Report on Indian Analytics-Data to Decisions-June 2016

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Indian Analytics Sector - Data to Decisions

Big data has transcended to the point where it can be called a disruptive technology. There has been an exponential growth in the number of devices connected to the Internet and each other and with that there is an explosive increase in the quantum of machine data being generated. Unstructured data - in the form of social media interactions, video or text is also growing rapidly. Organizations have matured in collecting and processing these types of data. Companies that are able to collect and leverage this data for better business outcomes are winning against the laggards. Advancements in analyzing big data have made it possible for organizations to sort through terabytes of information and  exact  meaningful insights.

Data driven decisions through analytics is leading to improvements in wide range of industries, from finance to healthcare to public services. Apart from data and computing power, derive meaning and driving decisions is of utmost importance today. This is where major progress has been achieved in the last 3 years. Artificial Intelligence and deep learning algorithms have advanced rapidly to enable the development of machines that can now do tasks that require deep expertise and skill - such as driving cars, diagnosing medical images, playing chess or Go, and even creative tasks such as poetry or painting. The best companies today are realizing the power of Artificial

Intelligence (AI) and investing in utilizing these algorithms in all aspects of their business. AI represents the next frontier in the technology-enabled organization.

This report takes an incisive look at the current state of the Indian analytics sector, key drivers impacting growth, the service provider ecosystem, the continuously evolving need for people with niche skills and a look at where the sector is heading by 2025.Coverpage.jpg

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