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    The Zvolv Platform automates and adds structure to chaotic people/data centric collaboration processes, helping drive organisational efficiency and faster time to market. Whether its opening new outlets/stores, launching new products, distributed data collection and business intelligence, or machine data driven workflows – Zvolv applications can be created in a matter of days, with no developer dependence. Unlike traditionally developed software applications, with the no-code workflow engine, Zvolv apps can evolve rapidly to keep up with changing business processes. Zvolv’s Cognitive Automation bots help prioritise tasks, streamline decision-making and speed up processes with contextual access to information – freeing up bandwidth for higher value work

    Our key features are :
    1. Structured workflows
    2. Cognitive Automation Bots
    3. Task and Resource Management
    4. AI Driven Dashboards
    5. Data Management
    6. Distributed Project Management
    7. Document Management
    8. Business Process Management
    9. Mobile Collaboration

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