Design Storm - Mobile

Created by design4india on Mar 23, 2017

Friday, April 7, 2017 at India Internet Day, Jehangir Hall, Taj Palace

Starts at 2:30 PM · Ends at 5:00 PM, IST (Asia/Calcutta)

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DESIGN4INDIA brings to you, Embrace Failure • Ship Better, an approach to Mobile User Experience Design enabling faster turnaround time with better user acceptability. It will be facilitated by CX Design Head (India) at Driving Mobile India (DMI), Deepika Dutta Kapoor, a design evangelist, mentor and leader in field of design.


How do you reach a market of nearly 2 billion people without ever leaving your desk? The mobile Internet.


How do you make sure that when you reach your target market, they engage with your products?
By delivering a great user experience on mobile devices.


You will gain actionable insights in this context from our next session of DESIGNSTORM. The experience on Mobile has changed over the years and requires a new approach. The time and effort required to figure it out yourself will be significantly higher than learning the industry best practices.

India Internet Day, Jehangir Hall, Taj Palace

Taj Palace Delhi India