Digital Transformation

Defining the Digital Enterprise – Mar 2020


Today’s business and technology environment is characterized by rapid and consistent disruption, and enterprises need to turbocharge their digital transformation to stay competitive. However, there are different lenses for them to imagine their end state digital enterprise. Most stakeholders across industries have different definitions of what constitutes a “Digital Enterprise”, leading to confusion about the term itself. NASSCOM and Avasant have collaboratively developed a report to help develop a holistic definition and also created a framework that can act as an aspirational guide for enterprises on their digital transformation journey.



Executive Summary Growing Population and Urbanization Resulting in Sprawling Urban Cities, … India will be home to over 600 million urban dwellers by 2030, with most of the growth coming not from the core cities, but the peripheries. With growing urbanization, cities are losing green cover as they continue to expand beyond the city borders. The National Capital Region (NCR) is a clear example of this scenario, which continues to grow beyond the NCT-Delhi region to neighboring states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. However, despite this growth the cities expansion have not been able to keep pace with the urban population which has grown at a much faster pace. Urban Expansion and Population Growth in NCR (1981 – 2011) Source: Census Data; NASSCOM Research From an urban mobility perspecti...

Fintech Lending – “Unlocking Untapped Potential”


NASSCOM’s Fintech Lending – “Unlocking Untapped Potential” underlines how Fintech lending market have evolved in recent years. This report focuses entirely on Fintech lending segment under the broader Fintech umbrella. We have traced the evolution of Fintech Lending industry in India while highlighting the key drivers for growth, trends, challenges and opportunities. The report also highlights new business opportunities and key success factors for the Fintech lending industry in India, in addition to identifying bottlenecks faced by the industry, and recommend action steps to unlock the untapped potential of the industry. Key Highlights Fintech Lending Market Overview • Rapidly Growing Fintech Lending Landscape in India • Fundamental Lending Challenges In India Translating To Massive Finte...

Agritech In India – Emerging Trends In 2019


NASSCOM’s report titled Agritech In India – Emerging Trends in 2019 underlines transformation and trends in the Indian Agritech Industry. The report covers emerging areas in Agritech with focus on key stakeholders and new business opportunities. Study also analysed Agritech start-up founder’s perspective on different issues. Key Findings Agritech 2018 & 2019 Highlights USD ~248 mn funding received till June 2019 Tiger Global invested USD 89 mn in Ninjacart In 2018, >60% funding to market linkage sector Key Trends Agritech Stakeholder Ecosystem Is Rapidly Maturing B2B emerging as key revenue generating segment Agritech is make in India for the world Funding on rise but investor confidence on the sector needs to improve PPP are slowly coming together Indian companies increasingly ...

NASSCOM Cloud: Next Wave Of Growth In India 2019


Overview The report, analyses the present and the future state of the India Cloud market, identifies the major technology trends, issues and concerns of the industry in detail. It also analyzes the IaaS & SaaS demand and adoption levels across various industry verticals and the key challenges impacting uptake in India. Key Findings Cloud computing Cloud spending in India is estimated at USD 2.5 Bn. in 2018 accounting for only 6% share of IT spending compared to a global average of 7.9% and average of leading countries of 11.4% Cloud spending in India is estimated to grow at 30% p.a. to reach USD 7.1 – 7.2 Bn. in 2022 IaaS Indian IaaS spending is estimated at USD 1 Bn. (2018), forecasted to grow at 25% p.a. to reach USD 2.3 – 2.4 Bn. in 2022 Improved infrastructure facilities, economic ...

Launch of NASSCOM Report- Cloud: Next Wave of Growth in India-2019


Cloud as a concept has been around for two decades, but has picked up steam with the growing presence of “hyper scale” cloud providers in big data, analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT. Today, cloud is a compelling proposition for the Indian SMEs, enterprises and government. In light of this NASSCOM today, unveiled its report titled ‘Cloud – Next Wave of Growth in India’.  The report done in collaboration with Google Cloud and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP highlights the present and the future state of the Indian cloud market, identifies the major technology trends, issues and concerns with respect to the industry. It also focuses on the adoption levels of cloud computing across industry verticals, the IaaS and SaaS ecosystem and, analyses the cloud policy framework & its im...

FarmERP: Annual Report 2018


I am really thankful to Sanjay Borkar and FarmERP to have taken the time to compile this extensive document. I did not know that they are already working in 11 countries outside India or that they have built in a traceability component. I will request people to go through this well laid out document and invite other agritech companies to come and upload their content here.

Talent and New ways of working in the age of digital transformation


Overview: The whitepaper highlights the difference between doing digital and being digital and that while digital transformation may seem to depend on better algorithms and more advanced hardware, its success rests fundamentally on the innovations of talented people working together Key Highlights Key elements to the new way of working: Bringing a human-centric approach to reimagine the product and service design around the needs of the customer Driving active collaboration among different subject matter experts who can manifest the design into viable products and services A paradigm shift from a world in which the business interacts with customers and IT services business needs It isn’t enough to convert insights rapidly into a product or service. Instead, collaborative teams must be able...

Vernacular Solutions: “Diversity In Language”


NASSCOM’s Vernacular Solutions: “Diversity in Language” report underlines the evolving need of multilingual solutions in India and how different stake holders are working towards it. The report covers both India and global perspective to develop a holistic viewpoint. Key Findings Market Scenario India Language service market is less than 1% of the Global market 65% of India population communicate in local languages High growth seen in past 5 years with more than 3000+ startups incorporated The Push Factor Chat-bot applications, digital entertainment, social media, etc. continue to be the major drivers Languages like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu preferred by almost 70% of the population Business Perspective Global companies are offering many diverse solutions which can be imple...

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