The Power of Narratives in Business Presentations

Created by NASSCOM Community on Mar 14, 2018

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at webinar

Starts at 2:30 PM · Ends at 3:30 PM, IST (Asia/Calcutta)

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Every day, thousands of business professionals sit through presentations that range from project reviews to customer escalations to team updates. Every day, dozens of venture capitalists sit through scores of entrepreneurial pitches. Sadly, many of these talks and presentations are very dull and boring. I always wonder, why is it so hard for speakers to make their presentations more interesting? Why cannot they add simple concepts of storytelling and narratives in their speeches? So I decided to do some digging and found out that many people either don't know how to add stories or are scared of doing something as simple as storytelling, that is considered "informal", in a very "formal" setting. In this webinar, Rakesh Godhwani, Adjunct Faculty of Communication at IIM Bangalore and author of four books, will help the listeners apply simple steps of storytelling and narratives to make their presentations more fun and exciting. 


About the Speaker:


Rakesh Godhwani, Adjunct Faculty of Communication, IIM Bangalore


Rakesh coaches promising startups and senior managers in the industry, gives seminars and talks in corporate events and colleges, reads a story to his kids every night before they sleep, bicycles, does yoga, writes, earns a fraction of what he used to, but lives a million times better. Rakesh’s research and teaching interests focus on how a charismatic leader builds a persuasive message to impact audiences. His fourth book titled “Public Speaking Kaleidoscope” was released by Business Expert Press USA in May 2017. His earlier book “What to Say and when to Shut Up!” was published by Penguin Random House in November 2014 and translated in Marathi in 2017. Rakesh recently launched his online course called “Present with Confidence” designed for young learners from Class 9th and above.


Rakesh has worked in Wipro, Intel and Qualcomm in various profiles ranging from product marketing, sales and business development before he took the plunge to pursue his passion in academia. Rakesh is an alumnus of NIT Karnataka (BE Computers, 97), IIM Bangalore (PGSEM, 2004) and Cardiff Metropolitan University (PhD). Follow him @godhwani, LinkedIn or Facebook.


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