PR Strategy for software product companies

Document created by Nair Rajmohan on Oct 23, 2016
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Delivering Proactive Reach Outs, Not Post-Release Retrospection 

Covering the last mile is often the toughest endeavor in your journey towards meeting your new product release milestones.


In a sense, this stage is the culmination of the time and effort spent in evolving a concept, setting out a product roadmap, and developing the product. Hence, all your focus is on getting the product ready to hit the market. However, somewhere in this process, you fail to pay attention to the most crucial focus area during this phase - getting started on your PR campaigns to deliver on your marketing roadmap.


The crucial essence of PR is not just advertising the incredible benefits of your new product but also

  • Identifying your target audience
  • Crafting the value delivered by your product
  • Connecting with your target audience and communicating with them
  • Zooming in on the low-hanging fruits that will attract your audience


That's indeed a lot of work! With fast-approaching product release deadlines on the one hand and fast-paced launch plans on the other, getting a sharply defined PR and marketing communications plan can often be challenging.


Here are a few tips that'll help you immensely:


  1. 1. Time management: The key to a successful PR strategy for software product is exemplary time management - you must start on your proactive PR plan at least six months before any product launch.


  1. 2. Transparent and powerful communication: Delivering relevant details to connect with your target audience and build a trusted relationship with them forms the first step of holding the audience's attention and engaging with them.


  1. 3. Stage-wise scaling up of relationship building: The PR communication ideally follows a step-by-step broadcast itinerary - a highly efficient lead generation tool and software marketing for your brands.


  1. 4. A clear definition of your value proposition: A precise interpretation of the brand and product's value proposition is essential to derive a well-defined PR, Content marketing and context-specific content strategy.


  1. 5. A quality-focused funnel content: A robust content strategy is the lifeline of every PR strategy and software product marketing. Planning a content calendar that corresponds with specific stages in the product marketing funnel helps you connect with your audience meaningfully through:
    • Product landing pages
    • Regular blog posts
    • Webinars and product talks
    • Seminars and product roads shows with partners and associates
    • Milestone-based press releases
    • Knowledge base development: tips, resources, and updates (at least quarterly)
    • Fact sheets or data sheets to help prospective buyers


  1. 6. Symbiotic connect between the product roadmap and the corresponding marketing communication: A proactive PR blueprint ensures that the team focuses equal attention on both the product development and the marketing roadmap aspects of the organizational journey.  This ensures that the PR strategy and software product marketing are both timely and relevant.


  1. 7. Objective choice of the best medium: With immense online and offline options to deliver effective PR strategies, choosing the right options is always a challenge. Study the various social media and other choices available to you and zoom in on the channels that are best suited for your software product marketing.


  1. 8. Razor-sharp analytics: Establish a process for measuring the results of your PR exercises - from target audience feedback to social media or other online channel traffic feedback. These analytics deliver detailed insights on campaign performance and help you take valuable decisions regarding your PR strategy.


PR for any product-focused organization is indeed all about building a strong brand identity for your product and highlighting its values to your target audience. Being proactive is certainly the key to a successful PR initiative, with a harmonious integration between the product and marketing strategies sending out a consolidated message to the audience.


So let's make retrospective, outdated PR practices extinct and adopt a completely proactive approach to deliver successful product marketing campaigns that connect with the right audience at the right time.