital Transformation Influencer

    Discussed about how I was recognized as an expert on digital transformation   http://www.onalytica.com/blog/posts/interview-sandeep-raut/
    Sandeep Raut
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  • How to address the reluctance for Digital Transformation?

    Digital Transformation is in full swing now and adopted by almost all the industries to improve the customer experience. But not everyone is sailing smooth. In fact, a majority of Digital Transformation init...
    Sandeep Raut
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  • "NASSCOM Product Connect: SaaS Selling Through Indirect Channels"

    Software-as-a-Service providers have been growing fast while the contemporary research literature has neglected analysis of their business-critical marketing and sales processes.   In this webinar  Anuj J...
    Rajiv Kumar
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