iPravaah a complete Rule Based MBC product for ‘meter-to-cash’

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The profitability of DISCOMs is directly governed by the ‘meter-to-cash’ cycle and total energy accounting process. With the businesses looking for newer and cost-effective ways to meet their regulatory, operational and sustainability obligations, Utilities require more than just the simple revenue management system to address the challenges they face. iPravaah integrates connection services, revenue management and customer relationship management to streamline the entire process chain.It’s user-friendly GUI interface offers data mining and reporting in order to help utilities identify operational bottlenecks, improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and facilitate accurate energy audit. The solution is customisable and easily integrates with the Utility’s existing applications such as its GIS. With a shorter learning curve for teams, and the ability to improve workplace efficiency, iPravaah creates better revenue awareness, ultimately leading to profitability and higher levels of customer satisfaction.MBC Product Architecture

Key Features :

  • Centralised data storage for quick information access
  • Access to complete consumer revenue history
  • Configurable and rule-based billing engine
  • SMS and email notifications to consumers and field crew
  • Provision to integrate with Mobility and GIS solutions
  • Easy integration with legacy system

iPravaah product suite offers support across four key areas:

  • Customer service
  • Operations management
  • Revenue management
  • MIS & dashboard

Solution Benefits : 

  • Increased efficiency in billing and collections
  • Improved revenues through reduction in losses
  • Adaptability to future tariff and regulatory changes
  • Effective planning and monitoring of cash flows
  • Business insight into day-to-day revenue operations
  • Real-time, informed and timely decision making