Murata Electronics Senior Leadership visit the NASSCOM Start-up Warehouse

Created by NASSCOM Community on Jun 22, 2016

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at Bangalore

Starts at 10:00 AM · Ends at 6:00 PM, IST (Asia/Calcutta)

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Senior Leadership of Murata Electronics visited the NASSCOM Start-up Warehouse in Bangalore to explore the possibility of Start-up Connect and sign up for NIPP. Murata Electronics has shown interest in extending their tech & engineering expertise to the startups. They are also interested and keen to explore the possibility of partnering at the IOT Lab.



The attendees were:

• Masanori Manmade: Managing Director / Murata Electronics Singapore

• Daizo Matsuda: Sales Manager / Murata Electronics India

• Toru Tanaka: Business Development Manager / Murata Manufacturing (Japan)

• Toshihiro Kadowaki: Assistant General Manager of ASEAN/INDIA Strategic Planning / Murata Electronics Singapore