How Quality Assurance Can Perform Better To Assist in The Digital Transformation?

As there are a lot more ways to innovate technology in digital transformation but how can we sustain innovation aspects with quality. There is the need of the hour to prior focus on each and every technical aspect to assure that the product that flows in the market will be future proof from each and every endpoint. Is performing QA with traditional approaches sufficient to maintain that aspect? or something else we need today. Do share your approach and thoughts!!  

Re: Tech Events for 2018


The NASSCOM events are listed on the website Events | NASSCOM , we are inviting everyone else to post their events here on the Community. Thanks for the suggestion, we will push the idea with our members too. 

Tech Events for 2018


Hi team,  Would be great if you could share the list of forthcoming events held by NASSCOMM and other associates. Shall help to plan for an event calendar as well focusing on digital transformation.  Thanks,  Kavitha 

How Cloud Based Mobile Apps Accelerate Return on Investment?


As according to present scenario, It becomes very chaotic to maintain the variety of mobile phones and tablets with the latest Android or iOS updates available across all makes and models for 24/7. With the various security concerns arise for mobile cloud based testing as well as data management and accessibility creating a complex situation. So a single piece of testing equipment which can solve various problems such as maintaining infrastructure and provide security to all the devices in a test lab can also improve the time to market and offer better ROI?

Post GST:Export procedure for Technical Design Services


We are located in India and have activity of manufacturing medical devices. We are associated with US company for development of electronics and embedded software for their product. We would  be providing only technical design services to US customer. There would be absolutely no sale/shipping of material/goods. Software and hardware designs shall be transferred to customer through internet only. Payment towards our services shall be in US$ . We already have our own products being marketed in India so we do have GST registration.We have not done any exports so far. We import lot many parts and raw materials.        We understand, export of technical design-development  services for Hardware & Software development falls under zero rate GST category. In relation to the  current export as...

Re: What is the biggest hurdle in Digital Transformation?


I understand you are referring to a corporate entity only, right? ​

What is the biggest hurdle in Digital Transformation?


1.     Lack of CXO Drive 2.     Cultural change 3.     Skills Availability 4.     Lack of Customer understanding 5.     Inter Departmental collaboration