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Policy Update: RBI introduces a new type of PPI

Context On 5 December, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced a slew of sops for fintech companies.  These include, re-introduction of minimum KYC (know-your...

Building successful Microservices architecture on the back of Agile SDLC

From huge, clunky supercomputers used for the most basic calculations to smartphones that compete with the fastest laptops, technology has truly transformed the...

A 2020 Guide to Procurement Management

What is a procurement process?  A procurement process, in all its essence, is a series of activities and processes that the organization performs to acquire nec...

Did you know “Adoption of Disruptive Start-up Tech Solution” has doubled in last 24 months among Indian companies (NSE/BSE)?

Is your Start-up well positioned to embrace this mindset change from corporate India? Come January 2020 UnearthInsight is going live with its freemium Start-Up ...

Result of Non-Filing Form AOC 4 and MGT 7 by Companies Registered

Form AOC 4 and MGT 7 are annual compliances which cannot be neglected by registered companies operating in India. Registrar of Companies (ROC) is the government...

NASSCOM’s Feedback on TRAI’s Consultation Paper on Cloud Services

NASSCOM recently submitted its comments on the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)’s Consultation Paper on Cloud Services dated 23 October, 2019 ...

Ratan Tata’s Startup Pitch Deck For Today’s Entrepreneur

One of India’s most venerable and successful industrialists Ratan Tata, in a first, has released a 16-page startup pitch deck for entrepreneurs. Tata, who...

PDP Bill approved by the Union Cabinet today

The Union Cabinet earlier today accorded its approval to the Draft Personal Data Protection Bill (PDP Bill), and intends to table it on the floor of the parliam...

Innovate2Transform: A Smart Toilet For Preserving One’s Honour

Access to sanitation and safe drinking water was recognised as a basic human right by the United Nations in 2010. Almost a decade later, 730 million people in I...

Industry 4.0 & Role of Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing

The transition to new manufacturing processes which had started in Europe and now termed as the First Industrial Revolution, has paved the way to fuse the physi...

Edge Computing: Towards A More Distributed Future

Edge computing is a rapidly emerging area of interest for companies in the ER&D, IoT, telecom, networking and cloud/datacenter sectors. Edge computing is an...

NASSCOM CoE Gandhinagar & JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. Collaborate To Drive Innovation & Co-Creation In Manufacturing

NASSCOM Centre of Excellence (CoE) IoT & AI Gandhinagar has entered a partnership with JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd to drive innovation through a unique Co-Create ...