Quotable Quotes-Crisp & Catchy Stories

The highest virality happens with two kinds of content viz. videos and quotable quotes. Since videos can be more expensive to produce regularly, quotable quotes are most powerful to reach large audiences and build powerful brand in shortest possible time.  A quotable quote really becomes quotable when it tells a complete story and can be understood on its own. I recently met Mr NK Chaudhary, the Founder of Jaipur Rugs and he told me, “Every rug tells a storyâ€. I realised the shorter the quote is, the more memorable and impactful it becomes.  What makes a quote quotable  A quote becomes truly quotable when it conveys a complex or powerful idea with minimum number of words. Here are some other points which need to be kept in mind when designing quotable quotes for digital storytelling of people and organisations:-  1)      Relevant image- A digital quote has two important components viz the quote and the image. The image needs to be relevant and must compliment the text or speak the same message. Images of the writer of the quote are powerful but needs to represent the same mood.  2)      The idea- The quote must convey a relevant idea which enhances the brand of the person or the organisation. Even if an existing idea is repeated, it can be told in more catchy, simpler or powerful way.  3)      The language- The language needs to be a as simple as possible. Simplicity goes viral, not complexity. The shorter the quote is the more crisp it becomes for the brain to munch upon and remember.  4)      Emotional connect and appeal- Before publishing, rethink whether the quote connects emotionally or appeals to human emotions. A picture went viral because it had a cute little girl hugging a tree and conveying the importance of environment and eco-friendliness.  5)      The Trivia- Besides the logo, the quotable quote can have the website address of the person / organisation, the social media links and similar information.  6)      The Colours- Colours can speak about the brand and consolidate it further. Colours also need to match the tone of the words in the quote.  The more quotable you are, the more memorable you become. The more memorable you become the more you get quoted by speakers in public speeches and journalists in mass media.  The more you get quoted, the more you win the share of the hearts, not just mindshare. Want to win share of hearts by getting quotable?  Reference

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