a not so ‘Robotic’ Customer Service Management

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Artificial Intelligence can make first time resolution a reality

Customer: Hi

Customer Support Agent: Hi Sheryl! You are speaking to Rx172. How can I help you?

Sheryl: Rx172! Are you real?

Rx172: Well, I’m a machine. But I’m sure I can help you.

Sheryl: My washing machine is making some odd noise. Having trouble from last evening. Can you ‘talk’ to the washing machine and find out what the issue is.

Rx172: Sure. Let me take control of your washing machine; request you to hold your phone very close to the washing machine. Do pump up the mic volume so that I can hear properly.

Rx172: (after few seconds). Looks like the screws holding the motor have unfastened. I’ll schedule a maintenance technician to visit and fix the screws.

Sheryl: I’m intrigued. How can you be sure the problem is because of the loose screws?

Rx172: I draw my intelligence, some call it artificial intelligence, from the enormous data which I’m trained on, similar to a human being. Unlike a human being, I’m exposed to enormous amounts of data. My knowledge about the various problems is immense and I learn with every interaction making me effective in diagnosing problems and offering solutions.

Sheryl: Are you saying you cannot be wrong?

Rx172: Not exactly, even I make mistakes. But I’m equipped with machine learning capabilities. A feedback mechanism lets me know if I got it right or wrong every solution I provide. If I make a wrong diagnosis or decision, I undergo a self-improvement plan to learn from my mistakes and the reasons for those mistakes.

Sheryl: Awesome. How did you hear the washing machine talk?

Rx172: Its part of my natural language processing abilities. I can hear sounds and decode to understand what’s being said. My language capabilities allows me to talk to human beings too. I’m also at ease with various accents and no matter which language you choose to speak. I’m equipped to do sentiment analysis to understand if my caller is angry, happy, sad, or just bored.

Rx172: Anything else, Sheryl I can help you with?

Sheryl: I’m good, thanks. Please do set up the technician visit today at 3.30pm.

Rx172: Sure. The visit is scheduled today at 3.30pm. Have a great day.