Industry 4.0

Bosch’s Journey to Industrie 4.0


  By Deepthi Venkatesh​ The recent ARC India Forum in Bangalore included a number of interesting and insightful sessions about the latest trends in manufacturing. One such presentation was made by Lokesh Payik Head of Smart Manufacturing (General Manager), Bosch, discussed that manufacturing company’s journey to Industrie 4.0 Bosch’s Journey to Industrie 4.0. Lokesh Payik said that despite the current challenging scenario, the future of manufacturing looks very bright and optimistic. In 2012, Bosch began its Industrie 4.0 journey. The company did a survey among 160 operations leaders to gain a better understanding of their perspective on Industrie 4.0. The survey revealed that transparency in the production process, real-time updates about the plant, and converting manufacturing into ...