ChatBot and Marketers

As we are way past the era of technological transformation, one by-product that technology bought with itself is Artificial Intelligence. How fast the industry is moving is not just measured by the product advancements and research milestones but also by the prognostications and concerns of AI leaders and futurists.

One of the widely known or I think, it is safe to say ‘Booming’ applications of AI is ChatBot. A ChatBot is a computer program that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. A ChatBot is a simulation of how a human would behave as a conversational partner. They are used for purposes relating to information gathering or customer service. Although you can say that Chatbots are not new, the idea of what they are capable to do is new and sounds equally as appalling as worry-some.

Now as a student of Marketing, I would like to turn my thoughts and worry towards how ChatBots can be helpful for all the marketers. With the help of machine learning, ChatBots are continuously evolving and learning whenever they face something new or out of hand situation. And because of this, they can take 100% of the marketing campaigns with almost a 0.001% chance of mistakes.

Now see this,

“Disney was so original when they promoted Zootopia. They created the Officer Judy Hopps Bot on Facebook with one goal – to promote the Zootopia movie.”

Officer Judy engaged with all users by playing a game with them and giving them a case to solve. And users spent more than 10 minutes, on average, solving. And guess what? The users came back again to play the game with the Bot. This is an excellent example of a 21st Century marketing experience.

In the earlier days, marketers were found to be struggling with the use of applications as a tool to interact with the consumers. But with the AI ChatBot, it was installed in your favorite messenger app and hence, made marketers’ jobs easy.


Well, every company needs to maintain constant relationships with its clients, customers, and visitors, etc. to retain them. Here is when ChatBots come into the picture. They are not only interacting with them on a personal level but as a result, helps to retain them with continuous engagement and creates new possibilities for the company. It offers personalized solutions and suggestions by answering their questions.

Similarly, engaging with multiple users requires tons of human power which can be expensive and tiring, both at the same time. Well, ChatBots have made it easy for you. They are like ants and insects – working 24*7.

Now imagine a situation wherein you are required to run a campaign all across the globe. With this, users from different regions, different time zones, different languages will pop up with queries. Well, you can not attend all of them. So instead of having a team, up all night, why not simply develop a ChatBot that would do the job for you. Isn’t it amazing? Well, I think it is.


Along with this, ChatBots are also capable of doing –

  1. Learning the Content – By simply interacting with the consumers, chatbots can pick out the content that was specified in one’s question and answer and in that way, visitors don’t need to spend time searching what they need. So the amount of speed with which it can help you run your campaign is massive.
  2. Analysis – Analytics will help marketers make crucial decisions on how to run their marketing campaign. But running analytics reports and data as a whole sounds like a tedious task. It probably was a hard thing to do a couple of years ago, but not now. Chatbots with their natural ability to absorb information from the consumer and deliver analytics reports within a minute is a game-changer ─ all in real-time. Imagine the amount of readily available solved data you could put to use.

So, I think the usability of ChatBot and the way it will be put to use by the Marketers, can play a key role of importance to change the entire way marketing is being done and the customers all across the globe will love it. Hence, solving our purpose of an effective marketing strategy, saving cost, increase in efficiency with a minimal mistake and what not.

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