Perspective 2025 - Shaping the Digital Revolution

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The Indian technology industry is a global powerhouse today, and its impact on India has been incomparable. In the last decade, the industry has grown six-fold in revenue terms, and relative share to India’s GDP has increased to 9.3 per cent. The Indian technology industry today accounts for over 45 per cent of the country’s total services exports. The industry employs over 3.7 million direct employees, and has created indirect employment for an additional 10 million. Scale, speed and skill have been the hallmarks for the industry.


Through this incredible growth journey, the Indian IT industry has demonstrated mastery of scale. But while strategies to optimize for scale are important, it is equally important to optimize for speed. Industry leaders recognize that the next 10 years will be fundamentally different from the past and  recommend that all stakeholders develop strategies and insights to identify new opportunities and mitigate risks.


Technology is changing, consumers are changing, and businesses are changing. With so many rapid changes on so many fronts, business leaders are struggling to identify which emerging capabilities  and trends provide new ways for their organizations to compete or openings for new competitors. Several global forces also offer new opportunities and challenges and will need to be considered;  second-wave emerging markets, new and untapped technologies, automation, sustainability of scarce resources and rising inequalities are just a few.


They face a new disruptive force — digital technology. Enterprises must now anticipate how their markets will change and adapt to new business models. The stakes are high, but the Indian technology and business services companies have the experience, the capabilities, and the determination to prevail in this new environment. This report tries to understand the implications of these megatrends, changing global technology and business services landscape and project a likely path for 2025.


NASSCOM collaborated with McKinsey & Company to prepare this extensive study to identify innovative and disruptive technologies that will shape the enterprise of the future. The report provides strategic insights for the industry to reinvent business models and offerings that can transform global businesses through a well-defined customer value proposition. It articulates a vision for providers to stay relevant and remain at the forefront of innovation to serve the needs of enterprises. Key implications for providers centred on services, business models, and investments are identified. The report also highlights the opportunity at risk for the country and includes a call to action for all stakeholders - the industry, government, and NASSCOM.


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