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We recognize the excellent contribution made by the GCC community in shaping the services economy and providing a competitive edge to the overall global enterprise. The intent of this report is to enable actionable thoughts in leaders and to respond to the multitude of trends. At times a small chore seems innocuous and not future shaping. We are in an era where there are many such and the impact warrants working and thinking together.


The Report has assembled trends and impact and serves as a wakeup call for each of us individually on our learnability, adoption and adaptation to new technologies. The ability to look in, look outside and sideways and learn, collaborate instead of compete, take positions on specialism and generalist skills, choose between being rigid and flexible, mindful of information security and privacy are all part of the hors d'oeuvre. As an organization or individually we have a choice on how we respond to what we see happening around us.


Key Highlights


1. Looking Forward: Trends and their impact on skills

  • Changing customer preferences
  • Changes in business model and disruption becoming the norm
  • Future of Work Trends
  • Technology proliferation


2. Painting the picture of future GCCs

The ‘Elasticity of a GCC’, the ability to synthesise with the changing landscape is critical to evaluate whether they are going to play a much larger or smaller role in the enterprise. This is quite the opposite of how GCCs established themselves earlier by consolidating same or similar processes done and ensuring rigidity in the process to enable effective cost to serve the client.


3. What GCCs should be doing now?

- Adopt the changing technology landscape

- Improve learnability of workforce


4. GCCs: Skills of the future

Future role could include – Digital Finance Maestro, Process Mentor, Accounting Detective, Automation Orchestrator, Risk Scientist, Automation Artist, Innovation Think Tank, Workforce Shaper, Cyber Security Captain, Obsessive Customer Dellighter, Analytics Wizard, etc.