Workshop on Product Management 101

Created by Vibhor Bansal on Jul 19, 2016

Thursday, August 4, 2016 at Magnolia Hall, India Habitat Centre

Starts at 9:30 AM · Ends at 5:00 PM, IST (Asia/Calcutta)

  • Vibhor Bansal

Workshop: Product Management 101

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The full day workshop will cover practical product management issues, not something easily found in classrooms or on the net, delivered by people with battlefield experience. The session will be highly interactive with a lot of time for Q&A and discussion. The workshop will have two segments as follows:

Part One: Learning from Experiences Session

How a product manager

  • Defines basics of Product Management - what are his 3 top priorities
  • Manages PDLC (supported by his/her own case study)
  • Deals with Firefighting

How an Entrepreneur

  • Defines/treats MVP
  • Thinks about competition and product positioning
  • Decides Product Roadmap (supported by his/her own case-study)
  • Change management on roadmap - Dealing Customer Experience/ feedback, setting priorities


Part Two: Hands-on Workshop on Product   Management

Training Module 1: Introduction to Product Management

  • Introduction to Products, and how it is different from solutions and services.
  • Why do Good Products fail?
  • What makes products succeed?
  • What is Product management and Role of Product managers?

Training Module 2: Product Management Process and Life Cycle

  • Overview of product management process
  • Overview of PDLC processes and how to control PDLC
  • Product planning and roadmap

What makes a product manager successful?

Tips and suggestions for becoming an effective Product manager


Subinder Khurana, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and Advisor
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Rajesh Razdan, Founder & CEO, mCarbon
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