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Using Storytelling in Social Media Profiles


A story is a story is a story is a story. Period. Human brain is wired for narrative or story. Shh, to tell you the truth, we are not designed to remember bullet points but designed to remember stories.  If someone visits your LinkedIn profile or Twitter or any other social media, what would you like the visitor to do? Preferably connect or at least remember you for a while. But does your profile tell a story interesting enough for people to send connection request or follow or remember you or your organisation for some time, if not forever? If no, then read on (if yes, you have a choice). Storytelling on LinkedIn We live in attention deficit times, and it becomes all the more important that our Linkedin profile is catchy, easy to read and probably memorable in some way? Here are my few su...

How to tell better powerpoint and visual stories


Great marketers establish emotional bonds with their customers and prospects. Nothing can be more powerful in forming an emotional bond than an authentic story. The more parts of the brain a story can involve, the more senses it can evoke, the more powerful it becomes.  Right now the social media platforms are vying with each other to have a stronger visual appeal.  The Visual Race Begins  Visuals are flooded on all social media platforms. Earlier visuals were found mainly on Facebook and few on blogs. Then came Pinterest, (which is a powerful tool for professionals involving visual work such as architects, interior designers, fashion designers), who can not only showcase their products and services here but also club them into boards / categories. Flickr is another popular platform which ...