• AMRIT CHHETRI posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    Good Afternoon All!
    On Off hours, keeping engaged with interesting works to dedicate towards “NASSCOM Community” or NASSCOM Research in in areas of :
    I.) Future of Design Ethics of Smart Apps: Thinking Nano-Technology, AI, NLP,IOT, Cloud Machine Learning, AR/VR/Mixed Reality, Quantum Computing, BigData Analytics and Bioinformatics Smart and Healthy Lifestyle ,
    II.) The Future of DevOps in Business Operations, Cyber Resilience and Incident Handling,
    III.) Cognitive SEO Techniques for PHYGITAL BUSINESS Modeling,
    IV.) The Future Technologies of Smart Business – Cloud Machine Learning, Data Science with AI, Quantum Computers, SmartApps( AR, VR and Mixed Reality), Neuromorphic Computing and Brain-2-Machine Interfaces,
    V.) Core Elements of Enterprise Cyber Resilience-Business Process Modeling, Penetration Testing, Forensic Psychology, Process and Security Audit and Compliance Management and
    VI.) ” Smart Workforce of Robotic Business Models”
    @communityadmin, experts views/articles from other members can enrich the Content Pool further!!
    – Amrit Chhetri

    • Thanks Amrit, we are launching a few campaigns to get subject matter experts to contribute. You should content in most of the above areas soon.