• ONPASSIVE posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Since the beginning of ONPASSIVE, the whole team is working on building a successful marketing platform to help its prospects. With the foundation of artificial intelligence and other automated marketing solutions, you need not worry about doing things manually. Get traffic to your sites automatically, perform multifunctional campaigns across various channels at a time and more internet marketing solutions tailored just for you.
    ONPASSIVE is working on making marketing activities simpler and helping its prospects gain a competitive edge. There has been a lot of buzz going around ONPASSIVE and what it is onto. But, what is new with ONPASSIVE? How is it working on the things that it has promised us?

    Let us see what’s new in ONPASSIVE below:

    ONPASSIVE eco-system is coming into the light, we now have the list of tools that you can use once the ONPASSIVE is launched. Here are a few tools:

    1. Content marketing tool
    2. VPN
    3. Liquid Hosting
    4. SEO
    5. Multi marketing campaigns
    6. IP Tracker
    7. Domain name
    8. Trim URL
    9. Digital marketing DM
    10. Daily Funnel
    11. Email marketing

    There are other tools, ONPASSIVE provides. With the help of these tools, you can make all your marketing tools simpler and easier. Take for example – TrimURL, a tool offered by ONPASSIVE to simplify the challenges of using long URLs.


    Many marketers face challenges with using long URLs. ONPASSIVE – TrimURL helps in Make email-friendly links that can be used on blogs, instant messages, online publications and ad campaigns. This tool will simplify the work of a marketer to share and publish the links easily and effectively. Short URLs will look great on social media posts. TrimUrl will help in making the link shorter and make it more manageable.