Enabling Social Transformation: CSR Chronicles from Global In-house Centres in India

Document created by Nerurkar Diksha on Jun 17, 2016
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This report intends to showcase the living commitment of the IT-BPM industry, and especially GICs, to India and its people. This first of its kind report, is the industry’s effort to present the impact of CSR activities of GICs vis a vis the most pressing developmental challenges in the country and the evolving CSR scenario.


The business of businesses is no longer just business. Companies are increasingly being called upon to provide leadership and insights to governments, bi-lateral and multi-lateral agencies, and non-profits in addressing a variety of local and global socio-economic In this environment the context for understanding business opportunities, new markets, and risks is being redefined. Companies now must be much more knowledgeable

about the impact of their business on society and the environment and understand the concerns of key stakeholders. Further, corporate houses globally have accepted that corporate citizenship delivers real business results. It is no longer just a PR and marketing tool but helps achieve real business goals such as increasing market share and even helping to create new markets.


The IT-BPM industry is very conscious of its responsibility to society and has long been involved in a range of CSR work. GICs especially, have initiated innovative projects impacting the socio-economic landscape of the country through specific interventions in the sectors of education, health, environment, and others. Many of these projects innovatively use core business expertise and resources to meet local developmental challenges. The case studies are a revelation in many ways and effectively bust the myth that size of an organisation or operations have a direct impact on the nature and impact of their CSR work. Some of the most original projects have been mooted by small and medium enterprises and their enterprising employees.



This note would be incomplete without mentioning the people behind these initiatives, or in other words the workforce of the industry. This ever-growing community of progressive and sensitised individuals have a real passion for nation building. It is their will, determination and persistence that fuels CSR projects. This tribe of ‘evangelists’ plan complex projects meeting community needs, raise funds, find community partners, dedicate their own time to implement and monitor results much like they would a professional project. The result is self-evident – vibrant, impactful, sustainable community projects.


Looking to the future, GICs need to learn from each other as a cursory glance through the case studies throws up many overlaps between the efforts of different companies. Collaboration amongst businesses would thus avoid duplication of efforts, create potential for scale and generate the momentum for social transformation through a structured national development plan. NASSCOM and NASSCOM Foundation intend to be catalysts in

this effort, encouraging members to do more, capturing good practices, and promoting and assisting their scale and growth.


You can get a copy of the report here.